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Lyee K. Bility made a great push on the Orange Music Hunt

Lyee K. Bility, Manager of RCI and CEO of Bilikon Ent got out of his resident county Montserrado County to get things set for the orange music talent hunt in Buchanan city last week. He was out there with his team making sure that as head of this music hunt things should be going right.

The orange Talent hunt have Mr. Bility as the head of this and he’s working with his entire team to make sure things goes just as it have been planned by Orange Liberia. This is like Lyee and his team are doing what they did in 2015 back as they build up their own hunt before for which was called ”Bilikon Artist Search.” Now he’s working like this is a cup of tea cos he knows just what it takes to run a music hunt.

He was in Buchanan with super star CJay and Comedian John Flomo along with the entire team of Bilikon entertainment. As the days draws near it is certain that the auditions will begin next month. Watch out for the dates.

Over the weekend, Lyee Bility, CEO of Bilikon entertainment and head of the Music Talent Hunt was live in Buchanan along with his team promoting the Orange Music Talents Hunt. Thanks to the superstar C-Jay and comedian John Flomo and the entire team of Bilikon entertainment. Auditions will begin next month. Watch out for the date.

Home From Angel Micheal to Demon Micheal. Why?

From Angel Micheal to Demon Micheal. Why?

Fans of Bucky Raw got Angel Micheal name changing to to Demon Micheal. Why should Liberians send an Angel to the demon reign all because of his own talk? Sadden that the fans of Bucky Raw don’t have time to argue much about what Angel Micheal said but just to give him(Angel Micheal) names and talks that won’t benefit him. As an entertainer who sees the reasons to put out right from wrong he drops on his Facebook page a live video and this was the result from fans.

Let us read the comments below.

Home Did I drop my Pant?

Did I drop my Pant?

From the vibes of the songs she perform she got away by the crowd and the performance was way out of the stage but somewhere far on a fairy land of dreams as MC Caro grab hold of her falling pant in the public.

She seems to know what she was doing but at some point, it was just not steady anymore she ended up letting the pant flow as the crowd call out for more lines from her. A female stage killer she is, despite her body type she don’t allow anyone intimidate her by appearance of words.

Her comparison as to Teni from Nigeria is knocking at her face bit by bit but her kind of music don’t seems to carry the same vibes as Teni.

After social media blogs got the story about her pant dropping while performing it made her more important and famous cos there came the video to the rumors that were spreading. MC Caro happen to be the most stage killer among the female artists now from 2018 ending to 2019 beginning. Her body type got no trouble with her performance and her appearance won’t tell you that she’s that kind of person that could have the moves she got.

More updates are coming up on MC Caro as she unleash her self to a new style of genre in the Liberian Music Union, not Industry.

Home Did it happen last night, Ring or Kiss?

Did it happen last night, Ring or Kiss?

The most promising social media platform blogging page, Chichipoly room capture images from TM Mall rooftop last night as Stunna and DJ Master Queen has a reach out to each other for a huge but turn out to look like a kiss, but something else might have stuck in. The two who continue to get caught on Camera seems to be going lover ride on the edge of their celebrity life.

People are asking ”do age matters in a relationship?” This question answer is a big NO. Video coverage photo tag proved other things and the artist too was posting about the engagement, but did it happen that way last night with an engagement or just a huge that turn to a kiss by fast snapping of the camera?

These images show lot more of a relationship huge than a friendship but otherwise other till the booming blast comes out. Stunna always talk in private that he has his relationship that he can’t let go of for anyone else and that person means the world to him, even though distance separates them but he won’t allow any social media stunt break his love life with his partner for life. Now seeing these stunts and news coming from all sides of social media what actually Stunna did last night, were it an engagement to his unseen lover who nobody has seen or is it his video shot lover that crushing on him for her personal stunts? Don’t forget she’s the master of Queens level could be different.

This got spice to be added as you directly see the convincing moment here
You don’t look at your partner like this on an engagement night 😴

From the scene you could tell the stunt was not going well as the artist seems a bit shame to give in for what Master Queen was there to do. Look at laughing faces and not the shocking mood of people. This was a mood of no love reaching out.

As a matter of fact the media needed to do its work so the story had to go no matter that’s the game of celebrities.

From the photos taken on last night, we can tell that Stunna Birthday bash went well with good fans at his back, the smiling faces that can make things happen in the industry some were present to grace his program as well as his birthday. We could congratulate the newest couples if we see this as a reminder on their walls of social platforms as ”In A Relationship with Stunna or In a relationship with Master Queen. Since it’s now an engagement of no evidence the public awaits images not reaching out with a huge.

At the end of the day Master Queen made a joke out of all and posted on her Facebook page saying:

Gossip Liberia®️

P. C: Chichipoly Room

Home Ja-Redo give Bucky Raw a Twitting Reply

Ja-Redo give Bucky Raw a Twitting Reply

Bucky is likely thinking that he won’t win the award from either shows, either from Tunes Liberia or Liberia Entertainment Awards due to the fact he see his competitors are huge and have the record to make them win, so he spit out words that could make others feel getting an award in Liberia entertainment industry is nothing and has no value but someone came back at him with a reply that could lead him scary enough to think better.

”If you win an award in Liberia industry your price stays the same. If even you had one, to begin with,🙁 Grammy thoughts 💭”

Ja-Redo who’s the youngest singer from the SOG record empire never like the statement made on social media by the TrapCo guru, Bucky Raw, so he decided to give him a reply this time.

”lol yet your manager walked out of the hall when you lost the Artiste of the year award to CIC😂😂.. let’s stop the fake social media talk..”

Did Bucky reply? No, he never did. This means the message was clear and it made a good point. Or maybe Bucky has more to show to SOG in a release album that might drop soon.

Home Ola order to court by Karishma – New Magazine wahala.

Ola order to court by Karishma – New Magazine wahala.

The life of a celebrity carries a lot of responsibility that either brand you to be great or to be worst in your career. Liberia is at the edge of reaching to other nations height in entertainment. But are Liberians ready for the battle that goes with entertainment as it includes letting go and accepting the non-sense sometimes said about you?

Since the entertainment industry is striving to come up and become successful, Liberians have a lot of other nationalities coming in the country to help boost the entertainment sector of Liberia. Are Liberians appreciating the efforts of foreigners in Liberia as they are helping to make good challenges come in the entertainment sector? That’s just one of the wonders in the industry that no one can answer because every Liberian are afraid to put in their one cent to bring out better help to each other but the foreigners do.

A Nigerian who left his home to come in Liberia to make progress in the entertainment community in Liberia has been locked down by one of Liberia actor/actress whos well known as Karishma DeQueen. Ola who’s from the lion of Africa, Nigeria, came to Liberia and brought the first program called Liberia Youths Awards

The Liberia Youth Awards 2019 is coming up

which was hosted in 2018 and yes it brought great challenges among youths of Liberia to do better in all that they do so that you could be one of that lucky winner and be one of Liberia Youth to be awarded that proud you deserve as a young and hardworking youth of mama Liberia.

Ola teaming up with Frank Artus and other top stars in Liberia

Ola recently got himself attached with stars from Liberia and he also got himself well attached with a lot of potential Liberians to work in togetherness for Liberia entertainment. Situations do change people and things always have a twist and turn sometimes. Karishma who worked for Ola once as a red carpet host and now she’s talked about in Ola magazine for which he’s the publisher of. The content of the magazine is way out of the actress interest and without notifying the individual about their image in the magazine that was published might be disturbing to the individual as well.

The content that brought the heat up

From the post that Karishma posted on Facebook brought out a lot of comments that show that promoter and other bloggers are not protected or appreciated by even the very people that the media promotes but the celebrities has different intentions for the whole media once the news goes wrong on them.

There were snaps of comments to show their anger and how they feels about situations that they wish can happen in their shoes.

Paul Flomo said that Liberians don’t do 1% for anyone but guess his life is not at the same stage since he started comedy in Liberia

This proves that even the people star is in total anger with his own people for reasons they don’t know about.

A comment from Paul Flomo that shows racists

Other comments brought more attentions to the issues at hands as DJ Weezy and other Liberians replied to the status of this publication of the magazine

This seems to be a war going on here as Karishma never saw this as publishing that was done in favor of her but against her and very personal. She sees this as a matter for court hearing and she never waited for

This is the cover of the magazine and that’s the name

anyone to hold her down by asking her to wait on it or that she sees it just as a promotional writing since she’s a celebrity. Seductive is the part that got her pissed up and being places that she’s not invited to. In Liberia, we joke with that line as, Wedding, Wake, and Party.

This magazine had a lot of contributors who took their time to write. Now the publisher is the mean man to be call for a court hearing. This is making other media groups afraid to even write about anyone who has the power above them. This is not about a man from a different nation but this draws the attention of all media groups to think different and will think twice before writing a story on anyone especially for the free aspect.

As we wait for the final saying from the court, there’s going to be a standstill in a lot of things going on around here.

Home Trapco Guru expresses his feelings on the 21 Savage Deportation

Trapco Guru expresses his feelings on the 21 Savage Deportation

Coming from a place where all that matters most to you means life and it is just taken away by the law that govern a nation means a lot to the victim. Bucky Raw wrote on his social media platform in sympathy to what is going on in the USA that has involve that deportation of 21 Savage back to his country after so many years.

Let read below:

I feel everything he’s going through. What makes it crazy is people think it’s a joke for a father to be separated from his kids. The Jealousy even shows through out the jokes y’all making. FREE 21SAVAGE FROM DEPORTATION PROCEEDINGS. I GOT DEPORTED AS WELL SO I FEEL THIS BROTHER PAIN RIGHT NOW. Coming to America as a minor and being deported back to a country as an adult really plays with your mind each day. @21savage

Home “Can’t be college drop out role model” – CIC

“Can’t be college drop out role model” – CIC

Great things come to those who work for it. It is certain for some people to just be great and make positive impact in the lives of others. No mater your status, age or appearance just one word from you could change a person life from worst to good or from good to worst, be careful how you carrying yourself and be submissive to everyone. Not everything money can change but just words as the Bible said it, our mouth is our spiritual weapon and yes God did pass through a little boy. Here’s the reason why Carlo Boi went back to get himself back into college. He’s presently in the AME University to obtain a career he felt was not worth it because of the fame but just few questions change his taught about life and education.

“A kid walked up to me and said.. “I wanna be everything you will ever become in life. Wearing the same hair cut, he showed me all my pics I have ever uploaded on social media. He then asked, do you smoke or drink? I’m like NO I DON’T and that’s something a lot of people don’t know. I used to but I stopped. So what level of school are you, he asked. I paused for minutes and told him I was in college but I dropped. So he then ask, are you going back or not? And boommm his mom called him. That question kept playing on me for weeks. I’m posting this out here cuz I might not get the chance to meet this kid again but I just wanna let you know I’m back in school tho I transfer to read a different course. If you do decide to be an artist later, I might just be the right manager to have😊

Can’t be college drop out role model” – CIC

This could be you, think twice and make that move. Education is the key and remember to struggle through it no mater what and I believe this will be a stepping stone for a lot of other artists and big boy and girls out there to take the lead. Role model is needed in so many ways but first take your education serious.

Home Nuchie Meek and the TrapCo Journey

Nuchie Meek and the TrapCo Journey

Nuchie is a talented rapper that came from the bottom and now reaching to the top of his career without anyone on his way. He’s into the trap life and is doing TrapCo to the fullest at all level. Nuchie who was poisoned almost lost his life, he was rushed to Ghana to get treated, he was also attacked and stabbed as well. Nuchie might have had several enemies that were hiding right under his sleeves.

The trap rapper was once compared with Christoph The Change, compare that he’s better than Christoph in rapping, but how could this have been when they are both not in the

Nuchie Meek Music is everywhere. On Sale!

same rap style or genre of music. This leads to several betting on the internet when CEO


of Bilikon Ent, Lyee K. Bility even said so. This took the airways of every media house and radio stations in the country.

His music game is going higher than expected. He’s working on featuring other artists out of Liberia. After he decided to put all his time to his music and never stopping he also decided to reside in Ghana and work from that side till he can recover fully and get back to Liberia with a full hit to blast Liberia.

Nuchie Meek Song Downloaded on Tunes Liberia in a Week

Nuchie has an open relationship with Benita Urey who’s the Ex of Rap giant Christoph. These people relationship seems to be one of the best one since Benita came across Nuchie. They see each other no matter the distance. Nuchie is keeping it tight with his love life and his career at the same time. This is hard to do, especially loving the two at once but he’s doing this just fine and nothing is stopping the artist from being great.

CIC is also a fan of Nuchie Meek

Nuchie was recently nominated for the LEA 2019 in the USA for which his girlfriend also is a Red Carpet Co-host to this great event. He recently drops one of his best hit song that took up a lot of downloads on Tunes Liberia website. Nuchie might not be your favorite artist but you could try listening to his songs and see what message you can take from there. Young and Talented and is always far away from the drama of a rap star.

Get This song Now and hear more from Nuchie in 2019

Download “Nuchie Meek - 998 [Prod. Will B]” Nuchie-Meek-998.mp3 – Downloaded 126 times – 5 MB


Home The New Jonathan Lee (Jzyno)

The New Jonathan Lee (Jzyno)

He has the vocal nobody can resist, especially the Liberian flow that is blending with his foreign tongue. Jonathan is a brilliant artist that sing Afro Pop and RnB songs to inspire his fans. His lyrics are way far from bad ending message, they are all love and romance. As a young man who sees Liberia music as a trending thing around Liberia and trying to reach out to the world with better sound. He decided to showcase his talents out of Liberia, by featuring Ghanian artists both female and male. He’s good at what he does.

AEMG signee Jzyno has begun 2019 on a very high note. The fast-rising singer whose last single “Celebrity” was received with open arms in some African countries has released yet another banger. But this time, it’s a melodious piece in the name of love.

The duet styled number titled “Slow-Mo” features equally fast-rising songstress Naa Norley.

This song is on his YouTube channel and other media platforms around the world.
Follow His YouTube Channel Now: