When the name Kelvin Jhamnani is mentioned in this era of modern Liberia you hear the name of a person related to a lot of great things such as an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a creative mind-blowing human. A Liberian that never stops believing in himself, his people, and the art of being creative.

Kelvin‘s style for fashion is extraordinary and is like a new wave to Liberians, he’s been doing exceptional things that got a gap in the minds of many. A Liberian that believes in traveling to see diverse cultures and backgrounds of people, he has touched down many lands and gathered a lot of experiences that you won’t imagine easily, like his style for makeup, and his creative lifestyle for fashion.

Let’s get down to business, Kelvin discovered that Liberians are getting more interested in glamorous dressing and fashion, looking good and sexy, catching the attention of the world, and seeing that looking good is not just a business, but it is also a blessing for more opportunity. With this, Kelvin decided to open his own business in Liberia, his birth nation, a place he’s proud to called his home and the people he’s proud to be among. A journey like this is not easy, especially establishing a business in a country where the economy is so bad, living condition is not satisfactory, with a high level of unemployment in a Third World country, (let me not make you scared, 😂) but he took the chance to put in his all, though he might have heard a lot about businesses, and it’s a risk of surviving in Liberia, but it’s better to try then not to, Kelvin pushed harder and open his venture and called it KELJHANI, a name that matches his first and last name. This company or business is directly focused on Beauty, Fashion, and Photography, with all this, said, you know why they chose their first ambassador to be Miss Alicia Wright.

Now models don’t need to wonder where they going to get their beauty fix, their best fashion clothing, or their glamorous nails and hair because KELJHANI and his team are all set and ready to make Liberian girls look extraordinary for the camera, lights and actions for every occasion. One thing should be clear, he has this famous saying to ladies that want to be so beautiful and famous, and looking so powerful in that beautiful spot that everyone wants to look at when they are in a gathering of just seeing their picturs, he always says, “We can Take You From Dumebi to Zari the boss lady.” Imagine you looking like Zari the Boss Lady in Liberia, that’s a huge branding, even Master Queen and Chichi Neblett can’t come near your attention.

Now let’s meet Kelvin by following his official page and business page, don’t forget his business also have a website. Liberia is actually getting better.

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