One of Liberia advocate that don’t fear the fall, he wrote another big post about a big name that was the caller giant amongst female callers on the radio. Titus B. Pakalah Jr. Writes.

Well, often time we’ve complained that young people are not preferably entitled to certain public responsibility, that the system doesn’t suite us at all, that we are too young to be entrusted, and lots of complexities. There’s a huge public perception about the Liberian youth which exposes us as “unserious” and empirically not ready to lead.

Well, in fact; this perception is ambivalent (confusing ) but lays out the reality of yesterday’s youths in today’s government—it certainly divulges the fact that a few of us young people are warriors of our egos and pretenders to the progress we strive for in the Liberian society.

Nearly 15 years of a struggling democracy under ex-president Johnson-Sirleaf, when the then Congress For Democratic Change Political idea was popularized by the uncompromising support of Mamensie Kabba( Assistant Minister of Administration, Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection), radios were melted by the only female regular caller from Doe Community, whose tone was apologetic and sounded as though she knew the key to Liberia’s success.

There was growing contentment amongst ourselves, especially those who thought Mamensie Kabba would have become a fabulous prospect to the women of Liberia and at risk girls who are penetrated by sex criminals, the public intellectual space was always ablaze when the “only female caller” was provided time to speak. She once referred to Johnson-Sirleaf as “failure” and practically did on every social platform.

Like those days; she would call on state radios and state clearly: “I call from the most neglected slum community in Liberia”..her voice mesmerized the brilliance of young female intellectuals throughout Liberia. Unlike the ones who were not outsmarted by her zests!

But it seems enigmatic, yet politically motivated that Mamensie Kabba has literally gone frozen, that she doesn’t utter a comment, nor act against prevailing sexual abuses across Liberia, which women of her kind face.

As assistant Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social protection, her works overly coincides with assisting the Ministry in areas of administrative operations, yet it is non avoidant to raising awareness on the scourge of sexual and gender based violence in Liberia, or the slum she once called “most neglected”.

Her reluctance at the Ministry of Gender indicates that a few of you women in government are a major problem to promote a gender inclusive plan for women participation in national governance—and it may adversely affect those women and girls who dream to becoming heroines in the fight for women political participation and social gender protection.

If today were yesterday, when girls and women rights were frequently trampled on; our Assistant Minster would fall on her floor every morning to intone her dislike about societal ills and moral decadence. As more as if CDC had remained “opposition”, we would have believed that the party in its self means change, but it’s otherwise today that we can not speak on the worse occurrences in Liberia which affect our children’s children.

The worse we have ever live to see in the office of this Minister, is remaining absolutely quite while parents of Odell Sharman and a few of us who struggled and demanded justice for our friend, who is still said to have been raped.
Where is the only female caller?

If pictures were tools to eradicate repressive sexual abuse, then the war would have been won..but we still don’t know how we can invent a photo app that exposes perpetrators of these crimes.

Who’s next?
Piso Saydee-Tarr, Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection!