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The love of Nimba Mountain

Just a day ago Her Royal Highness of Liberia which happens to be Karishma posted an image of a very attractive drawing of her on social media, which states that it was from Kizzy W from the print, one of Liberia successful producer and rnb hit singer of this new generation.

As it seems to be growing my intense, noticing few years ago the actress was on this same mountain with her daughter father who happens to be TFloyd of TFloyd Nation, they had beautiful images on this mountain and looking at new images from this mountain and also on other areas in Nimba seems to be going well.

There is a good observation if you look closely at the posting of pictures when Kizzy W had to share his own side of the mountain on his Facebook page too. Isn’t it lovely as well to know they are now teaming up and even taking pictures of each other on the mountain, the front of a hotel and at the Creek where children are washing.

Do we expect a little battle to come between the Nimba boys? Rapper and Singer or will this just be a let go and be as friends or is Kizzy W getting at TFloyd in some kind of way?

Kizzy W was to be in the USA for a tour but it’s like he’s trying to put his family together before taking a step out of Liberia. The actress too is busy gearing up for more movies to be call into as we saw her recently in Ghana and we know she’s always on movies that shake the industry. He won best producer of the year from the LEA and this might call for a celebration.

Our actress favorite sport is golf, looking back in 2018 she was on the golf field and few days ago she was there again. This means she’s relaxed and making positive moves towards her new life ahead of her.


Let us take a snap on the mountain way back in 2018 and see if glowing in images before and now, there seems to be a great change and its like Kizzy W is getting ready to get on his knees to ask the question as things are looking so romantic from this point. Let see Nimba Mountain in 2018.

Let us follow the entertainment world of Liberia as it’s getting interesting everyday with more pretty stories to make our entertainers live beautiful lives.

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Home Missed the concept of continuity – Married to Engage

Missed the concept of continuity – Married to Engage

Baby O” was a great move, the video was a stylish one with a model, and the storyline brought more juice to the video creation along with the individuals in the story except for which PCK had no right to be in it, that was one of the worst parts of the video. Now the new release music video “For Life” lack continuity in it, the artist got married in the first video which was “Baby O” to Sexy model Shalom but in this other “For Life” he engaged Master Queen. Fault full video and the actions in it almost look like WizKid and Tiwa Savage release “Fever” that blow the Internet wide.

This video is cool, scenes are impeccable and romantic but the copying of this video was too much in relating to other musical videos internationally; similar things happen to “Baby O” as well with the storyline, concept and even the song style. A lot of copies from “Will You Still Love Me” by Brian Nhira.Many fans of Stunna have realized his style of music always came from other artist songs as a “copy and do mine” he’s good for the voice but lack creativity.

He looks for what the world goes for and does a direct copy of it. Bad concept and a style that kills talents that is if you have one.Using Master Queen now and then using Shalom is not bad but the continuous part of his music with Shalom would have been better, if he is always copying from Brian Nhira and Kuami Eugene, he should see what happen in “Angela” with the continuation and same with “Will You Still Love Me” though it is Brian’s wife he’s using in the actual video but most of the world never knew until lately, and it wasn’t Kuami girl friend he used, but after he used her two times to base his music of continuity to gain his fans favors and keeps them on track, that gives him that strength he has now.

Continuity leads to progress even if you have issues with the same person, but it is business, and it draws attention to your brand and your style, Simi and Falz, Adekunle and Simi and the list go on to better continuity with them. As It was stated above the video was a great one but continuity is what Stunna lack and one thing through observation, Stunna and his management don’t do a request from his most supportive fans as to how they can help in storylines to see if what they have on their whiteboard is correct or not.

Fans respond to Stunna style.

If Stunna does this again and again, he will lose fans and is a video will look like a summary of others work” Tony Bennie explained

“Stunna is attractive, but most time he lost track of himself like in the Inyana featuring, and he’s always trying to get in people’s style when his feature with them like when he went to Nigeria, he wanted to act like WizKid and sound like him.” Teta Teah explained.

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The situation of Wondaboi

One of Liberia first to hit the scene of blogging with Wonda Promotion Link, kept pushing the game and never stop believing in Liberian entertainment from day one of his profession to be a blogger and promoter of songs sang by local and international artists. AB Lincoln whose known as Wondaboi don’t backward down to speak his mind, he been on several cases with people thinking he’s a hater; he speaks up with proud for what is right. Sitting on an advertisement play last with a beer company from China caller Lao Te Beer, he good at advertising on any products.

Child Play

Wondaboi had a leak screenshot before with Rickslyne Myers about him trying to get her to be his girl friend and he never back down to the misbehavior of her action, but he kept the courage and friendship with her. Working as one of the first promoters of Christoph the Change, he follows Christoph where ever he(Christoph) went just to get updates on him in helping blog and to promote Christoph to be more than what he (Wondaboi) sees in him.

His Fall Out With Christoph The Change

The last trip of Christoph and his crew was a success(In Buchana city), but that was when things got messed up between Wondaboi and Christoph. There was an image posted on social media with Christoph in a dress (During the beef between Chris and Bucky on the gay saga)and Christoph felt it was Wonderboy, so christoph never investigated well but slapped him(Wondaiboi). Did AB react to the slap? Nope, he was pushed out of Christoph house when he said it wasn’t him who did it. That was barbaric of the Change to raise his hands on a friend and a blogger. That was how their friendship ended, bit who knows what next pending. Through all this drama of life, he was still doing his thing as a blogger through is the newest platform calledd ”VIBES.

His New Team

Wonderboy never gives up on his profession and he’s one of the cooperative guys to work within the entertainment industry for growth. He decided to push his way to the music side as his link with ”Money and Salvation” where you find Kosh, Homeboy Jethro, Yung Classic and few others, he told social media fans he’s now on the music side, he loves his team and he’s putting blogging aside because it gives him nothing.

Love Line

Finding himself to fall in love after breakups with son mom, he took time and decided to turn away all old ways and put time to his relationship to be the man his lady wants him to be. Wonderboy has turned his social media page to a place of Romeo and Juliet, kisses and hugging all day are his way of life, and it’s like he’s even thinking about engagement from the look of things.


He’s a freak to hairstyle and colors. He’s just a man who believes in himself and what makes him happy that’s what he does. Wonder boy is a freak to hair beauty and appearance, if you never knew about him now you know him, and he’s also on a song too. Multi-talented.


He’s always giving his precious time to friends and doing what he can to push everyone to their dreams through what he does best by promoting anyone who he’s in their circle as friends or associates. He was a cool friend of the late Quincy B, team up with other artists and help in branding them to be where most of them are today. Wondaboi makes everyone to actually wonder who he actually is.

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Home Bintu Trending On Club Events in Liberia. Queens Do things that the crown requires.

Bintu Trending On Club Events in Liberia. Queens Do things that the crown requires.

Among female planners in Liberia, we have extreme and brilliant ones that bring about considerable programs, and it becomes a success. Bintu Charmie Kromah is one of the most successful club and party planner in Liberia; she goes on with expensive programs at her clubs that bring great stars from all part of Africa.

Bintu got the source of making things happen. She is beautiful, smart and a woman of substance that can take the worst and make it the best through her skills of planning events for parties and club movements. Her Club is exclusive and has great style to fit all the needs of everyone in this entertainment lifestyle. She brought up the Raggae Night (Drink and Win) and now the Spot Light party. Introducing more to her club that gives ladies gifts for making the best Face best done. That’s entertainment, pay and benefit .

If you look at all her club events, they have been successful, and if you know entertainment truly you will state that she has been bringing great stars at her club, and it bring out the spice in entertainment in Liberia balling point. More on Queens Night Club is loading on this platform. Guess you wanna see the side story of the club. Working with Stars like, Frank Artus, having female general in her comfort zone at her club straight from Nigeria, Stunna and Bucky Raw one time spot for flexing, all the bigger boys and stars that count dollars ball right at her call on all events she carry out at her club.

She’s called the President daughter because she is

Have just piece of the club view and see what you been expecting before seeing the actually beauty of the dance styles and the DJ that make you moves your body, the bar tenders and the waitress that give you reasons to buy more drinks because of their kind approach and how they serve you.

Gossip Liberia will get that cover up for next week edition.

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Home Liberian, based Australian newest sensation Rueben Karpeh AKA Mr Sugga

Liberian, based Australian newest sensation Rueben Karpeh AKA Mr Sugga

This new but experience artist started his music career in 2009 & has won several awards such as the LEAs, Australia & America, LGA & many more.

Despite all the backlash against him, he is always focus and humble.

He has been a respectful artist throughout his career and this is one of the reason that brought him this far.

Mr sugga has been a hardworking artist over the years and very consistent. When everyone thought he was going any further with his musical career he proved them wrong and recently dropped his newest hits.

Talking to Gees.Lib, the Star stressed how determined he is, not just about his career but his contribution on how to transform Liberian music industry.

He also stressed how determined he is ready and willing to work with other Liberian artists in order to help the industry gets better.

Below is a link of his newest track.

Please Click and watch the video

Click to Watch

Home Ladies Who Are In Secret Challenges – Females Celeb struggles for their spot. Episode 1

Ladies Who Are In Secret Challenges – Females Celeb struggles for their spot. Episode 1

Growing industry. Liberians communities around the world are so interested in the entertainment lives of our prudent stars who are fighting to make it to the A list in their field of specialties. Suzan who’s the boss lady of her own social media blog “The Gees.Lib” is growing in the industry like a wide fire. She came in the blogging style, but now she’s likely to be like a live show host where she addresses issues that she has concerned on and point out dialogues with her fans and other supporters on line. The Gees.Lib host actors, actresses, musicians and the list go on. She’s pretty and a mother of one child ( A girl). Months back Suzan was likely giving up on the life of celebrity lifestyle and the blogging life, but it’s like she got advice that she should continue what’s she’s doing since she was the only female in Australia that is competing with the guys out there in promotion at that time.

This scary feelings got her when she lastly stood on the same stage as cohost of the show that was hosted for CIC in Australia(Did she actually slept with CIC as the rumors been spreading?), after that she got worried and saw the criticism from fans and supporters as well as other stars in the industry, far and near. Suzan is talked about to be in a relationship with a Liberian producer who seems to be named as Stone Luckshine, it’s like they are keeping it on the low key but true love never hide itself from any eye. She hit the gym with several trainings moves to drop the weight for which she carries before, Suzan seems to be competing with other female stars who are taking their body goals so high as to attracts their fans to them more and what they stands for. That’s branding. Observing her page likes are reaching a trade make that makes her more attractive in her acts. Suzan seems to be having some challenges that will knock her off the show if she doesn’t work industriously and very industriously as to not just work on Facebook Live but also in real life of a host who will generate income from her famous show. By how true is it that Suzan have some issues with most female talk show host in Australia?

Looking at her next Challenger, who is The Most Talk About who happens to also be a mother of three and a woman who’s in a relationship with one of Liberia determine promoter and Radio DJ, DJ Weezy, who besides is also an ambassador of Intellectual Property. The most talked about is a beautiful lady, who’s pushing her way in the entertainment arena, and she’s not just involving herself with talk show on Facebook, but as well she’s branding her self with her six-figure account for which she states she’s richer than most Liberian celebrities, and this might just be a direct move to few females in the industry. If she happens to get a divorce from her husband, she surely is standing on a great amount also. That’s what’s up for her new king.

It’s not bad to reach out to USA. We need to see our brilliant and vibrant pretty female blogger whose likely falling out of the industry with a lot of challenges that are coming at her, as she always takes a leave from Liberian’s entertainment life. Roda is a pretty lady who took hold of the DanG sexual harassment saga and people saw her going personal on that but rightly from the point of where she was standing it’s like she and other male artists are not too cool, and she’s a beauty that won’t take a mess in most cases.

Roda body goals drew attention to her platform ”The Social Lyfe.” She took up this task and did more work to keep people together and make sure things went as observe, Roda is a Liberian based in the USA, and she’s not moving as she was right after the saga of DanG continues posts relating to his accused sexual harassment that was just a Facebook noise. Fans are asking if their pretty blogger is no longer interested in the Social life again. She wears clothes that bring guys’ hyping up on the high level, but she’s always saying she can’t date Liberian men. Until now, she’s still shouting single in her middle 20s. Is it like she’s pulling legs? Her fans ask to see her on her live show again.

Cece Maintain, she took over the entertainment industry in a split of time with the help of all the great promoters who made her look like a diva.(But isn’t she)? Her name was the talk of the time, in every Liberian community in every part of the world. Cece who was the first female celeb to be famous in a less than year, she was or is a talk show host and also seen as an actress, but now she’s no longer in the spot as she was a year back.

She opens her store in Liberia that seems to be running but most time close (The Maintain Store) due to situation known to her and her team. Fans of Cece are a concern and wondering why she’s a lost public notice in the industry; they (Fans of Cece) don’t see her on the red carpet, no glamorous pictures; she’s not doing ads for stores that sell clothes or anything that brought the fans closer to her. Her body goals were one teasing thing for her male fans; everyone wanted a piece of Cece, the first female Caleb to be taken to the law. Her manager was also arrested and jailed once all in the case she created. But is DJ Weezy still managing her? Questions asked. A mother ex to a model (unknown name) a lady who once falls to love with the lyrical PCK, but it never worked well. Cece Maintain need to maintain her statement as the ”Greatest.”

Home Bilikon Boss Cries Out For Promotion

Bilikon Boss Cries Out For Promotion

Music is food to the soul, so true and it open the mind to positive things. Years back Bilikon was number one in entertainment activities; their artists were number one at all programs in the city. Today Lyee K. Bility wrote on his Facebook wall to address the issue of other DJs, and promoters are not helping to promote or talk about his artists’ new songs when it’s out.

He wrote these lines.

Other record label drop a song. All the DJ and promoters run for it. Bilikon Drop Song, I muh drop small tin before u play my music. Smt. I bill gates ehn… I finish with fakers this 2019 ooo… Im staying with my day one promoters and DJs. You like it u play, u na like it don’t play. “

This is like he’s thinking people have things against he and his team, or it’s like they see him to once promote his team music of all time on his radio and Television station always and not other artists or record label.

Mr. Bility need to check up platforms that do promote him without being paid, or called to promote him. He should look out to promoters by the road side that promotes his artists at all times that made them won awards and not just he and his team alone or their fans, promoters from all around Liberia played his artists’ songs and notwithstanding dance to it throughout clubs and parties.

Some fans and supports as well as promoters request that if he’s not sending it to them out of respect to hear it and know what it is about or even recognizing them as promoters they won’t play his artists songs and it’s not all

about money but if money is included let it be spend.

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Home The Late Quincy B Thank You Concert In View

The Late Quincy B Thank You Concert In View

In memory of the late Quincy B, Friends, family, and well-wishers came together to host this grand Concert and Fundraising program for his foundation that is presently on the edge of being established to carry out his dream and legacy. In light of this program coming to the public in a request for fans and friends to help generate some amount to help bring the lost artist back to those who he saw he could have helped when alive. Donation from artists, fans, and supporters was made on that night of March 3, 2019, at the Sports Commission Basketball court, we had Master Queen of Hott Fm as the MC, alongside comedian and musician.

A big appreciation to all those who made this night a success through donation and helping with materials as to stereo set, PA System, LIVE carry out of the entire program by GMZ TV, Joy TV, Diamond Online and Boss Media TV and few other groups that contributed media report program be a success. 2Sweets and family donated one thousand United state dollars ($1000.00USD), Quincy B Uncle Donated Five hundred United State Dollars ($500.00USD), followed by Master Queen, Artists form the group and the list goes on as performing artists and comedian encourage fans who also paid to enter with L$300.00 to come on and drop few dollars in the box for a better contribution in bringing this man (Late Quincy B) dream to reality, for which is going to help his children and help their father’s name to remain on earth as he’s already in the hearts of people every day as his music played on every radio stations, in our phones and other electronic devices, musical video and pictures are still circulating around the web, not forgetting that his sound of greatness from the studio is still being used by producers and other artists.

Let us look at a few sums of pictures that were taken on the night of the concert and Fundraising program. This was on March 3, 2019.

This is how the whole program went down, from one artist to another performing all through the night to keep their fans and those of the late Quincy B spirit alive for his fans and for the world to witness the love they have for him. Few artists that took the night wide were Young Zee, Christoph, CIC, Jaredo, Eric Geso, MC Caro, Scientific, Rabi Nas, JB Soul fresh, Stunna, Anitram and other great artists along side few underground artists that brought light to this program and took the night through.

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Home He who finds a wife finds a good thing.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing.

Paul Kennie Harding who’s one of Liberia best gospel artist and a very kind hearted man. Two years ago, he made his vow before God as, he took the hands of his pretty lady to become his wife. Sealing the deal with the Holy Bible, Mr. Harding has become very successful in his musical career as he travels from one country to another and still sees reasons to praise God for his wonderful doings in his life.

Through the steps of the way, he always has smiles on his face and is a beneficial motivation of teenage men who’s gearing up to become Christ Ambassadors, as they take up the stand to worship in truth and in spirit. He’s a practical icon to any adolescent man who wants to grow in the way of God.Paul praises his two years in marriage with his beautiful wife, and yes, it is shown that his life got even better with a good woman by his side. We writes:

And today made us two years.Honestly, I couldn’t have made it without her, and we couldn’t have made it without God.Today we smile, celebrate, and appreciate God for everything, the love, peace, happiness, understanding and tolerance. I love my wife. My wife loves me.Together we’re on it!No retreat, no surrender! Happy Anniversary to us. #TEAMHARDINH #PAUSICA

My love my wife.” This is a point in a man life where he considers his wife to be his Center Point of all decisions and all great things that happen in his life. This is a real love protected by God.More updates are coming on other gospel artists from Liberia. Keep posted.Gossip Liberia“We Inform To Transform.”

Home New Genre of Music – Wulah Gan

New Genre of Music – Wulah Gan

The music game is getting really rough in Liberia, as artists are thinking about how they can get their own category of music loaded on awards and other platforms around Liberia for better ranking. This doesn’t seem wrong to do, and it is not restricted as to how many genres of music can be registered in Liberia. Wulah Gan has introduced a new genre called “HipCo Play Time.”

He’s surly going to win an award like those who introduced their personal genre. Wulah needs to tell us how this new genre is going sound and the style of singing, if it is not in the same path of TrapCo, HipCo or other genres we have in Liberia music industry. We will like to see the differences.

This look like it’s going to have its own dress code and dance too. Let us wait and see what we are expected from Wulah Gan.

Let’s keep posted as we wait more trending news

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