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J Slught Branding Gone Wrong

It’s so sadden and funny how most of our Artists still don’t understand the worth of branding yet.

Again and Again we’ve written countless of Branding Articles not for the sake of writing, having stuff dropped at our website or blogs but because we need our Artists/Entertainers to fully understand its worth.

Honestly, we still don’t understand why our artists haven’t seen the essence of us constantly having this branding thing as an essential issue of discussion, because if they did, by now they would see branding as more or like a stamp used to identify, recognize their worth and importantly help give a clearer distinction between them and other competitors.

Branding is a process of clarifying who you are as an artist and it makes a memorable impression on fans. A strong brand can capture a potential fan attention and have them remember you and connect with your work it’s just that simple.

A post from one of Liberia’s lead vocalist J Slught who’s currently at a musical festival in Sierra Leone called Ecofest Salone 2018 along with few other Liberian Artists like Stunna, CIC, and Speedo. But J Slught was noticed wearing a shirt that carries the name of one of Nigeria’s famous musician Wizkid aka StarBoy which we think is very lame. Of all the clothes in the world our artist choose to wear someone else’s brand while representing Liberia in another country.

This shirt issue has us asking too many inner questions.

Some people will say we are hating, and others will say the guy is a fan of already famous StarBoy, but wait o la on concert Davido will go wear Falz or
Mr.P T-shirt? I guess not.
Well it’s not a problem for an artist to be a fan of another, but absolutely not in such a manner. He should be promoting himself in another man’s land and not the other way around.

Imagine Davido wearing BuckyRaw’s T-Shirt at his concert come November 29, at SKD or anywhere in Liberia. [Laughs] it’s gonna be crazy right?

So, our kind advice to Mr. Slught, watch and learn how our homeboy Stunna and the rest of the guys carry on their swag flow or better still hire a dressed up artist that is if your management can afford.

Home Lyee K. Bility made a great push on the Orange Music Hunt

Lyee K. Bility made a great push on the Orange Music Hunt

Lyee K. Bility, Manager of RCI and CEO of Bilikon Ent got out of his resident county Montserrado County to get things set for the orange music talent hunt in Buchanan city last week. He was out there with his team making sure that as head of this music hunt things should be going right.

The orange Talent hunt have Mr. Bility as the head of this and he’s working with his entire team to make sure things goes just as it have been planned by Orange Liberia. This is like Lyee and his team are doing what they did in 2015 back as they build up their own hunt before for which was called ”Bilikon Artist Search.” Now he’s working like this is a cup of tea cos he knows just what it takes to run a music hunt.

He was in Buchanan with super star CJay and Comedian John Flomo along with the entire team of Bilikon entertainment. As the days draws near it is certain that the auditions will begin next month. Watch out for the dates.

Over the weekend, Lyee Bility, CEO of Bilikon entertainment and head of the Music Talent Hunt was live in Buchanan along with his team promoting the Orange Music Talents Hunt. Thanks to the superstar C-Jay and comedian John Flomo and the entire team of Bilikon entertainment. Auditions will begin next month. Watch out for the date.

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The hands of Flex in Bucky Raww deportation!

It is said a friend will always have your back, brother will always guide your secrets.

Flex Sirleaf known as “The Holy Ghost Fire Man” might want to take his hands of the deportation of the falling TrapCo legend, Bucky Raww to Liberia, his home land.

This is how the whole story started. As gossip might be flowing from one side to another. The story goes.

Flex asked Bucky to go on a song with him and Bucky refused saying “You are not a musician, not even a one that I can sing with, your style is no better for me to go on a song with.”

This turn Flex into anger from the expression from Bucky Raww, they both got in a phone argument and Flex had nothing to do or say but tell Raww that he slept with Bucky Baby Mama. This brought real hate and anger to the TrapCo legend. He could not stand that a man like Flex will discuss his proud in his face.

Bucky asked his girl and this might have brought more hard feelings. This is where it all begin.

After the deportations of Bucky Raww from the USA to Liberia, Flex Sirleaf wrote this on his wall.

“This news is with a heavy heart because no one wants to be ripped from their family. But Bucky Raw your talent and your music has not only made you a household name in the states but back home as well. You will continue to inspire and create that bridge. No weapon formed against you shall prosper, as you have stepped back on the soil of sweet Liberia. With God’s grace may he open the doors for your legacy to be world wide. Continue to make Trapco moves.”

This was what Flex wrote.

As a man who people respect, I guess Flex was wrong for saying he slept with another man woman, even if it was so he was not to use that against another man. This is an act of discussion ladies and having no respect for them.

Now people are wondering will Flex be meeting Bucky Raww girl in the USA, now that Raww has 10 years to get back to America that is if he’s allow to get there again after his deportation is over.

More news loading….

“We Inform To Transform.”

Home Why Sonie Gr never Talk Back on clearing her name on the media stunts and gees?

Why Sonie Gr never Talk Back on clearing her name on the media stunts and gees?

Female in Drama Over Sonie Action as a Manager

It is often said “Never allow your emotion to ruin your decisions.” –Anthony Fofana, MV, Said that. There have been lot of rumors on Sonir Gr, that she’s in a relationship with her artist, Kobbazie and she and Kobazie never signed a record deal. But she never came up to say anything.

Few females who are noted among other females in the Liberia entertainment industry came up with several live videos and post that this lady was in the act of acting like she’s different from them and other females, live video and posts as well as comments on social media saying that she’s hard to deal with, always taking herself to be a better person then other females who are in the entertainment arena among Liberians.

Due to our fast checking on Sonie Gr, we noticed that she haven’t replied to any of their open messages, she’s keeping quiet and not putting up with any of their drama. Grace Love came up on her with a live video on Facebook and address some issues that seems out way out of the way. Let see what she said. Watch carefully.

(Video Coming Soon in Episode 2)

This whole thing must have a baseline. We saw post from Cece Maintain as well and it went on like she know more about Sonie Gr and even said Sonie Gr and DJ weezy is in a relationship. If she said this, then it means she must have prove to this but we never saw anything coming up, like she had a picture of chat of conversation to prove and we openly know that Cece Maintain is manage by DJ weezy

Sonie Gr Manager Ability (Where the whole story that to change around)

As a productive Manager who was managing Eric Geso, she played her part and he, Eric signed a deal that later was terminated due to him not following the terms of agreement in which came about the trip to Australia, that trip that brought eyes on him all over Liberia and every other part of the world that Liberians are. Eric and DJ Flex who hosted him in Australia decided to take his share of the money instead of giving up the actual deal which he (DJ Flex) was charged by Sonie Gr who was the manager at that time, she charged him $7000.00 United State Dollars but to some source on whisper, Eric and the DJ Flex split the money and Eric was given $2000.00 USD.

A mother of two boys who happens to have herself into business and knows the law of business and how contracts are made, decided to address the issues but it was not that easy to be address, there came so many rumors that the artist Eric Geso said he had no record agreement with Sonie Gr as a signed Artist to be manage by her. As Eric is about to take a tour in the United State we are hearing that she’s waiting for him to get on the ground to pay her all the money she invested into this man and this will be Eric going to face the law in the United State base on the document he signed.

Look through the Gallery of Eric Geso Contract.

The above images are signed document of Eric Geso and his former Manager Sonie. This prove that she has all right and certain percentage on every events and programs that Eric generates funds from. Now that Eric Geso is about to get on his hopefully tour to the USA, he’s in fear that this will back down on him as rumors is spreading that Sonie will have him in court for her money that was not paid for all this while and other agreement that he broke and it happens to be that Eric always pointed out to fans and other media reporters that he had no contract with Sonie, all she said was a lie.

Few days ago we notice that Eric Geso was all into the matter of Duke Blac who give his music out and he will get Blac arrested for being unprofessional, this was one of a drama on Facebook of recent and this brought a flash back the memories of what happen to Eric and Sonie. Why is Sonie still having on her page “Hard Head Boy Fan Page.”

My MCW is no other then my super start Lib. Finist Ericgeso Hardheadboy. He’s humble, caring, loving and a gentlemen. He’s not only my artist, he’s also my son, my little brother and most of all my friend. He has my back and I most definitely have his.. will miss you ooohhhh. But My money finish it’s time for me to Go Home

The were few publication about this and the news went down, as of lately, there have been several posting and live video and insulting posts from other ladies who claimed that they know more of Sonie then she know herself, Female popular Talk show host, Cece Maintain who said Sonie was in an affair with her manage Amb DJ Weezy, who’s also the Manager of PCK and L’Frankie, two of Liberia top artists, and we saw that DJ Weezy said nothing about this when she, Cece posted this on Facebook. Grace Love and Lady T too came at Sonie on other issues but Sonie kept quiet. Cece Maintain who happens to have worked with Sonie before claimed that she have prove that Sonie and DJ Weezy is in a relationship not just any one but a sexual relationship. We heard nothing from the guy in this post.

Cece Maintain replied to comments on Facebook.

Screen shoot of the conversations have been collected secretly without anyone knowing how it was gotten we see that there are lot of conversations that Sonie and Weezy had and nothing seems to be relating to relationship or having any sexual conversation except the one that stands to say this which draw out more concern as to why will people want to do this especially the woman that DJ Weezy is managing and she’s trying to frame him in a sexual relationship with someone that has nothing to do with him on that aspect.

As we all know it is all ladies stuffs but to a conclusion to this whole drama between these ladies, there seems to be a back stabber on each of them from our observation we have noticed through the comments on the various posts. (More Loading).

“Family Tree can bend but it can’t break.” Her last visit to Liberia she took a picture with Eric an everyone felt all was well settle between them. Was it or is it?

Let us look at the present progress of Kobazzie as he’s presently manage by Sonie Gr, who’s living in the USA and is making sure this artist gets successful through his music game. Kobazzie attended shows in the USA, and it was successful because of the managing team he have and to face the fact this lady knows what she’s doing so far in this Entertainment game, she made it possible that Kobazzie went to Australia on a tour and he returned, went to the USA and he’s back. With all the sayings and rumors that has been spreading about her, this catches the eyes of other fans to truly know this woman better, this is where Gossip Liberia comes in and decided to do it’s background investigation as to who this lady actually is.

This could be the reason why ladies attack Sonie for their lover boy Kobazzie when she posted about the “wedding invitation”

This lady have gone as far as assisting other female who are presently attacking her on social media and even given them the chance on her shows to be be host to her red carpet event and co-host programs she had in the past and aided financially when constrain.

Home Self Pronounce Lib Dance Hall King Lost his mom

Self Pronounce Lib Dance Hall King Lost his mom

Sad moment with AK Feeling man from Don Record lost his mom few weeks ago. He felt the deep lost and could not hold it too long but decided to bring out his appreciation to his beloved mom in song.

He sang this in his dialect.

Click on this link to listen to this tribute song to his mother

Click Here



By: The Hand
The System is Built in the most unique way to limit Choice and Ambitions, to ensure a certain group always encounter a fixed perimeter of reluctant disguise, that includes the suit and ties, wearing the fabrics of Education, Religion, and most regrettably neglecting Tradition which should serve as our indigenous morals.

Young ones aren’t the only lost ones because our earthly gods traded Morals for tangible values, today the most used jargon is “One Life to Live” but as a young man who is mostly looked down upon for now, I urge every young one to find their inner selves and understand that you need yourself to be happy and not living up to society’s ridiculous expectations which most people aren’t meant for but yet decide to indebt themselves wit 100 years of early morning wake ups, and hopelessly wanting their kids to continue living in the most advance mind slavery ever introduced, you are better than that look deep within yourself and know what you should be doing instead of your pretends.


Home Miracle Gbayee Terminate Position/Service with Classic Gang

Miracle Gbayee Terminate Position/Service with Classic Gang

I regret to terminate my Services or employment as President/CEO of Classic Gang Record Label effective from the date of this release. This decision is based on the fact that I’m running my own empire, Miracle Gbayee Money Union, gbayeeskincare and Miracle For The Homeless Foundation and needed to pay more attention to the development of those ventures that are meant to help humanity.

Keep in mind that I promised to uphold Classic Gang confidentiality policy. Any information that was received during the course of my work, regarding the label will not be disclosed to any party except in the case of allegations. I wish Yung Classic and the entire Classic Gang success as the label strives to gain it status in the Liberian Entertainment Industry. My decision is non-reversible.

During my tenure as President/CEO less than two months, I was able to purchase Studio Equipment and paid toward the legality of the label in Liberia. Although I have terminated by services with Classic Gang , I still remain one of his biggest Fans in the US and will always support whenever I am in the position to do.

Long live Classic Gang, Long Live Hipco Music , Long live Liberian Entertainment Signed: Miracle Gbayee

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Ja-Redo give Bucky Raw a Twitting Reply

Bucky is likely thinking that he won’t win the award from either shows, either from Tunes Liberia or Liberia Entertainment Awards due to the fact he see his competitors are huge and have the record to make them win, so he spit out words that could make others feel getting an award in Liberia entertainment industry is nothing and has no value but someone came back at him with a reply that could lead him scary enough to think better.

”If you win an award in Liberia industry your price stays the same. If even you had one, to begin with,🙁 Grammy thoughts 💭”

Ja-Redo who’s the youngest singer from the SOG record empire never like the statement made on social media by the TrapCo guru, Bucky Raw, so he decided to give him a reply this time.

”lol yet your manager walked out of the hall when you lost the Artiste of the year award to CIC😂😂.. let’s stop the fake social media talk..”

Did Bucky reply? No, he never did. This means the message was clear and it made a good point. Or maybe Bucky has more to show to SOG in a release album that might drop soon.

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AK Feeling Man and Christoph The Change Insults on WhatsApp Conversation

This is getting worst. AK Feeling man is truly in a beef with Christoph The Change and this beef is going as far a insulting mothers and fathers. Wow! Grown up who want to show their fans they own the ground are getting things upside down with insults rather then just to give the audience a show.

This seems to be personal between the two guys. We see a war coming if it has not already start. After AK posted his upcoming music cover calling “Christoph The Queen.” This brought heavy noise on social media. It never stopped there, the two artists got locked down in Tunes Liberia group chat and started insulting each other, Bill Cole from Big Hands try putting things in order but his two grown up brothers are out of control and can’t just stop the insults.

Looking at this whole things there’s a big beef going on that has some thing under it that we can’t just understand. We should not be surprise that a girl is the out come for all this.

Read below from the images and see what these two artists came up with in Tunes Liberia group chat.

Home Bucky Raw Writes

Bucky Raw Writes

A message from BuckyRaw Offical to his Fans, friends & family:

Dear Loyal Family,

I decided to write this note to ease any trouble or concerns from all the loyal fans/family around the world and especially in Liberia. Most of the great ones who came before and will come after me: Have had to go through this. By this I’m speaking in reference to life hardship. A great a person will be measure by all of the great test they can undergo and still remain true to who they are.I have learned so much about myself while in here because since i was very young my mother told me to look for the purpose and lesson in everything, including the trials. Although it has taken some adjustment, I cannot deny the favors I have encountered while in here, and general warm reception from people in prison who despite their circumstances, have found amazing ways to make the best of their time. I want to thank you all for the messages of concern and well wishes. Please know that they have been received, read, acknowledged, and appreciated. For those who want to continue writing me, please visit my Social media pages and leave a message, my team will make sure i receive your messages.

I Love you all and I WILL BE HOME SOON.

Bucky Raww BuckyRaw Offical.

Reference: Liberia Entertainment Update