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Where’s Face Of Paynesville?

Few years back this was one of the best program in the country. This was the talked about pageant that touch every corner of Paynesville City. To be precise this program touched Liberians from all over the world. Bilikon Ent brought this program to the public, and it was not just about the ladies it was inclusive and give light to entertainment in Liberia. We saw the growth of musicians. The artists started to round up every year for this program, in so doing, they (Artists) started cleaning their dress code, making sure their lyrics was tight and clean, the producers was also getting involve too.

Miss. Shalom on her art work

This was one of the program that never closed doing the crisis of Ebola in Liberia. This pageant program was introducing better dress code in the fashion lives of Liberians, it was not just about fashion and dressing but it was educative and so creative. Looking at the First Runner of of the 2014-15 FOP, Miss. Sarafina Abraham art work that brought out the Young Baby, that was a real acting that never camera effect added to it. Miss. Asatu Toure, Winner of the 2014-15 FOP and Miss. Maudlin Alexis

FOP Queen-2014-2015 Miss. Asatu Toure

Second runner up of 2014-15 FOP. These ladies made history that need to be kept in a safe place, and they need to help speak out for the coming back of this program. 2015-16 Winner, Miss. Georgia Bemah, First runner up, Mariama Toure, and Second Runner Up 2015-16, Miss. Shalom Jawhary. These ladies need to make sure that this program comes back. These ladies were the first to see the important of this program, especially those other contestants who got involve but never made it to the finish line.


FOP 2015-2016 Winner Miss. George Bemah, Second Winner Shalom Jawhary, First Winner Miss. Mariama Toure. Along With FOP 2014-2015 Winner Miss. Asatu Toure
Contestants of FOP on Boat ride

Face of Paynesville was organized by Bilikon Ent, Sponsor by Coca Cola, RCI, Sirmex, Cellcom GSM, Now Orange and other local and international organization, Angel Lips as well. The first Face of Paynesville in 2014 was a great success, the second one was another success, but the last one that was held in 2016 was not a success because a group named CT.COM Liberia LTD claimed that they own the name Face of Paynesville and brought a shutdown of FOP.  CT.COM Liberia LTD is presently running the National Center Excellence and Creative Award. FOP 2016 was shut down and send to court, but till today’s date we don’t know what is happening. Is it like the two group are not in good terms to make this great program come back again?

Fans of FOP are asking for this great program that was show on Real TV, This program was one that got everyone attention in the country and at this time is was the only program that available for Liberians to be entertained Verse Television and physically.

Judges at FOP

Bilikon CEO and manager of RCI,  Lyee K. Bility there’s a need to tell the public what is going on and what the fans need to know. This was one of the best program that was bringing out beautiful models in pageantry that could represent Liberia anywhere in the world and now it has just come to an end without any information as to

what is going on. there must be a reason to the silence in FOP and this time the fans need to know what is going on. Has CT COM Liberia LTD taken over FOP or is Bilikon ENT still owing Face Of Paynesville?

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Are they playing games? Big Question

  1. Hipco artist, Big Max from Bilikon Ent, a formal basketball player and Tuzee, a second runner up from Face of Paynesville second show, which she almost became the Face of Paynesville Queen(That means owning the crown)of that time. Could this be Big Max is a point guy now or he’s playing the role of a big man?

It’s Like something sweeting is going on between these two young celebs. From one status saying. “We are your RELATIONSHIP GOALS! ❤💯 forever my fave!”

And another saying “Bestie”

Let us watch and see this is turning to a sweet love song!

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CIC gives the reasons of his new song “Morning”

He came up on social media and wrote. CIC explains.

“So I was asked what was the inspiration behind MORNING, a song dropping off my album in November 2nd.🤔

Waking up to a whole load of beauty right next to you🌹… Seeing how God have spend his free hours putting every bit and pieces together just to make this unique creature stand out. Her sleepy face slowly free up like the rising sun, her smile that melt ice blocks, her soft tone as she say her first words😭😭😭😩😩😩

Damn….. Only thing that ran to my mind was that morning cuddle that drives the cold away and the whisper of over 1 million paragraphs of how much you love, care and adore her. An earthly God if God could permit it…

I wrote this song as a dedication to the woman I will always love and cherish (My Future wife) and all the ladies that been keeping it 100 with that guy who sees only the QUEEN side of them.

Just can’t wait to release this MASTERPIECE❣️🌹🙌🏻👑😍😘”

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A gift to grace his messages – President Weah to Kobazzie

It’s not a sad story ending for the artist this year but a joyous one. The president of the Republic of Liberia presented a new Nissan to Kobazzie. Kobazzie the Lorma boy has done several songs that has made hit from all his released but this time around it was not just appreciated by his loyal fans but president Weah himself show his support as a loyal fan in promoting the young artist, the song that say, “Say No To Rape.” This took onto social media yesterday, late evening hours as people posted right after the star posted about his gift (A New Car) from the president.

Let us read what Kobazzie wrote.

In everything, put God first and all other thing will fall in its place. The people’s president has heard the message well and he remains committed to fighting gender based violence and empowering Liberian youth.

Today, I share tears of joy when I received a surprised gift from President George M. Weah. I couldn’t helped myself. What a President? I never had the thought of receiving a gift from you. Thank you Mr. President for the gift.

I always believe that you don’t have to do nothing negative to push for success. All you need is to put God first, Work hard, and do the right thing. The hard work of my team is now paying off. I’m clapping for you guys. Yes, the President and other important personalities wouldn’t have recognized my hard work if your pieces of advice were not right or in place.

This is a clear sound that our musical industry will get better. Under President Weah administration, i can assure you that our industry will shine. He does listen to all our songs. My colleagues are doing pretty good jobs as well. I’m touch by the everyday good work we are all putting in.

Mr. President, may you live long and lead us well. Liberia will get better and we will all laugh hard.

Thanks, the people’s President. I’m totally grateful for the ride.


Korte Kobazzie Bazzie

We had a lot of his friends and family posting about this and this show a something great that the president is listening to all the songs that are played out here from our musicians. The president is watching us.

Kobazzie message in this was strong and he told everyone to to put God first nothing else.

More update loading

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4 Male Artists Wrongly Branded.


Bucky Raw Management is failing him. The population is fooling him. His style is unique, he’s smart and got better way to express things than his management. He’s too sensitive to issues surrounding his music life that is leading him in the wrong directions by writing and responding to even comedians. Bucky is one of Liberia greatest but he need to be smart as to when to reply and who to reply to. @buckyrawofficial he have a great support from his fans, that’s great but they should not kill his talents and his art work because he have more international artists to meet. Bucky branding is bad that is leading him into a worst situation if he don’t work out things quick.

DenG is Liberia own son, this boy is so gifted that he doesn’t have much time to argue about success in his career but forgetting to know he’s likely to fall to zero if he don’t get on his knees and beg for the allegations on him. DenG is in rumors to be a guy who’s honest and love to be in the good spot but that’s just a rumor spreading actually is he like that?

DenG lost a management team that took him higher then he ever went but how did it ended, ”Grateful” was a song that was to be kept on the low but he went with the lyric that is playing its part on him now. DenG fans complain on him on repeating lyrics, he’s never accepting his faults and he’s never working on how people warned him on how to better himself. As a humble beginning he started with little, turn his back on them to be proud and selfish and only to team up with people who never had him at heart before. @dengofficial you need to work on your branding or else you will fall like other artists in Liberia who are zero heroes

Christoph is young man with one of the best look of an artist. He’s creative and brilliant to the fullest, he doesn’t respond to things that have no vibes and he’s slow in responding to the things that matters. Christoph rap game was on the edge of making him Liberia rap star to he fall back on the line to beef songs, still he’s great but he’s dropping his vibes because of he careless and doesn’t know who to get on track with, he’s living a dream life thinking he’s the mighty of all stars when it comes to the expensive life. Christoph is not branding himself in the right way, he manage his affairs and he advice himself. @christoph_the_change_ still got the chance he need to be great but if he do not work sooner and better he will be a real bonnie dust.

JB Soul Fresh has always been one of Liberia favorite but due to the lack of good management and ego he and his teammate is like no more counting one million fans. JB is a good rapper, a messenger that came from the falling of Hipco and brought it back to the surface. The soul fresh team had the show always and their names, were number one at any show that everyone wanted them at every show to get great gates intakes but things change when they starter walking alone. It’s not bad that they walked alone but they never branded themselves from the start. Had a trip to China and back that was just the stop of their career on an international trip. Since than JB and his team mate been doing great music but it have not hit like before and people don’t really listen to their music and the messages.

Now JB and Shinning man is just moving alone like they are no longer team because there seems to be a lot of differences between them. These great stars need to come back and start over or else they will fall like their other great brothers who never benefited anything from their arts.

Home “Can’t be college drop out role model” – CIC

“Can’t be college drop out role model” – CIC

Great things come to those who work for it. It is certain for some people to just be great and make positive impact in the lives of others. No mater your status, age or appearance just one word from you could change a person life from worst to good or from good to worst, be careful how you carrying yourself and be submissive to everyone. Not everything money can change but just words as the Bible said it, our mouth is our spiritual weapon and yes God did pass through a little boy. Here’s the reason why Carlo Boi went back to get himself back into college. He’s presently in the AME University to obtain a career he felt was not worth it because of the fame but just few questions change his taught about life and education.

“A kid walked up to me and said.. “I wanna be everything you will ever become in life. Wearing the same hair cut, he showed me all my pics I have ever uploaded on social media. He then asked, do you smoke or drink? I’m like NO I DON’T and that’s something a lot of people don’t know. I used to but I stopped. So what level of school are you, he asked. I paused for minutes and told him I was in college but I dropped. So he then ask, are you going back or not? And boommm his mom called him. That question kept playing on me for weeks. I’m posting this out here cuz I might not get the chance to meet this kid again but I just wanna let you know I’m back in school tho I transfer to read a different course. If you do decide to be an artist later, I might just be the right manager to have😊

Can’t be college drop out role model” – CIC

This could be you, think twice and make that move. Education is the key and remember to struggle through it no mater what and I believe this will be a stepping stone for a lot of other artists and big boy and girls out there to take the lead. Role model is needed in so many ways but first take your education serious.

Home Dee Raww Open Message To Bucky Raww

Dee Raww Open Message To Bucky Raww

Time like this people get lost in love. Memories are things that we should never lost. Those are our treasures from the past. Let us remember it is what keep us loving who we once love and still love.

Read through what Bucky Raww girl friend wrote to him. It’s an open message

“It’s the littlest things that bring tears to my eyes. Everyday Looking at your clothes nicely folded waiting for you to come home to wear them, or waiting on that phone call from you telling me to come pick you up. I decked the apartment up in hopes of you coming to a home and family. 8 long months we’ve been waiting! We cried on the phone together, we laughed together and we prayed together. I forgive you the moment they took you away from us. It hurts me I won’t lie but I know for a fact it’s for the better. People tore me down and had the worst to say about me but I didn’t let that affect our relationship and bond. You prepared me for this day and time, as much as I tried to run away from the truth.

I’ve been crying until I don’t have any more tears in me. The day you were scheduled to leave I still had hopes that you were coming home to us. I tried my best, we all did but God had other plans. MAKE THE BEST OF YOUR STAY THERE AND LIKE I ALWAYS TOLD YOU WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER. GOD GOT US IN THIS SITUATION AND HE’S GOING TO GET US OUT. Though you may not be returning to us no time soon doesn’t mean we will not come to you! See you soon 😘😘 Bucky Raww

We hope Bucky know she still love him and we also hope she give in all she can now that he needs her most.

Home DJ Weezy request answers for the $100,000 United State Dollars given by the president for Liberia Entertainment Industry.

DJ Weezy request answers for the $100,000 United State Dollars given by the president for Liberia Entertainment Industry.

DJ Weezy named several members of the Liberia Entertainment industry that the president of Liberia, George M Weah gives for the development of the entertainment industry. Here’s his post from Facebook.

“The Real story behind the US$100,000 and the recording Studio given by President Weah to the Entertainment Industry

Just before the Runoff Election which brought President Weah to power,the Liberian leader hosted an honoring program for Korto Davies after winning the “Best Lead Role Actor” at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards hosted in the United States.

During the program held at Jamaica Resort on the Robertsfielf Highway,President Weah pledged US$100,000 to the Entertainment Industry which was subsequently and allegedly received the following day by Frank Artus, Musa Massaquoi and Tamba lay Mayonaise who already presented themselves as representatives.

The President also presented a huge portion of land and cautioned Entertainers to use the money for the construction of a Modern Threatre.

Prior to that, the President also turned over a modern recording studio at his 9th Street residence to some members of the Music Union.

It is sadden to note since the inauguration of President Weah, today is exactly 154 days and we haven’t heard anything of said amount.

Unfortunately, so many of us have believed that the president is doing little to improve entertainment in Liberia which is unrealistic to our President.

When we as Stakeholders failed to improve and create an enabling environment that will foster the growth and development of this slow motion industry, then government owes us nothing.

We are our own problem and must give account of the money.”

Part 2 of this coming soon

Let us wait for more updates as we look towards from their respond.

Home Loveland or Tusis – Insults and Expression

Loveland or Tusis – Insults and Expression

It is hard to see people who have good life and good things getting angry and throwing stones. It is also hard to see people who know much about social media getting angry at what people talk to them or say out when it comes to promotion or stunts!

One of Liberia best photographer and video producer is set on blaze as he lash out not only on a media outlet but on a whole country as to the condition the country find it self in. Lorenzo Loveland, as many people know the father of one of Liberia up raising young star, Ziggy Ray, who’s also called “The Hipco Dream. Loveland got mad at the recent post from Gossip Liberia on social media pages, Facebook and Instagram, for which he try to talk back at the media outlet but went wrong including a lot of people in his comment. Loveland


Below are two screenshots for his comment on a post that were posted via social media, precisely Facebook. And this post was about Tusis who wore a pant that was torn or let say burst between the legs and he Tusis posted it on the social media(Facebook). Tusis is now a somebody who is not looked at as nobody any more, and as a young man who’s getting popular day by day by his great work makes him a public eye catching icon. Let see the comments form Loveland under the post from Gossip Liberia Facebook page.

These comments point out a lot of emotions that is not only directing to the publisher of the image but to many. Is it like Loveland is having bad times with Liberia or Liberians in general? Tusis


It never went down well with Tusis when he saw that Gossip Liberia re-posted what he posted and give it a caption. He, Tusis came back at Gossip Liberia with a real great reply that means much to him as it kindly explain his emotions and how he do reacts to publicity he never paid for, knowing that there’s no bad publicity, especially when you need to be branded through many ways that will give you the audience you need. Let us see Tusis reply

As he rightly stated, Yard Cloths da yard cloths. Learn what to post on social media. The media is watching more then you can image.

Welcome to Gossip Liberia, We Inform To Transform.

Home Hott TV Video Awards 2019

Hott TV Video Awards 2019

A year plus, Hott TV has been working and serving the public. This year Hott TV is bringing out this one of a kind award to the public that will make Liberians around the world and in Liberia to be able to benefit from their video and video, in particular, Liberian video which makes up, musical video, comedy videos, movies, and the list goes on. In April 2019 this program official website will be out for viewing and nomination of the video awards.

Hott FM/TV crew standing with the media team after the press conference

This is going to be one of its kind, Hott FM/TV crew is gearing up for December 21 Video awards that will bring Liberians from all around the world, bringing African entrepreneurs, journalists, media groups from big nations and even the MTV platform will carry it.

Hott TV is encouraging all Liberian movies maker to take their work to their station for broadcasting. Hott TV have decided not to show foreign musical videos, movies and comedies big 100% Liberians and that’s just how it is going to be. This is a great opportunity for Liberian to accept and start making better videos and writing good scripts and doing good musical video cos this Video award is going to make you get outside and face the world on DSTV.

Robin Dopoe From Daily Observer asked

How do you intend to make this award different from all other awards in Liberia and how they are going to benefit?

DJ Blue answer to the question:

”Artists will achieve views and taking your videos to the world will be one of your benefits. And this means that Liberians music, movies are going to be channel continental on the DSTV platform, international media platforms are going to be at the awards show to make sure that the work you do will be carry everywhere in Africa and the world in general.”

What level of transparency? Robin and Sheik of Diamond Online asked.

This work is not going to be trusted with only those on the ground in Liberia. It’s going to include all Liberians in the diaspora to work and give out better judgment on how things will be done for the category listing that will be placed on the site and through the voting process we will have other team members from all part of the world where Liberian entertainment is raising high to do their judgment.”

Is it only the videos that are played on your station/TV will be awarded? Anthony Fofana MV of Gossip Liberia asked.

Double H answer saying. ”No! And that is a brilliant question but we are going to work with every video we can come a cross and once the website is up more details will come in.”

This video awards is going to be featuring all those that are in the making of the videos, the makers and everyone behind the scene that made the video, this means it’s going to be a whole crew award for one video and also the mean individual who’s in the video as the mean focus.

At this little press conference, we had,

Gossip Liberia, Diamond Online, Best Wind, Music Liberia, Plus Liberia and Liberia Daily Observers

A big thanks to the entire team of Hott FM/TV. Great move and the public is.now expecting more from your.

This is progress.