Liberia Gospel Artist, Rich Man is sending a direct message to Gary Noring Jr. This time he’s actually not playing about meeting Gary. A post made by the blogger on his Facebook blogging page about Cece Maintain which happens to be a post about two comedians that are called Passport and Birth Certificate, they said Cece Maintain used their video to generate some cash online. This made Cece mad that these comedians are spoiling her name.

As the matter been going, Cece decided to take it to the law for her character being spoiled only because she tried to help and now her help has turn to something that isn’t helpful to and isn’t part of her business life to cheat anyone.

A article was written by Gary that seems not to go right with the boyfriend (Rich Man) of Cece Maintain, from the status he wrote, you can see he tried talking to Gary about this but thing isn’t working, now they are going to meet in person and who knows what might happen.

Similar thing happened to Gary and Sheik, (fiancé of Michelle) before he was slapped once, Sheik said he warned this young man not to do anything stupid with his picture, but Gary still went on, now what is going on between these two seems to be a big deal, as we stand back to watch there seems to be a clash awaiting a blogger and a gospel artist when they meet, maybe a praise and worship team will be great there.

Let us look at what Gary wrote on his blog:

In a news paper (The Inquires)posted by Cece Maintain, there’s a date and time there for these young comedians to be schedule to meet in court, few post made on Facebook by other posters about the low income a comedian can make but again someone want to sue them for what they haven’t seen in their entire life. If this should proceed to court what do you think will be the result if you are the judge?