Precious on MCCTV talking about her life and what she does best

Following the pandemic of 2019-2020 which is called COVID-19. Revisiting the past when there where need to see that prisoners get attention, few public figures went and give them the attention they needed.
It is always good to give and most people believe that through that they won’t lack anything. Being a humanitarian is a perfect thing, especially when you have a timeline in sharing and know when to give to the needing and less fortunate. Miss Precious Hennessey Brownell has been known among her peer to be one of the kindest individuals that merge her way through the entertainment industry as a manager to Mr. Parbai.

Precious and Mr. Parbai (Artist She Manage)

She been following abs helping other public figures behind close doors to see to it that their career and dreams become a reality. Precious donated few items to the central prison compound, Salt Beach last year, where she went along with Tyrese Tarr, giving out things that could help keep their cells clean and protected from germs. With her brilliant help and curiosity in helping people she never stop there she decided to do things on a more professional level by linking with a noble humanitarian organization called One Heart Organization (OHO) that will help her do a better give away through a renown and register name that people can give account of, she became a member and donated few items like, bag of rice, oil, soap, detergents; Precious encouraged her cousin Diamond Gowah (She’s Liberian) to come through and be apart of this great movement in helping people doing the COVID-19 period, Diamond donated bags of rice, soaps detergents, and Toilet tissues.

Items donated to the least fortunate and needed

This was a heart felt moment to see as the organization these things were donated to made their way through and bless mothers who are in need with the items.

People that benefited from the donation

Precious and Diamond has become two big help to the less fortunate in a special way and they said “We Won’t Stop This, We Have More Bigger Help To Give Our People.” Diamond who replied from a video saying, “I share tears when I saw the people coming out for what they need.

This is the start to doing more. Thanks to Diamond and Precious for doing what they have and are doing.

Half of the team that did the donation. OHO