The renowned gospel artist that raises from the bottom of nowhere to see the level of higher places in the new journey he took seems to have some new challenges that are pushing his career before his face with unhappy hours of performing in his new land of life and marriage. Clearly, it is seen that this artist has been blessed to go this far, but the past seems to hunt and hurt his talent.

There have been complaints that he’s not getting the support he needed from fans due to his wife’s reaction towards other ladies who she might have had issues with, or might have insulted years back, or might still be going on and this is not a joking matter, and said she’s his manager and as well his tour manager, this also has lower the appearance of more fans in support to him.

In other news, the partner seems to have repeated their custom or dress code in different states, except for the wife changing her hair, it’s not funny but we gather this from a Facebook page. Some one said; “Cece is forgetting to know that it is the women that support men in music and mostly entertainment, but she’s often insulting other woman, how do she think it won’t affect her artist or her husband career when she’s the manager and your guide…” – anonymous.

The crowd or few faces Rich Man was getting at first when he got to the USA to perform at concerts is not like that anymore. He’s having issues that have to be handled or he might end up becoming one of those lost Liberian big artists that felt music was a perfect career in the USA till reality hit the fence.