By: Julian Tucker

When will we start to focus on the reality of our countries economic growth and development rather than the agenda of political parties?
Africa the continent with tectonic potentials but greed has blind us and pride have made us deaf
Africa is the precious jewel of western civilization but still can’t realize that western civilization depends on it for survival.

Africa your Liberators instantly turn to dictators when they get political power.
Africa your electorates don’t care about public officials platforms, integrity, present reality, safeguarding of your resources, or securing a future for your unborn generation but all they care about is their bellies and small money in their pockets until Election Day.

Africa where those that fought for economic freedom, equal rights, justice, and freedom of speech are now the same people today that violates their creed and disrespect their fellow citizens.
Africa your heads of state are scared to speak the truth to their colleagues and will support them even when they know that they have rigged an election and violated all forms of human rights.

Africa, you have a Union called the African Union that should seek to protect the basic human rights of every nationality and build a vibrant continent but all they do instead is protect Head of States even when they know they were not fairly democratically elected.
Africa your young people are considered to be thugs and their futures are not consider when making National decisions.
Africa ideas 💡 are no more important during elections but rather who has more money to spend.

Africa you’re the only continent that has been on the rise for over 100 years but it’s still struggling to provide basic needs for its citizens.
Africa, I still believe that one day bright minds with integrity and love for their heritage will rise and make you realize your true potentials and eat the fruits 🍉of the land.