I fear nobody and will not be intimidated by any group of people either. This false narrative that ‘if someone doesn’t support UP they are against the country’, it’s toxic, divisive and outright ridiculous.Telia Urey

A day ago Miss Telia Urey leave Facebook with more than 1.5K comments under a post made by her base on her political decision comes October 2023 as to who she will support for the presidency of Liberia. Shocking how she placed it in her post, leaving no stone unturned, she said it isn’t a good thing for people to always think that if you are not supporting the Unity Party then they are the enemy of the state;

Drawing the attention of many, she seems to gain more attention from her followers, which hailed her for this bold step made on social media which lifted the spirit of those who wanted to leave and support others comes the October 2023 election.

She was one of the most influential people in the support of Hon Joseph Boakai, standard bearer of the Unity Party, after launching the JNB Tact Team for the 2023 presidential election, but now things are going sideways after her alleged half brother, political commentator Henry Costa left the Unity Party and putting up allegations against the party, now it is his sister turn to walk away without fear of what will be said about her.

From some sources out there, it was heard that she’s bringing her political tactic to the team of Cllr Charleyne Brumskin who’s the vice standard bearer to Alexander Cummings of ANC or she’s to come over to the Congress for Democratic Change – CDC to support another vice standard bearer who happens to be Madan Jewel Howard Taylor in support to her fight in making the leading party rule for another six years. Can the Urey’s be trusted in any political party? The biggest question has been in a whisper.