I heard that Dry rice is a meal that came about during the deadly war due to the impoverished condition and the human will to survive and adapt to its current derailment. Though a very delicious meal, but now! I don’t really know if it’s because we have consumed it so much over the years as a people to where it has become the nature and an interpretation of how we think in Liberia. The Dry rice mentality is very tasteless! Well spiced with jealousy, hatred, lack of growth, conflicting egos and everything you can imagine being cooked in the belly of the beast. I think I have said this before! And if not let me say it without trying to cover my mouth with the fear of being attacked because of immature minds that don’t have the simple ability to digest food for thoughts. Is it the size of our country that’s making most people think small or what? Why are we enemies of proper growth? Why is it that we always feel that if good things aren’t coming to us, then another person shouldn’t possess it? Is this the reason why foreigners are hated? Why should we paint foreigners as devils, when we ourselves have refused to build our Nation, all we do is wait for government to play our role, then any little energy that we have is being used to destroy any sign of fruitfulness and growth.

Why do we hate Fred Ola so much? Why would you label a Man that has never stolen from you before! But invested into a sector that was crippled and struggling to find strength until Fred restructured it with Big Brabee Liberia, Liberty Youth Awards, Liberia Spotlight Magazine and so many life changing businesses and ideas. Why would you label such a Man a Criminal? Is it because he chose to be a Pan African? Left his beautiful home Nigeria to extend her greatness into Mama Liberia who has suffered the backlash of underdevelopment for so long! Let’s be honest, We never thought a reality show could ever be done in our country. We know the millions of dollars that’s being invested in Big Brother Naija. We see how companies rush and beg to be partners with BBN. We see the huge support celebrities give to the show to keep it very entertaining. In Liberia here, has that been the case of Big Brabee Liberia? So when Liberians complain that they have not watched BBL for two years now, all I can smell is that stink dry rice mentality. Is Fred getting all the love and returns in investment to hold consequent editions after the third edition he had in 2022? How much profit do you think his company Signal Group has made from BBL that he should continue? Investing in Liberia isn’t far from filling up a basket with water? Would you get a fulfilling outcome?

From what we heard, Fred Ola is still very much encouraged to continue the BBL brand, even better than ever. But the delay hasn’t been from his angle , the contractors of the Big Brabee Estate have been very unprofessional. Starting with the land they sold to BBL which is an eyesore to what Fred and his team expected. This issue led to a court case that’s still ongoing and this is why the Previous winner of BBL hasn’t been given his house keys from the organizers. The troubles of being a business man in Liberia is inevitable , especially when you’re a stakeholder in Liberian entertainment. A sector that receives very little investment and support but much is expected! Fred brought so much light into the Entertainment industry, Should we be ungrateful? I saw this old African adage “The moment a Blind person could see, the first thing they throw away, is their Walking Stick. Same Stick, that has been their guide and protection for years” Fred isn’t just a walking stick, but one of the backbones of our entertainment industry, so whether we like it or not we would be benefiting for a very long time from this Media and Entertainment Guru , who is about to host “All African Festival “ which is expected to be the African biggest Festival in the United States of America. Let’s call a spade a spade, Fred Ola is unstoppable!