Whisper has been circulating the media about Boifatty was signed to Her Royal Highness Label, on several occasions the artist was spotted chilling with Bilikon Ent CEO, Lyee Bility. A piece of big news came fromseveral blogs about Lyee wanting to sign Boifatty and it was also what Boifatty wanted.

Running from one person to another to be signed, Boifatty has been the news of the town for an artist that doesn’t appreciate his first label because he doesn’t see it as a better one, but surprisingly Karishma said she was signing the artist, but things seem to go wrong, a post made on Day How It Looking was pointing finger directly to Boifatty base on how Karishma has not been a help to him in his career since he been online making some emotional breakdown post about his career.

From one news another, Boifatty Team decided to speak out. They said all is well and they can take care of their artists, what about them taking care of Mr. Parbai that doesn’t seem to be with them anymore? Parbai as well was with DMG Record but after several opportunities t the light sparked before him, he walked away without a big goodbye message, being seen with a big help giving to him by the president of Liberia, he doesn’t care to walk back to his team but stay on his lane with Parbai Record. Was this the same thing Boifatty was looking for?

Boifatty coming to the scene as a big deal, back to back giving his fans the taste of music they desire, he has been one of the top-ranking artists that hit the spotlight without anyone paying media to push him, but the media loved him and was there to support him, that because his style of music isn’t a one the new generation can deny.

A post was made on Facebook, one that stated that the artist will be signed to Karishma as her own artist, she planned an interview first to be held along with Eric Geso, but Eric never turned up, Eric hold back because Karishma was about to make news out him when he wasn’t ready for such, later she decided to join Boifatty and another artist for the interview, she made the public to think she has already signed him to Her Royal Highness Entertainment, but this never seems to be working as it was promised the young artists. 

With all the news from one end to another, Boifatty seems to be in a confused state of mine as he struggles to make his career far. What makes the public confused about Fatty and his team is where he keeps complaining about it is hard to push yourself.

Is it that the music in him has finished or his expectations are way too high but he was disappointed?