In an audio recording (a Secret recording) by a friend of Mrs. Diamond Njie were you get to hear the real boom blast from both ends of the walls from some time ago lovely couples, soccer star, Allen Njie who happens to be playing for a team out of Liberia.

Let’s dive into a few years back on a little story about the husband, the soccer player, and the heartbreaker (but don’t act like you don’t know). In 2020 Allen was still playing and signed on a team in Sweden and is still playing for them (), but we are not so particular about the work he’s doing, Let’s dive into his plan before COVID-19. He was to wed Theodosia Brown in June 2020 but things didn’t work so the player had a playoff that season and went for another opportunity which was established with no time to waste in getting married, he and his new girlfriend became husband and wife in 2022, leaving Theo in solo, all she could do was drink red wine and feel impress by old text messages that made her felt love was not an end game (Allen score on Theo bad that time, but man can’t talk all, we move)

This news was streaking full with excitement for the newly wedded wife Mrs. Diamond Njie who welcomed Allen to the USA in grand style and didn’t waste time to accept his marriage proposal and said “YES I Do.” (is like she wanted the people son to know about him fast fast, now child support coming to get him like pa weah way back!). After all the sweet months together, Allen notices his wife is not what he thought she was, but a complete groupie that does plenty of chichipoly and always wants to be in drama and do the clout all day round (in the leaked audio you hear it all there, dey boy mouth bad ooh..hmmm).

At the end of the conversation, you can hear him say he regrets the relationship he got himself into and he even made some comparisons with an ex of his that she never brought drama and plenty of things to him like his wife Diamond does more often. If a person reaches this point in the relationship to regret being with you, it’s a total let’s go of them because they won’t love you like that, especially comparing you to their ex.

A few months ago the wife of this soccer star was seen hyping a fight that went so bad and disgraceful for two grown-up Liberian ladies that had the entire world watching while they were on a live fight. All we could hear from Diamond was “Your move from on my car,” while her friends were in a brutal fight and she couldn’t help but record (her turn na come). Now the table has turned. A friend of hers recorded an argument from within her home and sent it to the world stage (find a friend like me), for everyone to hear what is going on behind closed doors of our celebrity soccer star and his sexy wife who just gave birth (that football player can cuss too ooh).

Sad that Diamond is going lose her baby daddy, leaving her with another child and no father figure around (she said the man should leave her house, American girls, and their property business… Kukujukuku). Allen said he want out of the relationship and don’t need her help in getting any document (green card wahala…chey!!!)

Here are few screenshots of the wife expressing her love to her my mansss (pepo know love when they na know about you yet yah)