Shaking the existing state of affairs in social and political issues, Liberia is found on the list from The Africa Report, as one of Liberia renowned political activist become number one disruptor in Liberia and falls at 33 positions on Africa Top 50 Disruptors.

As the list increases every day, to those that disrupt government movement base on political differences, social change, and business struggles, Liberia has been looked at from a bigger angle this year on the Africa Report.

Being a disruptor isn’t a good name to label anyone and for one fact it is way disturbing to one image, especially if your disruptive act is not bringing in positive change, but this time it isn’t about a bad image, this saying changes things around. Those that disrupt things for the government normally are journalist, politicians, investigative, techies and business baron who are changing the rules of the game, some for the good.

The definition of disruptor is: -someone or something that interrupts an event, activity, or process by causing a disturbance or problem-.

How does this benefit Liberia or include Liberia?

Henry P. Costa has been captured in Liberia as a big standup to bad governance and helping to fix a policy that is being bye-passed, he started his political activist work doing former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf term of leadership in Liberia, he was lockedup once for speaking on things he had no right on, throughout President George Weah government he has been very hard on the President and as well going strong on another government officials, this lead to the closing of his radio station, taking away his license for broadcasting (this is still in the court for hearing). He hosted one of Liberia most attended protest and it was one of Liberia most successful protest from both the protesters and the government, that was June 7, 2019.

Being label as 33rd person on the list of Top 50 disruptors in Africa is a big thing. This stands to show he’s the number one disruptor of governance in Liberia and on political activism, especially since President Weah came into power, and is causing more issues for government policies.

Setting your image to the whole of Africa and the entire world in such a way gives you a big name, being a disruptor says it all, some are doing it in a good way while others are doing it for the worst. The story of Henry P. Costa has become a story to tell, but not all will follow his activism policy or join his fight.

Many people have misunderstood the word disruptor base on its definition, but from the top 50 disruptors in Africa, you can see that they are all positive icon to most citizens but looked at bad in the eyes of governance that don’t want to follow its country constitution and the right policy.

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