Meet Austin Jubas Jaryenneh Young who goes by the stage name Stone Luckshine. He is inarguably Liberia’s best music producer currently. Stone learned through apprenticeship under the Legendary George Deboy Worljoh in 2007, at the Mary T Records studio in New Kru Town.

He first started his journey as a rapper, singer and song writer in 2005. His first single was recorded at the Famata Records by V-Gurley.

Later in 2007, I Stone became q part of a group of three called Deboy Crew. He was the only rapper for the group by then.
Some of the hit songs by the group include:

  1. Gbaewah( cat put his mouth there)
  2. Dodieh( Never doubt)
  3. Porlemen mo

All of the songs were done in Krahn, Bassa, Kru and Koloqua.

In the late 2009, he began a full career as a producer, and started working with artists like: Real Nagga, Soul Fresh, Kzee Big Name, Smooth The Kalokalo man, 2Kings, etc.

At the end of 2010, he has moved over to Heartbeat Records where he served as an Assistant Producer and Engineer to Infectious Michael Dennis. At Heartbeat Records, he got to meet and worked with a lot of great names like: David Mell, Pity De Best, Eric geso, Tantan, 2Switt, Bernice Blackie, F.A, Bluelinks Records, Benevee, Noy Z, Killa Lu, Mr. Smith Lib Money, Soul Smarter, Joel Smart, DenG, Lady Murphy, Jflow, Rockash, and many other Liberian artists. It was at heartbeat that the name Stone Luckshine became famous in the ears of Liberians in and out of Liberia.

In 2012, a newly established recording studio called T-Bund Studio owned by Tamba Bundor came into existence, and Stone became the manager of the studio. It was the first time he actually worked alone. At T-Bund Studio, the name Stone Luckshine became a national anthem to many followers of Liberian music. List of some of the hits recorded by him at T-Bund Studio are as follow:

  1. They Vex- DenG
  2. Spoil you with love- Joseph Dean ft Kzee and Marvelous
  3. Chinese- King Sokoloko and JB of SoulFresh
  4. 3 different Man
  5. Believe in urself- Famous Boo ft JB SoulFresh
  6. He lives on – Casimoney de belleh Boy
  7. My Forever- Dj Doze ft Joel and Physico
  8. Me myself and I – SoulFresh
  9. We getting there- Wildlife Brain ft Famous Boo
  10. Shut shidd down- SoulFresh ft F.A
  11. African Woman- E Boy ft DenG
  12. Feel my hipco- New Generation
    And a lot more.

At the end of 2014 he left T-Bund and stopped working for about a year while trying to establish his own brand and recording Studio styled:Lucky Boi Music.
In the late 2015, the Lucky Boi Music was established. A studio that was owned by Stone Luckshine and Joel Smart.
In 2016, under the Lucky Boi Music Brand songs like: Marry You, I Here, Dropped and Wrapped, You mor say, etc. were produced. The name Lucky Boi an undisputed name within the Liberian music industry.

Currently, Stone Luckshine now is the Owner of The Lucky Boi Music Empire and the Infinity Records respectively.
The pr producer has won awards hosted by Liberians in different parts of the world. They include:

  1. Tunesliberia Best Producer 2017
  2. LEA Best Producer 2018
  3. LMA Best Producer 2017
  4. LEA Australia Best Producer 2018 and many others!

He is a graduate of St Mary Catholic School, (2005-2006)and College dropout( Starz college of science and Technology). He was studying BIT( Bachelor in Information Technology with emphasis on system Administration. Let’s hope that one day Stone can return to College and make his dream of being a successful IT personnel come true! But as of now, he has made tremendous progress in the Liberian music industry, and we celebrate him for his tireless years of sacrifice!