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Liberia: Deputy NSA Director Suspended For “Time Indefinite”


Monrovia, Liberia- February 8, 2019: A major dismissal has gone down at the National Security Agency (NSA) in Liberia.

Suspended NSA Deputy Jones Blamo

West African Journal Magazine was tipped off late Friday morning that the Agency’s Deputy for Operations one Jones Blamo had been suspended for “time indefinite”.

The suspension decision was reportedly just taken by Liberian President George M. Weah after he was informed of the argument which happened a week or so ago, the source said.

According to an inside source at the NSA, Mr. Blamo’s suspension was for “gross insubordination” to the Office of the President and reportedly “arguing” with a Presidential aide and protocol officer in the office of the President Ms. Finda Bundoo.

It remains unclear what exactly the “argument” was about and whether it was security related.

Since the dismissal is a personnel matter,West African Journal Magazine is unable to independently confirm the reason for the dismissal of the top security official.

Hon Jones Blamo (202)

The NSA official, code named “202” was appointed shortly after the inauguration of the Weah Administration in January, 2018.

Our source disclosed that Blamo had been suspended prior with a “warning” but it is unclear why and when.

On its website, the biography of now suspended Deputy Blamo indicates he has 14 years of law enforcement experience in:

Security Operations /Privacy Principles

Law Enforcement & Public Safety

Criminal Investigations

Presidential Motorcade

Individual Protection

Firearms Safety & Handling

Defensive Tactics, etc

The National Security Agency (NSA) is the lead national intelligence agency of the West African country under the direct authority of the office of the President.

Headquarters of NSA in Liberia

According to Liberian historians Dr. Elwood Dunn, Carl Patrick Burrowes and Amos J. Beyan in their publication, Historical Dictionary of Liberia, “On May 20, 1974, an act repealing sub-chapter D of Chapter 1, Part 1 and subchapter B of Chapter 22, Part II of the Executive Law in Relation to the EAB and the NBI, and creating the NSA was approved.

The NSA was left as the only agency solely responsible for gathering national security intelligence, but having to conduct special investigations, whenever the need arises.”

According to its website, “The National Security Agency (NSA) is a political government intelligence institution that is solely tasked with the gathering/collection, analyzing and dissemination of national security information for decision/policy makers including the President of the Republic of Liberia.…”

By Our National Security Reporter and Correspondents In Monrovia, Liberia

Reference: West African Journal Magazine

Home Death Shadow Liberia Executive Mansion

Death Shadow Liberia Executive Mansion

Gabriel Wilson (THE HORN MAN) and Victoria Wlue are confirmed dead due to the accident that occur on the Gbengar road involving the Executive Mansion Press Car and a Black Jeep earlier today.

Accident scene

Yesterday the death of Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff hit the surface of Liberia after she was rush to Ghana for treatment but she never made it out alive.

The sudden death rate in a day or two on President George Weah government seems unbearable to the citizens as many eyes are open to see what next is coming.

The accident today that left Journalist in the vehicles hands broken and legs. This is another day day for the family of those who are in pain and to those who lost their lives.

Senator Geraldine Doe Sheriff
Gabriel Wilson (THE HORN MAN)
Victoria G. Wlu
Home NTA Awaits 45 New Public Buses From Indian Gov’t

NTA Awaits 45 New Public Buses From Indian Gov’t


By Justice R. Clarke & Decontee M. Wesseh

MONROVIA, Feb. 7 (LINA) – The Liberia government is expected to receive a donation of 45 transport buses from its Indian counterpart before the middle of the year, according to Herbie McCauley, Managing Director of the National Transit Authority (NTA).

The new fleet will add to the existing 29 NTA buses transporting passengers in the country’s capital, Monrovia, and to some rural destinations.

McCauley told the Liberia News Agency Thursday that under a grant agreement, Liberia will benefit from 25 buses this March, and the second batch of the goodwill gesture from India will see the coming in of an additional 20 by mid-year.

He said the work of the transit authority is at the core of the realization of the Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development because the fares per distance charged on NTA buses are by far lower than its competitors.

“We help our people save more money, and this is what this government is interested in… to reduce poverty,” he said.

In August last year, McCauley told the press that the government was anticipating some buses to come into the country, adding, “so we want to tell the people of Liberia that things will change very soon because [we] at the NTA will work very hard to make sure that we achieve our pro-poor goals.”

He further told LINA on Thursday that the Authority has extensively succeeded in upgrading its garage which he described as the “backbone” of the entity.

Some mechanics and other technical staff of the institution recently returned from China and Cote d’Ivoire where they gained more skills in their fields, an initiative meant to ensure that NTA buses are mechanically well-managed and maintained.

Nonetheless, McCauley expressed concern over the manner in which some passengers mistreat the buses, while they are onboard, citing the peeling of the seats, disposing of trash on the floor of the buses, among other counterproductive acts.

Consequently, one of NTA’s short-term goals is to set up a technical control center where specially-trained staff can monitor all activities on the buses in traffic, their destinations, and the behavior of riders (passengers) and attendants, said McCauley.

All this, he added, is intended to make the buses live longer, as authorities endeavor to ensure that members of the public riding the buses feel comfortable and enjoy quality service.

India has been one of Liberia’s biggest partners in the public transport industry.

In 2014, for instance, it gave the government of Liberia15 brand new Ashok Leyland buses following a request of assistance in that regard.


Home Ola order to court by Karishma – New Magazine wahala.

Ola order to court by Karishma – New Magazine wahala.

The life of a celebrity carries a lot of responsibility that either brand you to be great or to be worst in your career. Liberia is at the edge of reaching to other nations height in entertainment. But are Liberians ready for the battle that goes with entertainment as it includes letting go and accepting the non-sense sometimes said about you?

Since the entertainment industry is striving to come up and become successful, Liberians have a lot of other nationalities coming in the country to help boost the entertainment sector of Liberia. Are Liberians appreciating the efforts of foreigners in Liberia as they are helping to make good challenges come in the entertainment sector? That’s just one of the wonders in the industry that no one can answer because every Liberian are afraid to put in their one cent to bring out better help to each other but the foreigners do.

A Nigerian who left his home to come in Liberia to make progress in the entertainment community in Liberia has been locked down by one of Liberia actor/actress whos well known as Karishma DeQueen. Ola who’s from the lion of Africa, Nigeria, came to Liberia and brought the first program called Liberia Youths Awards

The Liberia Youth Awards 2019 is coming up

which was hosted in 2018 and yes it brought great challenges among youths of Liberia to do better in all that they do so that you could be one of that lucky winner and be one of Liberia Youth to be awarded that proud you deserve as a young and hardworking youth of mama Liberia.

Ola teaming up with Frank Artus and other top stars in Liberia

Ola recently got himself attached with stars from Liberia and he also got himself well attached with a lot of potential Liberians to work in togetherness for Liberia entertainment. Situations do change people and things always have a twist and turn sometimes. Karishma who worked for Ola once as a red carpet host and now she’s talked about in Ola magazine for which he’s the publisher of. The content of the magazine is way out of the actress interest and without notifying the individual about their image in the magazine that was published might be disturbing to the individual as well.

The content that brought the heat up

From the post that Karishma posted on Facebook brought out a lot of comments that show that promoter and other bloggers are not protected or appreciated by even the very people that the media promotes but the celebrities has different intentions for the whole media once the news goes wrong on them.

There were snaps of comments to show their anger and how they feels about situations that they wish can happen in their shoes.

Paul Flomo said that Liberians don’t do 1% for anyone but guess his life is not at the same stage since he started comedy in Liberia

This proves that even the people star is in total anger with his own people for reasons they don’t know about.

A comment from Paul Flomo that shows racists

Other comments brought more attentions to the issues at hands as DJ Weezy and other Liberians replied to the status of this publication of the magazine

This seems to be a war going on here as Karishma never saw this as publishing that was done in favor of her but against her and very personal. She sees this as a matter for court hearing and she never waited for

This is the cover of the magazine and that’s the name

anyone to hold her down by asking her to wait on it or that she sees it just as a promotional writing since she’s a celebrity. Seductive is the part that got her pissed up and being places that she’s not invited to. In Liberia, we joke with that line as, Wedding, Wake, and Party.

This magazine had a lot of contributors who took their time to write. Now the publisher is the mean man to be call for a court hearing. This is making other media groups afraid to even write about anyone who has the power above them. This is not about a man from a different nation but this draws the attention of all media groups to think different and will think twice before writing a story on anyone especially for the free aspect.

As we wait for the final saying from the court, there’s going to be a standstill in a lot of things going on around here.

Home Trapco Guru expresses his feelings on the 21 Savage Deportation

Trapco Guru expresses his feelings on the 21 Savage Deportation

Coming from a place where all that matters most to you means life and it is just taken away by the law that govern a nation means a lot to the victim. Bucky Raw wrote on his social media platform in sympathy to what is going on in the USA that has involve that deportation of 21 Savage back to his country after so many years.

Let read below:

I feel everything he’s going through. What makes it crazy is people think it’s a joke for a father to be separated from his kids. The Jealousy even shows through out the jokes y’all making. FREE 21SAVAGE FROM DEPORTATION PROCEEDINGS. I GOT DEPORTED AS WELL SO I FEEL THIS BROTHER PAIN RIGHT NOW. Coming to America as a minor and being deported back to a country as an adult really plays with your mind each day. @21savage

Home Henry Costa got his neck on chains

Henry Costa got his neck on chains

It has reach the point where people can’t hold their silence anymore. What is done in the past are just coming to light this 2019, as citizens are not taking sides with each other on misbehaving attitude from each other.

Henry Costa who’s in the act of insulting and challenging government of the past and present president George Weah administration is not having a past that might hunt him down with images of him sexually harassing a young lady. If this is a past do you think a man who’s taking for the people and insult without manners should have made such mistakes in the past?

Let us look at this post from Facebook that might go like a wide fire soon and the images along with it.

This is just where The where the whole story goes down as Costa give us the middle finger.

A romance of the past
Home The Question all Liberians are asking. Single Certificate?

The Question all Liberians are asking. Single Certificate?

This has drawn the attention of a lot of Liberians in and out of Liberia as to what do the government mean by this single certificate and why will one need to have such certificate showing that he or she is single. The document which was written down in the newspaper draw a lot of attention to all and it circulate the internet in confusion with the whole meaning and content. many people don’t understand it and won’t understand it till it is addressed in the common man knowledge. Someone wrote out on facebook as to how they understand this and this made a lot of sense, only if all will reason with what he wrote. Let us read below. But first, someone said they don’t understand.

At this point, many people are so confused and thinking that the government is going to start taking task from them for being single. This is funny though but it is important that Liberians know what this is about. This is what the whole single certificate is about.

single status certificate only covers the period in which you are a resident of Liberia. Before you apply for a single status certificate, check with the consulate, embassy or local representative of the country in which you wish to marry to understand their legal requirements.

A single status certificate certifies that you have not been married elsewhere during a specified period. You may require a single status certificate if you intend to be married overseas or if you’re returning to your country of residence to be married.

what you might need before applying for such certificate. You must provide proof of identification with your single status certificate application. To apply for your own certificate you must provide:

Citizen ID Card, Passport, Birth Certificate and if you are applying for someone you might need a letter of permission to apply for that person, that will be a letter of authority the same three ID card which include Citizen ID Card, Passport and Birth Certificate. This goes with a fee.

Home PCK, L’frankie and DJweezy versus Lonestar Cell MTN

PCK, L’frankie and DJweezy versus Lonestar Cell MTN

Lonestar will be answering allegations of Intellectual Property theft and illegal use of the artist images. How did it go on the first day of the court hearing? It was clear to see that Lonestar never turn up in the court for the hearing. It’s not a good sign. Could be like Lonestar is playing games with these artists and their management team on the million dollars lawsuit. This is how it all went down.

On Dec 8, 2018, the management team of PCK n L’frankie, CT.Com Liberia LTD filed in a lawsuit against the Communications giant for using “Tell your ma say I here on it ringback tune platform without the consent of the artist. Additionally, the artists’ images were also used on promotional materials by the company.

A week after appealing for an extension over charges of Intellectual Property theft and illegal use of the images of PCK and L’Frankie, at the Civil Law Court, Lonestar Cell MTN has to appear tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan 30,

2019, to plead guilty or not.
On December 8, 2018, the Management team of PCK and L’Frankie filed a lawsuit against the company for its illegal actions that have undermined the productivity of the artists.

CT Com Liberia Ltd complained that Lonestar Cell MTN used “ Tell your ma Say I Here” by the artists as ringback tunes and the images of the artists without a contract.

Lonestar Cell MTN has been sued for over 3.5 million United States dollars for General and special damages. (Inside Liberia Added)


Home PRESIDENT TRUMP SAYS US – LIBERIA TIES “STRONGER NOW THAN EVER” – Accepts credentials of Ambassador Patten (Monrovia, January18, 2019

PRESIDENT TRUMP SAYS US – LIBERIA TIES “STRONGER NOW THAN EVER” – Accepts credentials of Ambassador Patten (Monrovia, January18, 2019


United States President Donald Trump says he is committed to working with the Government of Liberia to “advance our common agenda and deepen the strong and abiding friendship between our two countries”.

The American President statement was made after H.E. George Patten, Liberia’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the United States presented his letters of credence. The ceremony took place in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, D.C. on Friday, January 11, 2019.

President Trump accepted the letter of accreditation from President Weah “with great pleasure” and extolled the special relationship that exists between Liberia and the United States of America, which he says is “stronger now than ever”. The American leader recalled that the “special bond” dates as far back as the foundation of the Republic of Liberia. “Since the end of the Liberian Civil war in 2003”, he said, “the country has improved security for its people and taken a difficult task of rebuilding its economy “.

Ambassador Patten, a seasoned Liberian diplomat, was recently commissioned by President George Weah to represent the country in Washington, DC. He previously served in various diplomatic missions, including Ambassador to Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, the African Union and Charge D’Affaires, A.I at the United Nations.

President Trump has also applauded the people of Liberia for the successful Presidential elections of 2017. This, he said, led to the first peaceful transition of power from one democratically elected leader to another. “The transition is a milestone for Africa’s oldest republic and a testament to the confidence the peope of Liberia have in the country’s institutions”, he said. The U.S. President emphasized that because his country is Liberia’s “steadfast and longtime ally”, the American people remain committed to the peaceful and democratic future of Liberia.

The U.S.-Liberia relationship dates as far back as the 1800s, when free American slaves first settled in the oldest independent nation on the continent and formed a government modeled after the U.S. This gave rise to the longstanding special relationship that subsists between both countries. The American government has been a vital development partner to Liberia – from the contributing substantially to its overseas development assistance, to helping resolve the fourteen-year crisis that engulfed Liberia.

In his statement, the U.S. President recalled his country’s role during the Ebola crisis that plagued Liberia in 2014, citing the United States’ assistance which helped overcome the epidemic.

Speaking during the presentation, Ambassador Patten conveyed President Weah’s assurance to the Liberian people and the international community of his commitment to democratic governance, human rights and the alleviation of poverty. “With this commitment, he has already begun taking measures to ensure the improvement of the living condition of the people”, Ambassador Patten said. The Liberian Ambassador also used the occasion to inform President Trump of President Weah’s decision to cultivate even deeper partnership and cooperation with the United States with emphasis on international policy issues, trade and investment.

Home First Ever Dirt Transport Station in Paynesville City

First Ever Dirt Transport Station in Paynesville City

Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) is trying it’s possibly best to fast track the disposal of garbage within their city. The first ever transfer station has been arranged for that. A ten thousand square foot (10,890 square foot) of land located within the Omega community is just the spot for the transfer station.

The implementation is done by PCC’s technical department and the project is financed by the city government of Paynesville.

According to director Kpokolo, the project when completed will ease the stress om PCC, in an event where the landfill is closed to the public. Paynesville city technical director, Augustine Kpakolo has lauded Mayor E. Pam Belcher – Taylor and team founding the construction of the transfer station.

The Paynesville city corporation transfer station is expected to be completed in three (3) weeks. Director Kpakolo noted.