Liberia is not as it is when it comes to the things the people need, it is a place where those in the government can make recommendations to get things done and it is done as they want it to be. Over several occasions, Liberians have been crying over money that has been extracted from government hands without any better way to understand how it has been used or where it went, or why it was even spent.

On a new health law that has been passed on by the government of Liberia due to COVID19 spread in the country, everyone is reaching over to get their vaccine and the ministry of health imposed that all first doses will be given at the health ministry, not at any listed COVID19 health center, reasons are yet to be understood by the citizens. Due to this new regulation, the ministry has been overcrowded with citizens from all over the country, but it is said that only 200 persons a day can will get the vaccine. This is sad to see you turning down others when they are running for their health issues to you who instructed everyone to come and get vaccinated.

Let us visit a post that was written by Muhmud Johnson the CEO of JPALM LIBERIA.

“COVID is raging in Liberia right now, and yet the government has chosen to ration vaccine doses (1st dose) to 200 persons per day.

We got here at 7:09AM, and are being told to go and come back tomorrow, because they have already issued all the tickets for today. The day hasn’t even started yet.

Why, with this increase in COVID cases, is the Ministry of Health, Republic of Liberia rationing the vaccines? One would think that the strategy would be to get as many people vaccinated within the shortest possible time. But they’re turning people away here.

This is sad, frustrating, and insane. It’s evidence of the dangers of poor planning and resource allocation in government. It shows how our entire system of governance continues to fail everyday people in very consequential ways. In this case, these vaccination delays could literally mean life or death for some Liberians.

Just last week, we were debating about the $15K allocation to 103 legislators for “legislative engagement.” Yet, the entire nation is at a standstill because we are relying on donors to provide us with COVID vaccines for free – vaccines that we can afford ourselves. Meanwhile, we are spending our tax dollars on frivolities. Just last year, the government spent $25,000,000 on “stimulus package” that some of us never saw. Where are our priorities??

Just goes to show how little our lives and livelihoods matter to the people who are supposed to serve and protect us.

God help us.” – Muhmud Johnson

This is where we at now, either we take this virus serious or we don’t and fight to survive. People are getting tired and frustrated with the entire process, now what else can five million people do? Should they wait for 200 persons a day to take the vaccine as the first dose or they should just take the necessary precautions by WHO?