The pandemic has to lead to several things around the world, loss of a job, breaking down the nation’s economy, and causes a lot of pain, tears, taking the lives of thousands from all over the world.

In Liberia people were terrified by the news of the virus(Coronavirus) entering the country, the was a nation locked down declaring a state of emergency by the President of Liberia, President George M. Weah. Declaring the first two weeks of lockdown April 10, 2020) and after that, there was two extra weeks extension of the first two weeks locked down. From April 10, to May 10 has been a month of locked down in Liberia April 24 another two weeks was added, the locked-down which has resulted to a 56 days stay home is just enough as most Liberians are complaining. There have been separate home bars opened, large market places, regular football playing in communities among youths and the observation of the wearing of the face mask is no longer observed by many Liberians.

The situation that we presently see today with people not abiding by the rules of stay home stay safe is because of the country’s inability to help feed its citizens and create means that will be suitable for the stay home stay safe, lack of current, food, water, and the list goes on. There are rice bags shared in few communities around Montserrado Country, where only a few hands can get.

Few groups of self-help have been given out by local NGO’s, private humanitarians groups and individuals who decided to donate food items to their fellow citizens that can’t have enough to eat while observing the locked down which the president has ordered.

A country where the majority of its citizens live out of $1.00 a day and have a system to survive called ”From Hand To Mouth, ” which means what you find today that’s what you eat to survive and work for the next day. This situation has caused a lot of people to stop observing the stay home order, they rather get beaten by police officers then dying from hunger.

Du -Port Junction by 3:45 PM yesterday.

What results in the lack of no security measure is the fact that, the police (LNP) force gas been given less(L$3,500.00, which is equivalent in USD$17.00) to take home to their families. They don’t have too much time to carry out a measure that will guide the laws that were put into place, after receiving a monthly paid of L$3,500.00, this killed their momentum to enforce the laws that state you should be indoors by 3:00 PM, which applies to those that are not working on the COVID-19 response team and with the joint security.

In market places, general city police are beaten by street vendors and this is due to the lack of no time for anyone to sell their goods and render enough services to the people in which this is the only means for most vendors to eat daily and be able to attend to their family at home. A lot is going on and time like this is when decisions that are better for the people should come in, everywhere everyone is complaining about how the stay home is affecting their daily hustle and they just don’t see how the government is helping to keep it’s citizens safe when they are hungry. An older man said ”I rather get my hustle going to survive then getting killed by hunger and getting disrespect because I cant afford for my family to eat, I must get out there, let them arrest me.”

As today draws the curtain of the expected last weeks of the locked down, there are rumors that there’s going to be a by forced indoor locked down for 10 days, no coming outside even for food, or anything, this has been in the mouth of many Liberians, but again, there haven’t been any statement to back the gossips in the air.

As today marks the end of the last two weeks Liberians are expecting to have, all ears are open to hearing what the president has to say that will give the people a better feeling on how they can stay home and stay safe, or if the locked down is going to be lifted.