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The D and F of Frank Artus – Denied and Faker!The D and F of Frank Artus 

This Liberian artist that managed to get attached in Nigerian and Ghanaian movies, became so attached with British people lifestyle that he forgot he was a Liberian. He denied his nationality as a Liberian once now he’s adding up with fake news.

It has been a year since that video was shown on every Liberian platform. This video of Frank Artus was published when he said he wanted to be president for the Liberia movie union and later wanted to be a senator. So help us, God. Liberians are posting on their social media appreciating that Frank name was curved in the on the star.
Birds of the same fake feathers are kept in the same living rooms as toys.

Just yesterday when the 2018 Walk of Fame was held among great stars and celebrities, Frank who might have attended the HOLLYWOOD AND AFRICAN PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS)
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – USA” program took the stand and posted that he has a star on Hollywood lovely ground where President Trump Star was burst for Fake publishing and carving, In his post, he’s asking Liberians should make a stop whenever they visit that place and pay respect to him. Seriously Frank? demanding respect for fake things.

Next Time when you are on Hollywood walk of fame gracing other celebraties don't forget to grace mine. #Nuffrespect #GodIsIntl
Next Time when you are on Hollywood walk of fame gracing other celebrities don’t forget to grace mine. #Nuffrespect #GodIsIntl

This seems to be the same program that Julie Endee won 2018 HAPA International Humanitarian Image Award from but her name was not carved in the ground as Frank who never won an award but faking that his name was carved in the floor

Carefully look below at the images and see.

Even Spider man at the back there is getting angry at these guys that are sitting there and this guy is doing this.
Even Spiderman at the back there is getting angry at these guys that are sitting there and this guy is doing this.

Can you imagine he’s brave enough to do this and later he’s replying to his Instagram comments like he’s playing fun out of his fans who are commenting and saying he’s lying? Read below.

This became embarrassing for him at some stage and he start to put the whole thing in fun. Should a icon like this be playing fun with his country name attached to him as an ambassador for entertainment from Liberia? No don’t think so. He’s putting the country at a comedy stage to make the entire world look at Liberians are liars who fake their lives.

HOLLYWOOD AND AFRICAN PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – USA” What make Frank Artus think Queen Julie Endee could not have a star too?
HOLLYWOOD AND AFRICAN PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – USA” What make Frank Artus think Queen Julie Endee could not have a star too?

Agreed that he took pictures with Julie Endee and other Liberians at this program but he was not to go on another side and post this for which represent the Walk of Flame.

Frank Artus denied and fake his nationality and his star life.

This also lead to the famous Shine P as well posting about his name being carve the same way as Frank Artus. So do this means our celebrities are not real but fakers? Shame to later say it’s a joke.

Birds of the same feathers don’t just fly together they are produced in Factory and kept in Living Rooms. Shine P You too spaying yourself na? Chey Lor..

See Shine P acting so proud of what is not real. What a wow to the fakers and those who don’t want to be proud of their own achievement but paying to see what will make them shame.

This made a lot of Liberians angry that people are not opening their eyes to see that these guys are not honest but lying to the public in a disgraceful way. This other gees get big disgrace behind it.

Home CIC gives the reasons of his new song “Morning”

CIC gives the reasons of his new song “Morning”

He came up on social media and wrote. CIC explains.

“So I was asked what was the inspiration behind MORNING, a song dropping off my album in November 2nd.🤔

Waking up to a whole load of beauty right next to you🌹… Seeing how God have spend his free hours putting every bit and pieces together just to make this unique creature stand out. Her sleepy face slowly free up like the rising sun, her smile that melt ice blocks, her soft tone as she say her first words😭😭😭😩😩😩

Damn….. Only thing that ran to my mind was that morning cuddle that drives the cold away and the whisper of over 1 million paragraphs of how much you love, care and adore her. An earthly God if God could permit it…

I wrote this song as a dedication to the woman I will always love and cherish (My Future wife) and all the ladies that been keeping it 100 with that guy who sees only the QUEEN side of them.

Just can’t wait to release this MASTERPIECE❣️🌹🙌🏻👑😍😘”

Home The hands of Flex in Bucky Raww deportation!

The hands of Flex in Bucky Raww deportation!

It is said a friend will always have your back, brother will always guide your secrets.

Flex Sirleaf known as “The Holy Ghost Fire Man” might want to take his hands of the deportation of the falling TrapCo legend, Bucky Raww to Liberia, his home land.

This is how the whole story started. As gossip might be flowing from one side to another. The story goes.

Flex asked Bucky to go on a song with him and Bucky refused saying “You are not a musician, not even a one that I can sing with, your style is no better for me to go on a song with.”

This turn Flex into anger from the expression from Bucky Raww, they both got in a phone argument and Flex had nothing to do or say but tell Raww that he slept with Bucky Baby Mama. This brought real hate and anger to the TrapCo legend. He could not stand that a man like Flex will discuss his proud in his face.

Bucky asked his girl and this might have brought more hard feelings. This is where it all begin.

After the deportations of Bucky Raww from the USA to Liberia, Flex Sirleaf wrote this on his wall.

“This news is with a heavy heart because no one wants to be ripped from their family. But Bucky Raw your talent and your music has not only made you a household name in the states but back home as well. You will continue to inspire and create that bridge. No weapon formed against you shall prosper, as you have stepped back on the soil of sweet Liberia. With God’s grace may he open the doors for your legacy to be world wide. Continue to make Trapco moves.”

This was what Flex wrote.

As a man who people respect, I guess Flex was wrong for saying he slept with another man woman, even if it was so he was not to use that against another man. This is an act of discussion ladies and having no respect for them.

Now people are wondering will Flex be meeting Bucky Raww girl in the USA, now that Raww has 10 years to get back to America that is if he’s allow to get there again after his deportation is over.

More news loading….

“We Inform To Transform.”

Home Bilikon CEO is Waving white flag in another style.

Bilikon CEO is Waving white flag in another style.

If we can remember that he’s one of the making of Liberia entertainment growing to this little pleasurable moments, then we know more about his milestone from 2014 to 2016 and to today’s date. There seems to be a top a hidden agenda behind most of his programs that has not shown face around for years. The cancellation of Bilikon Artists Search, Spot Lighg Party, House Party and his (Bilikon Ent) most attending program that brought Liberians from every part of the world to watch, the Face of Paynesville. These programs, especially FOP was one of a kind, competing with Miss Liberia in every aspect, but suddenly this came to a close between the year 2016-2017. This program was the talk of the time and it was sponsor by great companies in Liberia.

Noticing it’s strong hold in Fashion, Entertainment and Modeling, it brought sight to many investors out there, one like CTCOM Liberia Limited, they went on taking the name by all means. Registering the brand name “Face of.” This was where the matter got out of hands and shut down of Face of Paynesville came in.

Look like court order never went well and the name could not be owned by Bilikon Ent any more, we see Mr. Lyee Bility reminding us of 2016. Let us read below and see if this post is referring to one brand of company or many.

“Certain group of entertainers still hate me because I help people in the entertainment industry.
Y’all still stuck in 2016? Come on mehn that’s the past. All I did was help!

Take a very good look at this face because it’s going to be around for a very long time! Love me or hate me I remain LYEE K BILITY! I know you hate to hear my name in discussions😎”

If it is not artists but their managers? Mr. Bility is talking in style here. Or is he trying to wave a white flag for peace instead of war? We are keeping eyes on him for more as relating to what’s going to unfold.

How far the case of FOP Mr. Bility?

Home Suzan (Gees Lib) call out for Star Power as Chinese Power and Borrow Borrow Power

Suzan (Gees Lib) call out for Star Power as Chinese Power and Borrow Borrow Power

Interesting things are happening in Liberia growing entertainment industry every single day.

Few week ago Suzan (Gees Lib) was a Co-host for a show hosted in Australia that hosted CIC. The show went on as it was arranged but not to the expectations of the viewers from the scene and people who watched it through Live feed.

Reaching out to Suzan (Gees Lib) about her dress code, Star Power Cece Maintain (Chinese Power) told Suzan that she wore a cheap jeans to Co-host CIC show and her physical attractiveness (Her Pussy was pump out) was bold to the public. This was one embarrassing thing that Star Power Cece Maintain (Chinese Power) told Gees Lib (Suzan). Suzan never left it on he but came on Facebook live and address Cece and called her names like, Chinese Power, Borrow Borrow Power. Gees Lib boss lady Suzan

Gees Lib boss lady Suzan

The whole borrow part came up when Suzan said to the public that Cece normally borrow her cousin (Cece Maintain Cousin) clothes and return it, and she (Suzan) can prove that it’s her cousin (Cece Maintain Cousin) cloths that Cece always wear to bigger program and later return it.

This is not the first time that Cece Maintain has been accused of this kind of thing but several ladies have attacked this woman in other ways that are so embracing.

Watch this little video and see

In the above video you hear what another lady is saying about Cece. What do she mean by Goat Hair? If anyone understands this please give us a comment so other can understand and read some of the comments. A battle has start again for Cece Maintain and this time its with Suzan, Gees Lib boss lady.

Home Christoph warns the Questions! -Don’t ask me…

Christoph warns the Questions! -Don’t ask me…

It is easy to say I want you and it is hard to see you separate from the person your love.

Everyone know that our present hipco Star Christoph The Change was was in an open relationship with Benita Urey, the daughter of one of Liberia great business man and political leader.

Recently we notice that rumors been spreading about the two lovers that they are not in good terms, looking on Instagram we see pictures of Christoph holding his son and in the image we know very well Benita is not the mother of that kid.

On his Facebook page recently he posted

“Too much my ex use to use me like toothbrush. Anytime you see me don’t ask for Benita.”

This was a hard one to express. Guess this was a very strong feeling the artist been holding all along. In the Liberian setting we notice many men crying from women using them and abusing them as if they are nothing. We look at our president and other great men in Liberia that never married Liberian women because of their character of not acting submissive and always want to control their partners.

This could be a massive blow on Liberian women but yet they over look it.

Watch out for the next story on their (Benita and Christoph new relationship)

Home Ambassadors of LIPO’s Copyright Campaign Must First Tackle Artists, Entertainers’Registration/License!

Ambassadors of LIPO’s Copyright Campaign Must First Tackle Artists, Entertainers’Registration/License!

Should you take your land deed to the Center for National Documents and Records Agency (CNDRA) for archiving when you have NOT probated it? In fact, should CNDRA accept and archive your deed? These are the type of questions that keep popping in my head about the new topic that will likely trend in the Liberian Entertainment Business soon: Copyright! Telling Liberian Artists/Entertainers to protect their arts by registering with the Liberian Intellectual Property Office (LIPO) is like telling someone to take a copy of his/her land deed to the Center for National Documents and Records without first registering/probating the deed.   

What is Copyright?

I have learned that copyright is an exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material, and to authorize others to do the same. When fully enforced, copyright that will be granted by LIPO will “cover literary works (such as novels, poems and plays), films, music, artistic works (e.g., drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptures) and architectural design. Rights related to copyright include those of performing artists in their performances, producers of phonograms in their recordings, and broadcasters in their radio and television programs.”

What Are the Ambassador’s Saying Now? 

I have come across few Facebook posts regarding Intellectual Property. I can’t help but ask myself: Why intensified a campaign to attract Liberian Entertainers into “protecting” their work through LIPO when vast number of the same artists/entertainers, record labels, recording studios, etc. are not even registered/licensed to carry out their artistic work. 

When I first saw a post from the popular Djweezy D Boss, (who has now changed his name on Facebook to “Amb Djweezy D Boss (Mr Copyright)”, about this issue, I immediately commented, letting he and his followers know that he was taking on an advocacy that has a huge loophole. The gap needs to be filled first before copyright advocacy can succeed in this situation. 

The Little I Have Gathered About The Players 

In recent months, I have been on the tour, enjoying Liberian entertainment, from one music show to the other, visiting recording studios, etc., getting insight about the business. Among many things, it will interest you to know that, there are vast number of artists: record labels/recording studios, record groups, solo artists, etc., who are not registered or license by the appropriate government ministry/agency to operate, least to talk about paying feels stipulated by the Cultural Department of the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT).

Artists Registration and Licensing

The MICAT Cultural Department Fees Collection Handbook, which conforms to an action taken by the Liberian Government to “establish a National Bureau of Culture and Tourism, amending Chapter 31 of the New Executive L

aw of 1972 for the creation of Chapter 85 to create said bureau. Chapter 85.4 calls for the registration and licensing of all cultural related institutions within the borders of Liberia.” In furtherance to that, the Department of Culture of MICAT came up with fees handbook for artistic groups, so

lo artists, recording artists and freelance artists (traditional), general artists, cultural groups, recording studios, etc. For example, the regulation requires that a solo artist is to pay US$25 per year, recording studio is $50 per year, artistic groups/institutions is $60 per year, freelance artists (traditional) is $35 per year, etc. Do you know that most artists/entertainers are NOT complying with the regulation?  MICAT is the GoL Ministry with first hand authority/responsibility for managing arts and cultural activities in Liberia?

MICAT is the sole authority that grants license for artists to legally operate. So, if you’re are not licensed to carry out your artistic performances, should the LIPO copyright your artistic works? How will LIPO enforce copyright for artists/entertainers who are not registered/licensed to carry out artistic performances in the Republic of Liberia? Don’t you see that something is not matching up? 

To the LIPO Copyright Ambassadors. 

Are you now sensing my biggest fear? It comes from the fact that the MICAT is the first eye of Government when it comes to arts and culture in Liberia. Legal recognition from MICAT should give you the green light to move onto copyrighting your arts/cultural works. To get this copyright thing to work, LIPO must find a way to work in collaboration with MICAT to register and license the artists first; then, they can move on to register their artistic works for copyright protection.

Home Liberia Entertainment Updates Report on Bucky Raw

Liberia Entertainment Updates Report on Bucky Raw

This is from Liberian Entertainment Updates  Facebook page, saying that Bucky Raw will be returning home (Liberia) Soon. Let’s read through.

”From the looks of things BuckyRaw Offical should be coming home anytime soon, his manager (King George) posted this flyer & said BOOKING NOW‼ if this is true, we are so excited for the good News & we can’t wait for the Trapco King to come home.

As the story might seems good to read, it some how still look like it’s not true that he’s coming home (Liberia) but rather he be going back home to his family back home in the USA where he have his baby and girl friend. If his boss will post this and say “Booking info”and have number a to call him(The Boss of Bucky Raw) then it’s not booking for deportation.

lets wait and see what they got for us to book if it’s the real Raw.

Home Zoo Base TV Official Launch

Zoo Base TV Official Launch

Zoo Base TV Official Launch

On Saturday, July 14, a young Liberian aged 23 who happens to be one of Liberia’s finest music producer and CEO of Star Zoo Entertainment, Genius on the Beat, Officially Launched his Television Platform called Zoo Base Tv.

Zoo Base TV was Launched, the best of Fun was shared, and indeed Entertainment was at its best with with all of the interviews, and studio time for the all in one mix tape that was done and produced on the same day.

According to Genius, ZOO BASE TV is a 24/7 Liberia online TV channel and media publisher, that brings entertainment News, videos, sports, lifestyles, celebrities geez and more…

During an interview section with Genuis of his success story he spoke on how he started the company with just $200 United States Dollars and a little studio room for recording, but with the help of God and a focused mind he pushed through with his loyal team members until arriving where they are today.

Few words from Genius interview with Gossip Liberia that touched a spot in our hearts for Liberia:

“Most of all I love my Country, I’m a proud Liberian I want to do all I can to make Liberia proud, not me, not my families, not my friends I just want to do what I can do to make Liberia proud.”

The Launch program was with no doubt successful a lot of Artists and Sound Engineers were on the ground to show their support and play their part in the creation of a Mix Tape using an instrument that was created by all the sound engineers and a hook provided by all artists that was present, It was so much fun in the studio after the hard work and time spent the song was finally done.

Liberia Entertainment is getting stronger and better every day, with a lot of investments and new ideas from every little corner these days I can say our Entertainment Industry is indeed improving.

Home Preview on the CS2 Mixtape Album

Preview on the CS2 Mixtape Album

On Monday, after dropping CS2 Mixtape album on iTunes, in World Genre, Bucky Raw came #1 in this genre. We had the whole Entertainment industry around West Africa in search of the music as it was a battle going on among bloggers who misunderstood the meaning of #1 in on iTunes and #1 in a genre called “World Genre.” Bucky Raw made a hit that even ace musician like Don Jazzy from Nigeria congratulate him on his great work.

This is great news for Liberians in supporting the album, it was welcoming to see and observe that from Monday till today’s date CS2 Mixtape album made a great news around all media platforms among Liberian promoters and bloggers and DJ’s.

To get an insight of the whole album, I love to explain in summary as to each song on the mix tape so you can know what this mix-tape is all about.

  1. Imported: This song Bucky Raw is explaining how he’s deported and the things he brought back to his home. He’s talking about how he don’t mind wearing one cloths. Listen now and hear him.
  2. Jeh Bring It: Talking about sex and the mood they find themselves in when cheating on with someone girl friend. “I eat it dirty it, i wash it with dishes soap.” Describing the body of the girl that he’s singing about in this song.
  3. Friskayness: Telling the girl she’s acting rude like she can handle him. This song is a dance-able one that will make the girl twerk to the floor.
  4. Last Kiss: He appreciating the country girls and praising their body, talking more about how he will love her and for his country girl business he can do anything.
  5. Scrapper Heaven: This is one of the music that direct towards Liberia situation where there’s always story from one person to another. “God please save us from premature death, i know you will able.”
  6. Mammie Peppeh: This song is one of the classic one that you can dance with your partner all day long. Honestly this song is so classic Bucky Raw did this song with his whole heart. His dialect is so clean in this song. This is the best of all the songs on this track from my observation. He even sen shout out to CIC and Jaffar papay on this track and to the lorma girls.
  7. Which One Heting You:This is a song that tell you about the minding your business. Bucky Raw is telling people to mind their business. “I get deported, da my story, Which one heting you?” You na adam to eat apple. Which one herting you?” base on the situation of people talking this and that about him and others he brought this song out to tell people to mind their business.
  8. Wine Your Waist: “I git her bending like crayfish on my mattress.” This is a after party music. Getting your glue on to make some sexy mood. This song must be a song for those ladies with the model waist.
  9. Trapco Issues: The style of Trapco is just what Bucky is describing. Listen to this song and get the details.
  10. Pro Poor Agenda: featuring Takun J on this make you to understand that two legends are doing their thing and talking about the Pro Poor Agenda that is effecting the country and everybody has to polish it some kind of way. This song speaks for the people.
  11. Put Talk: Featuring Jay Awesome. People who think they have money that can influence others with their talk, this music is for them, and honestly Jay Awesome style is so gentle on this song, his style of Trapco is gentle.
  12. Woomii (Bonus): This music is all about vorking and putting mouth on people with characters the music describe.

Team Bucky Raw was on fire about this whole song topping the genre, it was hitting the top till some of them forgot to state the right information out. This brought noise over the media. As we all have notice, other social personality like Strong Gbana Pekin and Blogger Sheikh Mohammed wrote to Buck address his fans and team attitude to bloggers, promoters and DJ’s.

Bucky Is asking that Liberians keep downloading the song to keep it on the number 1 spot on World Genre

Let see how this goes.