CPP Vice Standard Bearer Cllr. Charlyne Bromskine Warn Voters of Past Squanderes and their anger to take over again.

Charlyne M. Brumskine continues to throw jabs at the opposition that was once in power for a decade-plus months and its constituency. She deliberately made fun by using the duces finger instead of it being for peace or going to the decision of using ballot box-2. In a collaborative effort from her team of CPP congressmen and women, she spoke on poverty, and supporters refusing to see the past as a thing to stay away from, especially after seeing how those past leaders squandered the resources of the country but because of their selfish greed, they called themselves Rescuer and other names.

No nation that cares about its future returns to leaders that damaged the past.” -Charlyne M. Bromskine. [Via Facebook status. October 19, 2023]

As the second in command of the Fixer unit from CPP she highly spoke about how the citizens should stop seeing politics as an angry gesture based on personal gains of political aspirants who use society ills to blame other political leaders to win elections but don’t remember what they have done in the past to inflate wounds on the people forever, but when it comes to power struggle for self-gain politics start to look like a football game with sides that suppose to win no matter what the result brings, but because you are not part of my team so that means I won’t listen or see the reality and politics rules for years, not 90 minutes.

Politics in Liberia has become like a football match, as a premier league or champion league, neither team can benefit Liberians but we put our heart minds, and soul into them winning. We will fight for them to win simply because dah my party or dah the man we want to win. After October 10 we turn our DSTV off and go home to poverty and mismanagement.” – Charlyne M. Bromskin. [Via Facebook status. October 19, 2023]

She elaborated strongly about opening minds and fast thinking aspect of the new generation or people that want to fix what has been spoiled by people with greed, and selfishness and have no tolerant for the people’s living conditions but to seek their politically driven motive they come crying as rescuers and so-called names as a psychological tool to play on the minds of people who are undecided in making choices base on their independence of casting votes.

Speaking on this, it has been proven recently that independent and international polling reveals that 40% of Liberian voters are undecided! The message is what draws them to a conclusion, a conclusion of putting their lives on hold for six years of whatever message they get to take them to the ballot box comes Election Day.

The campaign slogan for every party remains and starts with Yor yor but when it comes to being silent and working in support of progress and transformation CPP vice standard bearer says, “Popularity and sympathy will not work this time, YOR. Yor yor yor will not fool the people again, yor. Yor yor, never underestimate the power of the silent majority, CPP coming for yor yor. We inside. Yor yor!!!” – Charlyne is speaking to not just one political party at the end of it all, but to all, letting others know, the crowd, the noise, the jargon, and the slogans are not all that will make a win this 2023 presidential election but what a silent man keeps in his heart to decide to live with forever comes October 10.

I promised that we will have the most robust grassroots campaign. Retail politics dah our area. No failed “big rallies”, no trucking people from district to district, no weak propaganda. Simply giving the message of Real Change and Hope. Our campaign is organic. We are going from clan to clan, village to village, house to house. The Liberian people know what they want.” – Charlyne M. Bromskine [Via Facebook status. October 2, 2023]

Liberians are hoping to get a change maker, someone to give them hope, someone who will rescue them from mental silvery, a leader to sweep the dirt of corruption from this land, someone who will seek justice for all not because of tribe, race or status. This decision to be made exclusively comes on October 10 by the choice Liberians make through a peaceful election.

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