So when Mohammed Ali got a breathless beat down by Trevor Berbick in 1981. A fighter who could practically pass for an amateur. Did it stop every global citizen from proclaiming Ali as the world’s greatest? When Holyfield defeated Mike Tyson for the second time. Imagine, the most fierce boxer with the strongest fist ever! Eventually, this led Mike Tyson to shamefully bite off a chunk of Holyfield’s ear. Did it erase Tyson’s clean records as the most feared boxer ever? Absolutely No! But in Rickslyn Myer’s case, Would a twisted Jaw keep her mute and vulnerable to the attacks of everyone who thought she was untouched? The sound of her powerful and intimidating voice was regarded as the beginning of wisdom by everyone who crossed her path. Would we now regard her voice as the beginning of foolishness? Rickslyn’s mouth wasn’t just her weapon but her brand, Did she make the biggest mistake of her life to fight someone the whole of Liberia would now refer to as Thinny Temper Laurina?

Some will say that the difference between Liberia on Social Media and Liberia in reality is clear. Who is Liberia on Social Media and Liberia in reality? Should this question be answered as the situation on the ground says it all? Rickslyn should have understood that her brand is beyond her mouth and the power to pounce on people and tear them apart verbally. She should have known that there’s a world out there that’s more brutal than social media, Which is the world of physical assault from a man. Did you guys see what that guy did to Rickslyn? Was that looking like a fight between two women or a man who joyously took advantage of a situation that appeared like him separating Rickslyn from his woman, then publicly brutalized her to the point where he twisted her jaw?

Is it okay to mock Rickslyn because she got beaten by a man? Something we should stand against boldly with all disgust. Why wasn’t he arrested?
We heard that Rickslyn was the one that started the whole mess by matching forward like a trigger-happy soldier to go and slap Laurina, until her boyfriend who couldn’t bear to watch Rickslyn beat his woman, jumped on the People’s champion like a thief who got caught up in jungle justice. It was all entertainment on social media until a man got involved because he couldn’t understand that women know how to handle their issues even if it ended up in an exchange of blows and slaps being thrown around. Fans are asking for a rematch, let me ask, was there even a fight at first between Rickslyn and Laurina?

The people’s champion Rickslyn wasn’t defeated unlike Mohammed Ali and Mike Tyson who got a proper beat down from a well-matched fighter. So our champion remains undisputed even with a twisted jaw. Laurina should prove to us that she’s not a shadow hiding behind her boyfriend’s cowardice and take the challenge to fight Rickslyn in a celebrity boxing match. Other countries have celebrity boxing contests, so why can’t we start with Rickslyn and Laurina in Liberia? What are your thoughts?