The Liberian music community finds itself embroiled in controversy once again, this time with the self-proclaimed “apologist master” JZyNo at the center of the storm. The artist, known for his outspoken demeanor, has ignited a firestorm of criticism with his relentless public shaming of fellow artists, accompanied by his manager, sending shockwaves across the internet.

Critics argue that JZyNo’s actions reflect a concerning trend of ego-driven behavior, with accusations swirling that fame has led him astray, resulting in a series of scathing attacks on Liberian artists residing in their homeland.In a bold assertion, JZyNo proclaimed himself the savior of Liberian music, branding others as “failures” for not following his path of seeking success outside of Liberia. Allegations have surfaced that JZyNo consistently advises fellow musicians to abandon their roots and relocate to countries like Ghana and Nigeria, citing a lack of opportunities in Liberia—a claim that has been met with skepticism given the challenges faced by artists in other African nations.

Fans have grown weary of JZyNo’s relentless self-promotion and have called on him to refrain from belittling his peers under the guise of mentorship. Despite mounting criticism, it took multiple admonitions from disillusioned fans before JZyNo finally offered a public apology, vowing to focus on his own endeavors and refrain from further commentary on Liberia’s entertainment scene.However, even in his attempts to make amends, JZyNo managed to incite further controversy with disparaging remarks aimed at fellow artist Cralo Boi CIC.

Accusations of elitism and arrogance have been leveled against JZyNo, with detractors lambasting his abrasive communication style and lack of humility. An anonymous source remarked on JZyNo’s manner, noting a complete contrast between his outward appearance and his brash communication style, suggesting a need for refinement in his approach to public discourse.As tensions continue to simmer within the Liberian music community, the fallout from JZyNo’s divisive actions serves as a cautionary tale against the perils of unchecked ego and the importance of fostering unity within artistic circles.

CIC just give in his little piece of advice to his little brother to stay on his lane and work with the favor God has blessed him with, but should keep his mouth out things he doesn’t understand.

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