I will call him the Gucci Man in Liberia or the Liberia community even in the diaspora.

Gus is a young Liberian man who might worth almost a million-plus a dollar in his lifestyle as a designer and a man that loves luxurious things. He took a special vacation to Liberia where he was once a child that had nothing to focus on but school and pray for a better day to see that his dreams come through. Four years ago he graduated from the Konola Mission School, this was in 2016.

Graduated from High School Four Years ago.

Always wearing the best in quality, his favorite brand is Gucci and not just any kind of Gucci, but the best quality that has the authentic label and it is always first class, some are even customized to his name and style.

Coming to Liberia he came with his cars, bike, and other valuable items to make his vacation worth staying home. He has a saying that goes, “ I love loyal people, I mean 100% loyalty.

Growing up among people that overlooked him but he said he will show the world and all those that know him that he will be wealthy before he’s even in his 30’s. It is certain and show to see that this young many beg anyone for a bread, or anything that his money can afford.

His first car.

A great blessing to have the same birthday as his father and it’s not just about the birthday but he tries hard to be a bodybuilder like his daddy. He believes in his father’s so much and see him as his mentor. August 15 they both celebrate their birthday as father and son.

Father and son, they have the same birthday.

Everyone has one sport they truly love, and he loves Basketball, plays it well and he sees it as something that easy his mind from stressing about little things that he can solve and even bigger things that he can have control over. Being a weight lifter and a basketball player has put him in a good body posture that makes him look excellent in his wear and always stunning as a model, yes he’s one.

Gus love for basketball got him stylish and physical.

Having good times in Liberia he has been with several of his friends and relatives, things seem to still be going smooth and his love life seems to be stable as well. Recently he posted on his day trying to warn few ladies about the value his has and can’t be compare to what they say their men have by bashing him with words, this look dramatic but it is certain to see that he also don’t draw back from fight that has something to do with his reputations.

Gus displayed his Gucci and other expensive Feet wears to send a message

His lifestyle is not as classic and noticeable as many celebrities but he has what it takes to get an eye on him when it comes to who’s living a celebrity lifestyle.

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