Years have past and nothing good like pageantry comes to Paynesville City like Face Off Paynesville. This was one of the most successful programs that were the choice of the people, this program brought together Liberians from every part of the country to witness, the practicing sessions, the opening and closing and a lot more of fun.

It was broadcasted on television, live recording for social media, radio, and flyers were posted everywhere. In 2014 when Mr. Lyee K Bility brought about this program, there was only one youth program that was ahead of him in terms of entertainment amongst young people, especially in schools within Montserrado Country, that was hosted in Paynesville City; that was the One Heart Organization, they hosted, games of all kinds for schools, community and even older people in uniting people to be as one, which was founded by Anthony Fofana, MV the present CEO and founder of Gossip Liberia. To make the picture of entertainment more beautiful, there came the Bilikon Ent Team, with its first program called Face of Paynesville (FOP), and his team worked tirelessly throughout and were very progressive in ensuring the citizens of Paynesville city, that through all difficulties life still got a meaning to entertain, while others were afraid, ran home and close their doors of entertainment, through the fear of Ebola.

In 2014 the first group of winners were Asatru Toure, Winner, Sarafina Abraham, First Runner Up, Maudlin Alexis, Second Runner up. In 2015 it was turned over to the next bash, Georgia Bemah, Winner, Present Miss Earth Liberia representative to Miss Earth 2019 in the Philippines, Mariam Tuss Toure, First Runner Up and Shalom Jawhary, second runner up. This program became the center of attraction, where people from every part of the world starts observing and coming every December for the final stage of the pageant. This is where CT COM Liberia limited came in, the next year for FOP, they order a court call asking Mr. Bilikon to shut down the program and meet CT Com for paperwork to carry out this program, further reasons why, just to know the program is owned and registered by CT Com. They register it as one of their franchises, due to this Bilikon can’t continue with the program. Since 2016/2019, FOP has been on a shut down, leaving Miss Georgia Bemah still wears the crown of FOP from 2015.

Of recent, Mr. Bility and his team decided to wake up the spirit in the young people again, as he brings together young ladies and supporters of the Du Port Road to organize a pageant in the name of the Du-Port Road Most Beautiful Girl, this draws the attention of CT Com. He was ordered to meet them again before doing anything of such, because they own that franchise as well.

Here’s the thing. These franchises are owned or register in the name of CT Com Liberia Limited but what are they doing to put it into work? They keep shutting down others who want to make progressive moves among young people and other areas of life to better the lives of Liberians but one company register more than 20 franchises to their name and due to this, there seems to be a higher percentage for even reaching them to organize a program under their franchise.

Shutting down Bilikon activities every time because of franchises is a way of draining their level of entertainment ability to be offered to the young and older people Liberia.

Mr. Lyee Bility writes