Life gets harder for artists in Liberia as they find it difficult to see their talents been held down and not reaching the peak they expected it to reach. Killer Beatz is one of Liberia’s best and most talented music producers, being nominated on several music platforms and awards as a Gbegma artist nominated also as a producer of the year as well. This gets sad to see that this talented young man is sounding broken with all he has seen and has achieved over a short time, while other young artists are dying for the media to know them and fans to love them.

Best International Artist of The Year 2017

Being with Bilikon Ent as a producer and an artist has made it possible for Lyee Bility to handle his career as a manager to Killer Beatz. Killer was a focus point in their label till CJay came through where they met the longest managed artist of Bilikon Ent, Young Zee. There have been some level of misunderstanding and funny characters that led to other artists thinking their manager Lyee Bility is focused on one side of the team, which is only looking at CJay, this was some of the reasons why Big Max decided to ask if he’s still on the team as he was asked to walk out if he feels he’s no longer part of a brand that is promoting and managing him. With such post made, we see that Killer Beatz is not feeling comfortable anymore with his squad.

Few Comments That Could Give Killer Beatz A Change Mind

People and fans are asking Killers Beatz if they haven’t believed in his talents how could they have danced to his music and voted for him as a producer or Gbegma artist of the year whenever they see his name placed in any nomination. This big equation could lead to his fans feeling pitty fly him at the same time wishing they never supported him because he sounding ungrateful like most Liberian artists.

Bilikon ENT artists – Killer Beatz (Left) CJay (Middle) Killer Beatz (Right)

Killer Beatz has two talents that everyone knows well, singing, and making music by producing beats and mastering songs.

What Killer Beatz wants to tell us something that is placed in a broken message.