Keeping it real and strong, that’s just some people’s way of life. Some people find peace in many things, some in relationships, some in cattle, some with exercising, and some being different in their body as in size and shape. Life is just how you take it or make of it.

There are people all around the world that wonder about the name or county name Liberia once it is mentioned, they are like “where’s that?” Or all they remember is Charles Taylor, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, or George Weah, said that’s all we put out to the world. We have more then that.

Here’s a bodybuilder, a trainer and a champion, Sun Shine, she’s a Liberian, she’s also known as Gifty. You might want to know more about Gifty. Alright; Gifty is a Liberian who’s residing in USA. She’s a combat boost and a muscle goddess. Her continued love for weightlifting, making sure women continue with the love of weightlifting as was done in 1993, when a lady from India by the name Karnam Malleswari won bronze in the 54KG making her the winner at the first weightlifting championship, which involved a lot of women joining the cause to carry on what is seen as a way to keep strong, resilient, focus, looking good and healthy.

Gifty over the years has shown through her Instagram handle that she’s not backing down from her desire sport as a weightlifter. She has competed in lots of bodybuilding competitions, and she has set the records straight with overall wins in wellness.

Being inspired to learn more about her she’s resilient and could keep up being this fit at the same time keeping up, you could have a dialogue with Sun Shine and she’s an open-minded lady to talk with. No matter where she is, she can help coach you.

Who wants to take the trend of Sun Shine in the bodybuilding world of ladies next in Liberia?