Fame found Gary when it became a norm for him to write destructive stories with no solid source but lies about people and celebrities. Tables turned on him when he chose to search for greener pasture by participating in the Big Brabee Liberia reality show. Every writer took the opportunity to analyze and dissect the BBL Sex brouhaha that involved Gary and Irea, including celebrities and fans.

Edwin was one of those very respected writers that did a wonderful job by penning down a detailed article about the scandal. Edwin’s story on Front-page Africa website currently has over 5,000 views, this is to show how people were so eager to know Gary’s fate after such public disgrace.

In a leaked conversation with award winning blogger Edwin, Gary slammed him by tagging him a dummy for professionaly educating the people, Gary said in the screenshot available;

Were you the one who investigated the case? Were you the one who carried her for a checkup? Probably you are all hungry looking for news because of traffic!!! In Liberia, you consider yourself a professional blogger but you dummy. Next time you write a negative story about me again I’ll take you to court and you will go to jail for character assassination.

Trust me. This your post is complete bullshit my nigga. My ass was fucking setup and people ploted against me to damage my career you here writing part of rubbish

Gary made mention of being set up in the Big Brabee Liberia house. Would you say that what we saw on live television was a setup? Since everything he did appeared intentional and now that he escaped being thoroughly scrutinized by the rule of law, he is boastfully playing the victim and blaming big Brabee organizers and former housemates for his bad behavior.