Monrovia-Liberia- Africa first social Media Platform, Weoneit has been internationally verified and approved by the US Government through its Secretary of State of Delaware, Jeffery Bullock.

As we speak, our certificate of Incorporation of LetMeSent INC has been forwarded to the New Castle County Recorder of Deeds.

As a team of professionals, We are committed to presenting a Social media platform that will generated physical cash from likes and shares as well as protect your privacy to the highest degree.
Let me also announced that Letmesent is our money transfer system like cash app, and it expected to be launch very soon.

Due to our commitment and our quest for upgrade, we suspended all activities to work on our various mobile apps which are 100% completed and ready to be launch.

In the next few months, our team of professionals will be visible on a massive awareness campaign of WeOneIt and it is our fervent hope and prayers that the Entertainment media will give us a full coverage that something good can come out of Africa particularly Liberia and Weoneit is no exception.

Amb Djweezy D Boss
Chief Publicist

Certificate of Verification