A brilliant start to every successful actor life means success but a struggling start to any actor life means history. As we all know in Africa people who are big or let just say large in body size we called them fat; that’s just a mess up way to describe someone, others don’t feel so happy with such, they gets mad and wish to keep their distance from whosoever does that to them by calling describing in such manner to their plus size.

Nasera Love Kamara, who’s popularly known as Sexy Love started her career as an entertainer at an early age in the USA where she first started as a dancer, growing up in the USA she explored her talents and found it easy to do for which she never had the body size she has now. Love kept us going through her lifeline as we break through the circle of us knowing more.

Coming back to African in 2007, she had a whole lot of challenges ahead of her which she knew to make her dream come through she has to work harder then she had herself doing back in the USA. She got attracted to pageantry where she try contesting for Miss, she first took the chance to participate in Miss Matadi but it never went well because of her plus size body, that which made people laughed at her and some told her it wasn’t a perfect thing for her to get into, so she decided to get back to what she knew best and what she had the confidence in doing.

Love started dancing on stage with artists, from one concert to another, she made her way through to the stage and dance the best she could, at the end of the day, the name Love wasn’t one that could hide, everyone knew her and she was now called Sexy Love and noticed by everyone, people described her as the “Fat Girl That Dance.”

Life always give us chances we need to make better moves with what we have in us, but sometimes we be too slow to recognize what we really are. Sexy Love never stop dancing, she danced her way through till the biggest names in the industry got to know her and she became a brand of herself where she don’t pay to any event to enter and she made it a way where she has to be on time and support everyone she could support because she love entertainment and her extraordinary passion for this led her to another path of the industry, she became an actor (actress).

The dance floor led her to the theater where she was spotted by an individual that saw her boldness to be something that they could use on the bigger screen, making her a movie star, she added, “I started getting invitation to perform with Lib artists, on a lovely evening/night while performing some one saw me and asked me for my number, I willingly give it, few days later I got a call asking if I could be in a movie, if I would like to be an actor? I never hesitate to say yes, I accepted it and started acting, I saw it cool and I loved it, that was okay with me since I knew what I was doing and people loved it too, I was cool and from that time onwards I became an actor(actress).

Basically nothing pulled me down like when I started seeing people bullying fat people, I never showed it on my face but it was something I wasn’t happy with and it never give me the pleasure to see people doing such. I opened a Facebook page where I could motivate people that had a plus size body like mine, I want them to know if I can do it they too can do it, I decided to be a motivation to them.

Through my struggle to make sure people who was shy of their body size be happy for the way they look, and also pushing forward with my career as an actor and a stage dancer, I fall in love with a famous DJ (name withheld), through him I got to know DJ Blue, Master Queen, and many other great people from Hott FM. In 2009 she started this whole journey as a entertainer in Liberia but she took 4 years of struggle to get her face seen and recognized by the entertainment community of Liberia, she was well known by 2013.

If you be looking to see her gallery of movies, here are few: Miss Ukraine , Kemah , fire for fire , Mr ibu in Liberia, Paul in the army, miss Liberia, family battle etc. She said few things that was much touching that could even make outsider feel sick about Liberia. She said ”I feel like quiting my talents at times because they don’t recognize you till you get on some Nigeria or America platforms, but I be like, ‘Sexy Love you can make it hun so keep pushing.”

She started singing lately and also a good promoter for Liberia music, she’s constantly contact by big stars to help promote their songs. Sexy Love is the sister of one of Liberia best and most famous artist of all time, PCK who’s biology known as Peter C Kamara.

Knowing Sexy Love For yourself will be a great thing and following her movement to make sure that her dreams and helping others push forward with their God have given talents is going to help her come through bigger. That’s how Sexy Love became the most talked about chick in Liberia, that’s her story.

God call me for this n I pray my Mom protect me anywhere she is n May her soul Rest In Peace.” – Sexy Love.

Sexy Love first song.

Updated version of the late Sexy Love ending story.

On December 1, 2022 it was announced on Facebook by few of her buddies that she was announced dead. It was said that she suffered from sugar and has been undergoing treatment for the past two years, couldn’t make it, she finally give out the ghost.

Months before all of this, she was featured in a movie, a very big movie for that, which was premiered few weeks ago before she passed away. This was like a dream come through, she always wanted to be a movie star.

In 2021 she made a post about being ill and nobody will care to say sorry, or even send a get well message but soon as you passed on, they will make all the best post and share screenshots of your old conversations, and she said, “I’ll shock ur.” In the sense of living on and won’t be dead to have anyone posting about her in such manner anytime soon, but as it is, nobody knows tomorrow. In 2022, November 21 she was last seen on a live video taking treatment at a friend’s house, that was three days after the premier of the movie she was in, “Evil Lives Here.

Rest well Sexy Love, Liberia industry has no one called Sexy Love again…

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