Henry P. Costa asked for CPP to be dissolved. He said, “Dissolve this failed project called CPP and move on.” After all these years, the quest and alliance seem to be breaking down due to greed and individuals’ selfish gains.

2022 is a year of political conventions and much more, where political groups are to be running their campaigns and doing a lot more to fight in winning the presidency seat and other leadership areas that are to be voted upon in 2023 elections, but it seems to be CPP can’t move on with all the differences between them.

Henry P. Costa who has been their frontman seems to have come to a final decision where he’s no longer interested in the coalition of parties or let’s say Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) as he was years back in the combat to emerge four political parties.

The heat is on, now who’s gonna agree to leave the party and stand on their own as a political party to run against CDC which is now the ruling party? That’s the biggest question.