Liberian artist Daniel George, popularly known as DenG, has faced a tumultuous journey marred by social media battles and serious allegations. After circling the globe and collaborating with figures like Liberian-Ghanaian actor Juliet Ibrahim, DenG found himself entangled in controversies, particularly regarding allegations of rape.

Returning to the USA, DenG confronted these challenges head-on. Despite the rumors on social media, the allegations were never testified in court, leaving the artist in a precarious position for an extended period. However, 2024 marks a significant turnaround for DenG, as he emerges as one of the first artists to release a new song, titled ‘New Seh.’

In ‘New Seh,’ DenG candidly shares his journey, touching on themes of betrayal by fake friends, facing lies, and being targeted by what he metaphorically calls “the devil in lipsticks.” He addresses the accusations made against him, providing listeners with a glimpse into the personal struggles he has faced.

Notably, DenG didn’t let the challenges hinder his personal growth. Amidst the controversies, he decided to further his education, achieving his first degree from the United Methodist University—an inspiring testament to resilience.

Daniel George‘s impact on the music scene is undeniable. Once recognized as Liberia’s most successful artist, he has collaborated with renowned figures like Sarkidoe ‘Janjay’ from Ghana and Kcee on ‘Make Dem Talk’ from Nigeria. DenG‘s distinctive Koloqua vibes resonate with locals and a global audience, making the Liberian Pidgin sound like a perfect language for musical expression and storytelling.

While DenG‘s ‘New Seh‘ carries a compelling storyline, some critics have pointed out shortcomings in the video production by USH. Issues like color grading and editing are raised, suggesting that the true essence of the song might not have been fully expressed in the visual representation. Even though USH excels in movie editing, some feel a ‘New Seh’ in music editing might be necessary.

As DenG navigates the complexities of fame, controversy, and artistic expression, ‘New Seh‘ is a testament to his resilience and commitment to sharing his authentic story with the world.

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