Two seasons and it’s either you accept it or let it bother you in Liberia. The rainy season is not a joking season, always expect heavy rainfall every day which goes for six months, the same for dry season.

Everybody chose a career to better their thoughts and imagination as to how life will be with them from what they think is a way to express themselves so the world in which they can be understood and how they can make the world a better place.

July 20, 2023, at midnight hours there was a great thing going on for Liberians and other internationals that traveled to Liberia as their efforts were being recognized by a renowned and reputable organization. Awards were being presented, the government was seated, and the people were satisfied to be recognized after being shut behind the cupboard of shadows and not seen for the effort they have used to shift lives from bad to good, transform minds from negative to positive thoughts, last night was epic.

The Golden Image Awards (GIA), founded with the first edition held in July 2011 and since forth has been coming through every year and has been serving as a unique platform for all Liberians and internationals who are contributing to the growth and development of Liberia exceptionally but they often go unnoticed.

A name which has become a household name in the circle of journalism in Liberia and has also made his way to some parts of Africa where he has been chosen by one of the biggest news networks in the world to represent his country as a reporter for BBC Africa. Moses Kollie Garzeawu has never doubted himself through all obstacles in life when it came to choosing the path of journalism for his profession. A job that doesn’t make you rich, that won’t make you that wealthy man you dream about being, but a job of integrity and prestige, one that changes lives and uplifts people’s hopes by sharing information through a medium they can understand and give fed back by their reactions.

Moses has been on this journey for years, serving as the rainy season journalist from as far as his first working days in school in Harbel Margibi county where he got the name “Rainy Season Journalist” from his friends because he never stop searching for news to report. His effort brought him further to the state national radio station, ELBC or LBS Radio station where he worked for many years carrying his unique style of journalism with him, he also worked for a few private radio stations and media houses like Veritas, Star Radio, and Voice America. This man can’t be questioned as to why he even received this award from Joe W Mulbah Journalism Golden Image Award. He’s becoming a iconic figure amongst whisperer of this generation and someone to look to.

Moses Kollie Garzeawu didn’t lose focus till as he accomplished all he has today with time and effort to his work. Last night being awarded the Golden Image Award, a nationally honored award, awarded to him by the Liberia crusader for peace ambassador Julia Endee with the hands of the government of Liberia sealed on it.

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