Let us read little about VAZ-BOY and see what’s been going on with him from day one till now. Though he’s about to drop a song with Bucky Raw, before this song drops on our platform, let us tell you little about the artist.

Liberian born, grow up in Ivory Coast, at age 2 he and his family moved to Ivory Coast. A talented young man who stands to be the only boy child among his siblings, born October 15.
known by the Stage name VAZ BOY, the multi-talented artist that is known in Ivory Coast, Nigeria and his own birth land, Liberia. From 13 to 18 years old, VAZ-BOY started his music career, where he started writing music while putting time to his education, through secondary school, as he was well noted for his musical lifestyle while growing up and studying, before graduating from high school he already had couples of songs written and already out among his friends in school, He was not that friendly with the laws in schools, often had his music life bothering the entire system but he was a good guy.

VAZ-BOY on the wheels

His first buddy that put him in the line was a friend he met called Wesley Kobe, who became his best friend, and to his advantage, Kobe had a recording studio. VAZ-BOY took the advantage of this opportunity and made his first song, that was the first song. Getting involved with rap batters, VAZ-BOY won couples of rap battles, till now he’s still holding some of the titles that were given to him. Being part of a popular group called Boyz Record, he set his record and that was the first record group he was in.
People might think the artist plays basketball with the height he has, he’s 6ft, 155 pounds in weight, the son of Mussa Kromah the late.

Let us wait to see the artist take over as he and his team are gearing to take over the whole music industry. He’s based in the diaspora. This is VAZ-BOY.