BBL Lone Lioness from season III is on her best behavior to keep her family together, Even if she decides to take flights on her fiance’s account, she doesn’t mind, and he’s ready to pay to keep his fiancee blushing among her peers (because lil girl dem wan hustle the girl man from dm pressing 😵‍💫😖).

After a successful show a year ago, BBL has been on the go slow due to some technical reasons, but the housemates of the last show have been living their best lives, traveling, getting deals, settling with families, and holding tight to the lifestyle they envisioned for themselves individually. Clincia is one of the most famous ladies who went on the reality show (Big Brabee Liberia -BBL) sometime last year and came out adding more to her list of fans. She came out blushing pregnant because she went into the house when she was in the family way and it wasn’t noticed till the end of the show (even though two housemate is currently pregnant – da gees oooh 😊☺️).

The beauty Queen Herself.

Trending with her baby on social media, it has been talked about by many behind closed doors that she’s the only celebrity baby mama who is proud to show her child out without fear because the baby daddy is not a hide-and-seek guy (even though he’s reporting other jue them to his girl – ehn da good English?)

Clincia might have had a failed business when she started selling ladies’ wear and other gadgets, The business didn’t go well, she had to make a change, a change which she envisioned to become a fashion designer long before getting her second child. On the path to becoming a designer, she embarks on a learning vacation to Nigeria along with her son while she embrace her calling for fashion by schooling for tailoring and designs making (she mor na fail in this one again mehn, because liberians and their crediting business😩 😔).

Clincia and her family

If grading her stay out there, the vacation is going so well. A few days ago she posted she and her son (her daughter couldn’t make the trip cos she’s in school, because y’all na start talking in the girl business 😒😬), and it happened that there’s nowhere her fiance won’t go to see his lady and child, as the saying goes, “where your money is,  that’s where your heart is“.

The family looks so good together as you can see they are beginning to resemble each other since the new family member came in. They posted family pictures and everyone was like Wow under their post, Clincia had so many shares from fans and followers, and reactions all over social media, it was attractive to go see the family all dressed up, body covered, and looking like it’s winter time in Nigeria (to be honest their suit match them well for a cold weather 🤒), but the next day BBL star decided to make it known to her fans that she still have the body in form and her man journey to her in Nigeria was tasteful and not boring (y’all stop imagining what she’s doing in Nigeria with her man 🙄🤭)

From the look of things, her son is the most trending celebrity kid on the web from Liberia’s entertainment industry. We are hoping to see more beautiful babies from our Liberian celebrities, not just Green Card Marriages and Relationships wahala (da geonooo 🤣🤫🤭).

Clincia and her son

Clincia will bounce on you with her celebrity lifestyle. She’s a star, but we hope her brand Clincians becomes a reality for her fans not just a name with no impact. Now the biggest question is where’s Clincia Signature?

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