Waking up from a bad dream was a great relief when I realized it wasn’t actual, but then my heart was still heavy because my mind kept reminding me of what I saw in my last night dream.

A glass of your favorite Coco milk will help calm your mind I thought to myself, but then when I got through with the last sip the memories kept rushing in like I was day dreaming. My heart pounded strangely to the extend my body became weak, and before I could get a hold of myself the glass I held had already reached the floor.

By this I knew if I don’t   express   how I feel inside my heart wouldn’t permit me rest.



I had a dream about a lady dressed in a white gown who looked very old but energetic. Her hair was all grayed, her skin tone was as dark as mine and regardless of her age she was still extremely beautiful, but when I steered into her eyes, I noticed they were filled with tears just waiting to flow down her face.

Out of curiosity I asked, “Mama why do you look this sad?” with no response   she slowly turned to the other side leaving me with only her back to view. Upon this, what I saw had me shocked!!!!… I    noticed her white gown was stained with a lot of blood which led me into asking again, but this time around with a broken heart and a wet eye ‘Mama what Happened to you?’. She turned in my direction without saying a single word, but her mouth opened wide within   split seconds and I heard   voices of people crying, shouting, complaining, murmuring and praying as though the apocalypse has taking place or millions of people undergoing torture in a single hall. As Scared as I was like a lonely child left in the dark, I stood there   listening to the voices before she could close her mouth and then speak for herself.

She said “My Son amongst my sisters I was the first to get married during the 1840s… My sisters; Serra Leone, Guinea, Ivory Coast, and others from our mother’s house (Africa) respected me so much because of this, although my home land only covers an area of 111, 369 kilometers I’ve managed to raise approximately 4.2 million children. Things were okay until 1989 when my children for no concrete reason fought a deadly civil war that lasted 14 years.

I’m so old and tired, I want to rest but my children won’t let me. From my tender time up to this old age all I’ve done is my best in providing their basic needs (Food, Cloths & Shelter). I even handed unto them riches to sustain their wellbeing, but it pains my heart to see that all they did and is still doing, is burn the houses I built, destroy the farm lands I made and now trading my priceless riches (gold, diamond, iron ore, timber, rubber, cruel oil) and other invaluable treasure I left in their hands to take care of and multiply for little of nothing.”

When I heard this, I felt broken and my eyes could no longer hold my tears from rolling down my cheeks as realized she spoke of the nation from which I came. Sadly, with so much passion and me being eager and wanting to help put my mother’s house in order as every good child would do, I asked her ‘But Mama, how can we make things right again?’

She said “My son, the only thing I need your to do is
LEARN To Make An Impact Positively,
EDUCATE My Grand Children Of Mistakes Made By Your Fathers,
PROTECT The Little That Is Left In This Nation From Outsiders With Pride,
RESPECT the ones that rule over you, Be generous to one another,
STOP MARGINALIZATION (Every person has equal rights  to participate in states activities and decision making processes regardless of whatsoever),
LET HONESTY be your code of conduct,
BURY the greed for power beneath the ground and
LET NOT YOUR TONGUE speak the language of violence
MOST IMPORTANTLY LOVE ONE ANOTHER cause it is only love that has the ability of bringing change,

This way I shall be well pleased and satisfy then I can boast of my home, my children, my economy, my Riches and the Goodness of my land. I asked again; “How can I deliver such message”?

She replied; Go, start with yourself, start by making impacts in your neighborhood, the Environment later the World at large.

As it is said; “The Journey of a thousand mile starts now”

Written by:
Christian T. Quiah

Home How Liberians wrote before standard western education?

How Liberians wrote before standard western education?


It is often said “the Vai man(tribe) is lazy and Gbandi man(tribe) is stingy. Yet these rumors are not proven.

However, the positives endeavors of these ethnic groups and others are hardly mentioned. For example, how the Kru tribe are excellent fisherman. How the the Westerners of Liberia invented the country cloth machine and finally how the Vai invented the second oldest form of writing system in West Africa.

Yes, you heard me right. The Vai script is one of the most valuable and historical pieces in West African History. Being valuable it is very hard to come by. You can find the original copies of this script in only two historical places of the world. The British Museum and the Liberian Museum.

Let’s talk about this tourist magnet a little. The Vai Script was invented by Momolu Duwalu Bukele of Jondu now Grand Cape Mount County. It was invented in the 1830s, although other sources claims it was invented as far as 1819. This was way before the Liberia College now University of Liberia was founded (1851), which was the first institution of higher learning in the country.

The Vai script is regarded as one of the two most successful indigenous scripts in West Africa, and one of the few in Africa. After Momolu created this syllabary, he and his supporters setup schools to teach this system. These men were non-literate speakers of the Mande (Vai) language, yet they accomplish something this phenomenal.

This superb incident is just a reminder of how powerful Liberians were, are and will always be. There are thousands of young intellectual minds out there that are on the path of transforming Africa’s oldest independent republic for the better. It is time you rise from where ever you are and be part of another historical movement. Visit, Invest in and Enjoy this sweet land of liberty.

You can visit the Liberian Museum for more detailed information.

Home Unexpected Love Bundle Pack

Unexpected Love Bundle Pack

The rumors has been spreading all around the town about the main organizer of the Davido concert,Leyla who’s an attractive lady that anyone can crush on and have a good time with, cos she’s open to people, it seems like Kobazzie was trying to make his way through, he’s been acting like a superman in every corner that this lady appears in.

Bonnie Dust hold his hand bag

Paparazzi saw him stocking the lady in corners and behind doors. The question here, Do this lady see Kobazzie as someone that she can go out with? No, she said, she even had a close discussion with few people that mistakenly lash it out to our source that Kobazzie is too little for her to date.” She even included that “I think he’s into me but I am not, he’s way too cool for that relationship stuff,

Christoph caught on Camera chilling with Leyla

I rather see him like a little brother. This is like a blast on the house of the lorma boy. A complete turn down. She even openly told our source that she’s crushing on Christoph The Jue them bonnie dust. OMG! This could lead to another rough battle, that Christoph look even more better then Kobazzie with an actual artist look and handsome to the extent that ladies from overseas are demanding that LT City finest become their date.

Guess you can see clearly? Legs on posts..

This is bad to see that Kobazzie will not make Leyla Make it Bounce but Christoph will end up becoming her handbag. So what will happen to Christoph girlfriend in this case? This seems to be a no battleground, it’s like the mula will entirely win again. This is interesting to see and follow the gees.

Leyla and Kobazzie under the darklight

Are there close shot of these two together? Yes. One thing we should respect Christoph for is that, he knows who to born by pretty ladies, so this could be another gateway for another child of Christoph to come out. This is not a super story but it’s full of reality. The most dangerous part is that Christoph recognition has given him what he got, his work and body has provided a way to a pretty lady heart. So this goes to Kobazzie.

We even notice, other celebrity who took time near this lady wanted to have her all to themselves but this was a no go zone, Kobazzie closed the way and never give anyone the chance to but things turn out to be different. Please hit the gym and put your body together cos it’s like this lady has not crush on you because you know the president or because you saw her first but she’s truly in love with Christoph. Merry Christmas our two new lovers. But will Christoph agree to be her handbag??

Fans let’s watch the show and see.

Home J Slught Branding Gone Wrong

J Slught Branding Gone Wrong

It’s so sadden and funny how most of our Artists still don’t understand the worth of branding yet.

Again and Again we’ve written countless of Branding Articles not for the sake of writing, having stuff dropped at our website or blogs but because we need our Artists/Entertainers to fully understand its worth.

Honestly, we still don’t understand why our artists haven’t seen the essence of us constantly having this branding thing as an essential issue of discussion, because if they did, by now they would see branding as more or like a stamp used to identify, recognize their worth and importantly help give a clearer distinction between them and other competitors.

Branding is a process of clarifying who you are as an artist and it makes a memorable impression on fans. A strong brand can capture a potential fan attention and have them remember you and connect with your work it’s just that simple.

A post from one of Liberia’s lead vocalist J Slught who’s currently at a musical festival in Sierra Leone called Ecofest Salone 2018 along with few other Liberian Artists like Stunna, CIC, and Speedo. But J Slught was noticed wearing a shirt that carries the name of one of Nigeria’s famous musician Wizkid aka StarBoy which we think is very lame. Of all the clothes in the world our artist choose to wear someone else’s brand while representing Liberia in another country.

This shirt issue has us asking too many inner questions.

Some people will say we are hating, and others will say the guy is a fan of already famous StarBoy, but wait o la on concert Davido will go wear Falz or
Mr.P T-shirt? I guess not.
Well it’s not a problem for an artist to be a fan of another, but absolutely not in such a manner. He should be promoting himself in another man’s land and not the other way around.

Imagine Davido wearing BuckyRaw’s T-Shirt at his concert come November 29, at SKD or anywhere in Liberia. [Laughs] it’s gonna be crazy right?

So, our kind advice to Mr. Slught, watch and learn how our homeboy Stunna and the rest of the guys carry on their swag flow or better still hire a dressed up artist that is if your management can afford.

Home Newcastle United Mo Sangare Gets Lone Star Green Light

Newcastle United Mo Sangare Gets Lone Star Green Light

BY: Christopher C. Walker 0777898224/0886723075

The technical staff of the national team headed by Thomas Kojo has included  Newcastle  United under-23 midfielder  Mohammed Sangare in his  final list of foreign-based players invited for the match against Zimbabwe on November 18, 2018.

Coach Kojo has invited 11 foreign-based players for the squad to face the Warriors of Zimbabwe.

According to a release from the LFA,  Newcastle United’s Mohammed Sangare has been added to the squad after sorting out work permit issues that kept him out of the last three games.

Sangare was named among the 13 players invited for Liberia vs DR Congo match in Monrovia but withdrawn due to his work permit.

Sangare was born in Liberia but has lived in England since he was 14 years of age.

Prior to the match, LFA  Administrative Manger Sabastian Collins  explained “Sangare has a valid Liberian passport but if he travels to Monrovia without his [residence] permit, getting back will give him problem,”

“We thought it would be in the best interest of all parties that he secures his document before coming to Monrovia.

“He tried to fast-track the issuance of his residence permit, which went missing – but it will be issued next week.”

According to report from England, the midfielder is expected to receive his permit before the  Lone Star match with Zimbabwe on November 18, 2018 at home which means he will be available for selection.

Sangare has been cleared to play for Liberia after the UK Visas and Immigration approved his request to switch international allegiance to Liberia, the country in which he was born in by granting his resident permit.

Mohammad Sangare will have the opportunity to prove he merits a place in the Lone Star midfield, after the Newcastle teenager was granted a work permit to play for Liberia.

The 19-year-old Sangare played for England at youth level and was called up to the senior squad of Liberia for a pair of AFCON 2019 qualifiers, but was ineligible to play due to the Documents issues.

At one of his pre-match press conferences Thomas Kojo complained that Liberia is short of quality players and was disappointed he could not have Sangare in his lineup.

Sangare played 15 games and scored two goals for Newcastle’s under-23 in the Premier League Division 2 last season.

Liberia most win against Zimbabwe if they are to have a chance of reach the nations cup for the third time.

The LFA release named  the foreign players called up for the match on Sunday as
Goalkeeper Boison Wynney de Souza, Joel Johnson Alajarin, team captain William Jerbo, Sam Garyahzon Johnson and Kpah Sean Sherman are among the 10 players playing outside Liberia named to the squad.
the rest are  Anthony Snoti Laffor, Murphy Oscar Dorley, Tonia Tisdell, Sylvanus C. Nimely and Allen Njie.

Liberia plays Zimbabwe in a crunch Group H Qualifier which the country must win if it is to have a chance of reaching Cameroon 2019 Finals.



From 1847 through the freedom of liberty taking glimpses at the 11 strips and making sure all red and white had blues, our country remains all we have and cherish, even as poverty sweeps us off our feets like dust over sand we stand with empty bellies and firm minds hoping on sky scrapers as we watch corruption squanders the views. This is beyond fancy words and loud mouths filled with promises, being professional with poverty.

The Coup cut off ears and blood revealed tears for years when the famous drums of war were sounded across the nation, we still kept the faith understanding that we don’t make peace but rather accept the idea of control which cannot be mastered.
Liberia survived the kickbacks of Ak47s and RpGs made unique reputations for the kids under 5.

Pregnant women became perfect bides for bets as the stomach grew in the eyes of the rebels while resourceful buildings resisted bombings and bullets consistently.

At least casualties summed up to a huge minus 5 for our loving,wonderful, and good looking green coast glittering with fatal attractions.

Rumor has it we need billions to recover from over a decade of unspeakable bombarding, meanwhile a container was reported missing capacitating overs billions of our own Liberian dollars during such a Pro Poor time while the US exchange rate strikes us high.

Indeed disloyalty landed knockout punches on the face of our economy, making it Bleed for about 14 years to begin recovery from mass destruction.

Nevertheless we are aware that we empowered those that shattered our mama Liberia, understanding that there were thousands of us dollars worth of amunation donated by one who once held the highest seat our loving country Liberia.

Now that definitely sparks up something, if we are able to now tell stories of dark times we’ve seen then this is all just a part of a very interesting chapter we are about to flip. Let’s not let go, let’s not see the government as our only source of survival let us take our Liberian lives as a challenge that we can do nothing but conquer, hope for change is something we all have to build up into deep dungeons of our hearts.

And find better routes to development starting with ourselves. Wait a minute hold up, remember if Mama Liberia could survive all of these torments we can accomplish anything with positive mindsets and save Liberia Today.

Written by:
Home After Failed Senatorial Bid, What’s next for DJ Blue?

After Failed Senatorial Bid, What’s next for DJ Blue?

Before July 31, 2018 our beloved country Liberia had a vacant senatorial seat for Montserrado County. This was due to the election of then Senator George Manneh Weah as President of Liberia.

Amongst few candidates that had the intention of succeeding our current president who occupied that space then, was Bernard Benson aka DJ Blue.

According to him, his senatorial bid was aimed at seeing Montserrado County rising again through the development of youth talents.

While on his campaign tour, the entertainment guru, DJ Blue stated that his major aim was to establish a loan scheme for the art and culture industry, with high hopes of bettering Liberia’s entertainment industry.

“The people of Montserrado County need credible representation, and they can only find that in me. They see me as a fresh voice and an ideal candidate, because I am not a recycled politician or part of the elite politicians that have ruined them. No one can beat me,” he said on the campaign trail.

But as the saying goes man propose god dispose, regardless of all of the great plans and expectations, Bernard Benson was defeated.

Now I know you might be asking yourself, why has this been brought up? Well, it’s simply because it’s been a while since we heard from him concerning all of his great plans he had in stuck for us. We decided to flag this up because most of us have been wondering whether all of his good plans could only be executed when he becomes Senator. In other words, is it only as a politician can he accomplish this?

For me, I don’t think so, because DJ Blue is and will always remain the most influential entertainer within Liberia that has the power to pull any string at his biding. So, now again it leaves me wondering if he’s working in silence towards this with others to still see it come through or has he turned his back on us because of the defect? Or was again this to be accomplished only by being a politician?

Anyway, DJ Blue, what’s next?

Written by: Christian T. Quiah,

Home Lone Star Train in Brazzaville for Match.

Lone Star Train in Brazzaville for Match.

Lone Star Complete Second Training Session in Brazzaville, as three additional players arrive
The national team, Lone Star have climaxed their second training session at the Alphonso Massambat-Debat Stadium ahead of Thursday’s game against the Republic of Congo.

The team arrived early this morning at the Congolese national stadium with Kpah Sherman and Joel Johnson joining the squad for their first training session after arriving yesterday evening.
According to the weather forecast, the temperature this morning during the training was 27°C, mostly cloudy, quite different from yesterday’s cold weather condition after a short spell of rainfall.

Minutes after the team disembarked the bus at the hotel, we witnessed the arrival of an additional three foreign-based players including, Sam Johnson, Anthony Laffor and Boison Wynney de Souza. Team skipper William Jebor is expected to arrive tomorrow.

Source: @liberian_players_outside @ Liberia

Home Lonestar arrive in Congo Brazzaville

Lonestar arrive in Congo Brazzaville

After a rough flight from Nairobi, Kenya, the national team delegation from Liberia has finally landed in Brazzaville, Congo.

The delegation touched down at 10:00 AM (9:00 AM Liberia time) and was received by officials of the Congolese Football Federation at the Maya Maya International Airport.

The delegation headed by LFA Vice President for Operation, Wilmot Smith, was later escorted to the Hotel Residence Marina that is about 20 minutes away from the airport.

The local-based players have been joined by three foreign-based players: Murphy Dorley, Sylvanus Nimely and Adolphus Marshall.

Source: Inside Liberia

Home DJ Weezy on Cook Pot

DJ Weezy on Cook Pot

This is the situation in Liberia. Big artists are still boiling their food on coal and sometimes don’t be surprise on fire wood.

Those that are in the celebrity life can’t afford all to make their life smooth and lovely, reasons they are not involve in the stealing from government bug just do what they are born to do. This is Amb. DJ Weezy, cooking at home.

This was what he posted on his Facebook page.

“Myself cooking 2day
LIB Living, to eat we have to cook on Coal pots😂😂😂
Plz I nah wan too much visitors ooo. Kelvin Ace Batener stay 2 yor house😂😂😂😂
Pillz we will have lay meeting 2morrow not 2day as planned😂😂😂.”