The Liberia National Police denounces violent actions on the parts of some citizens who converged at the Catholic Hospital in demand of Justice for Jestina Taylor, a Liberian citizen who made claims of being injected by unknown men.

Jestina, after visiting our Zone 8 Police Station last month was taken to the ELWA hospital and she was referred and later taken to the Catholic hospital. Base on the sensitive nature of the case, LNP officers were immediately assigned outside of the hospital room of Madam Taylor to ensure that her safety is guaranteed.

Ahead of her being discharged today by authorities of the Catholic Hospital, Talkshow host, Henry Costa began raising false alarm on his Roots FM platform that Madam Taylor has been placed under arrest by LNP officers. Mr. Costa began rallying citizens to converge at the hospital to prevent the arrest of Madam Taylor.

Without authenticating the information released by Mr. Costa, some Liberians converged and block the Catholic junction road and even blocked the hospital entrance thereby preventing free movement. Other citizens’ rights to Freedom of Movement as guaranteed in Article 13 was hindered by these protesting Liberians.

We would love to make it very clear that at no point in time was Madam Taylor placed under arrest by LNP officers. The LNP thought it expedient to obtain voluntary statement from Madam Taylor in commencing investigation into her claims of being injected by unknown men.

As the result of the citizens’ action, four LNP officers sustained major injuries from stone throwing protestors and are currently undergoing treatment at the JFK hospital.

Four protesters were arrested by responding officers and are currently being investigated.

Madam Taylor, after being discharged by the Catholic Hospital and turned over to the LNP was acquainted with her Miranda rights and she chose to wave her rights to writing a statement of her claims of being injected by unknown men in the presence of her lawyer.

She was signed for by a consortium of human right lawyers for a continuation of the investigation.

Therefore, the LNP urges Liberians to desist from obstructing its function and respect the rule of law. All Liberians must understand that it is the overall responsibility of every Liberian to help the LNP in strengthening the peace and stability of the state.

A major Press conference is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, October 4, 2019, 12:00 Noon at the headquarters of the Liberia National Police.