Beautiful lies in the eyes of the beholder, and so it has been for many young people who haven’t seen her in person but almost everyone called her name, they wish she would have been the next Miss Liberia. It was a thing to listen to and it was like a yawning old lady, hungering for rest, but the cry of the majority was left unattended to by the final judgment by the judges.

Miss Willimena Lela Murlyne Brown didn’t make it to the list of the three ladies that stood awaiting who’s to be Miss Liberia, this was saddening but it was what they all signed up for, but the crowd was wowed with the judgment for the judges, but nothing could be done, the result was accepted and she moved on.

As a young lady with so much passion for being productive and very supportive to her people, she didn’t stop there, she set her mark to come up as one of the founding members of the Dump Pile Hero company, serving alongside three other potential young ladies, this was an unexpected venture to many, but it came with a big noise they took up the social media space Liberians covered.

Let’s dive a little into her profile a little bit. Miss Willimena Lela Murlyne Brown represented Montserrado county as Miss Montserrado in Miss Liberia 2022-2023, she’s a beauty queen, a model, and has been known as a model from imodils, she’s an influencer, and a content creator. A young woman with high courage to help make Liberia a better place, she stood strong and made it through to be one of the contestants of this year’s most anticipated Miss Liberia, and she was the most popular contestant amongst all.

A graduate from the University of Liberia, with a degree in Biomedical Science. She loves the gym life and is a big fan of the artist, Stunna.

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