Getting a bae from uptown is also something good but what comes with it is total loyalty and no messing up. One thing is that, these ladies are so emotional and they expect 100% trust in their partner.

A few days go L’Frankie was spotted at the Celavi club in a close range with another lady, hugging around, in a tight mood that took another message to Fanta, she never accepted the fact that her boyfriend is popular and friendly, especially with pretty girls(Real Models too).

Fanta says she’s not even thinking that Frankie wants to take unto being her man anymore, cos she is noticing too many messed up things with other ladies’ text messages and calls of lately.

Fanta seems falling in a new relationship leaving Frankie because things could not go well, she saw it as a waste of time since her expected husband (L’Frankie) can’t stand the social media drama and take her back, Frankie can’t go on with social media stunt on his name because he’s not too into that kind of thing, Fanta got emotional and decided to see why he can’t get her back most time on social activities, relating to social media post relating to their relationship, so she walked out and finds a better way around by bashing Frankie away as to how he wants to live his life, but she swears to see who’s breaking their relationship, because she noticed Frankie is into other girls that he keeps seeing secretly.

Screenshot Of Text

L’Frankie is also saying he’s not even understanding Fanta,She’s getting too emotional these few days“. their drama broke up a week ago after Fanta said, she noticed L’Frankie was denying her to other girls through SMS, she said she doesn’t think the relationship will go on again as far as she’s concern, Frankie doesn’t have her back at all in the relationship, she’s the one who been showing off the relationship and Frankie been too quiet with things when she’s always attacked for his business and he doesn’t say anything as a boyfriend.

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From Frankie side, he said he lately noticed Fanta emotional feelings grew too high leading them to continues argument that
can’t be resolved and he further told Gossip Liberia that he’s
not doing any of the things Fanta is saying about him, he

"I don't know what Fanta is actually thinking, if she 
wants to break up for the reasons she's stating, then it's 
okay but I have talked to her and she's not listening to me 
but just so emotional and accusing me for everything she heard
or just saw without letting me explain myself out."
This one of their worst moment in the club, after Fanta got another suspicious text coming on Frankie Phone

With a lot of prove reaching us, seeing L’Frankie with a friend at Celavi and then a girl called Diamond communicating with him through SMS, this got more prove to show that Fanta is actually feeling hurt that her man is cheating on her. She said;

"I want to Break up with Frankie, I don't want any relationship 
again and what is pissing me up, Frankie told me he had no 
girlfriend in Liberia, just for him to abandon me at home for 
hours and leave me to go and answer to text between him and 
other ladies. Frankie is not honest and haven't been honest 
with me, for this relationship business I have gone public 
several times even in a video of recent stating our wedding date, 
even got in all sought of social media drama for us to have 
a successful relationship but no, Frankie see me like am not 
enough, (She broke down in tears)."
At first, it was all fun till the text pops up and Frankie could not stand the stress but he back off. This is where the drama came in.

But there’s another thing to the whole break up that seems funny,

These are her departing post on Facebook

Fanta and Frankie got things under their sleeves to disclose to the public that is not open to all. As we monitor their pronounced breakup, we wait to see if there’s someone between the both of them, like Fanta having a new guy or if it’s true she’s leaving Frankie for what she said he is, like not being honest with her or she’s just too emotional to see too little. They are presently thinking about moving out of their lovely home to separate locations that will have them avoiding each other.

Fanta profile states these lines

This is bad if we should just look at the moments they shared on social media, watching her fly from Norway to Liberia just to get her last name change, but no, everything is now a mess up in a short possible time. What does December hold for them, cos the Decembre are coming in full package

They got in a little fight at the club for the conversation and the news she got about him with other ladies at the club, hugging and in the lovely mood before she came in -She wanted to take his phone, this is the action they wherein

Keep posted for more details on if they will actually break up or not, cos Fanta is damn serious to break up and L’Frankie sees this as something funny. He said

"Maybe Fanta sees this as a joke to make me feel bad but I 
don't mind seeing this as a stunt, cos I am so serious I 
never did her any wrong."