Money is good. After comparing note on note with Baba 2Switt, TeddyRide has nothing to prove but live as he’s suppose to live. The hitmaker that took a trip to Australia and had nothing to show his audience back home as video coverage and pictures of audience he performed before, as it was posted in 2022 he had a tour to Australia. He got back to Liberia and yet to make it known that she’s truly the giant in his career amongst Liberians in and out of his country, as he’s self-proclaimed from his album name, King Solomon, that’s he’s rich and no artist is going to compare themselves with him.

TeddyRide got in silent and quiet mood since he met his challenger that also gives us reasons to believe he’s actually making money and is yet to be the richest Liberian artists (2Switt), even before he started singing, 2Switt was already a renowned entrepreneur, riding expensive cars and having relationships with some of the most beautiful girls (we could name some, but Wahala Oo..) in the city, that was when he 2Switt was linking up with Bilikon Ent, by that time, TeddyRide was yet to see what music was and was still selling his music disc around the country (by that time na), but he TeddyRide wasn’t in the readiness to take BaeCation, that was when 2Switt was already a married man, to a beautiful girl in the USA called Hope White. How it all ended? Man can’t talk all.

With all that has been said, TeddyRide has proven, he rather take his child on vacation than any girl that doesn’t deserve it, but who’s taking the pictures of him and his daughter? That’s another story for another day.