In a shocking and tragic incident, a man allegedly killed his girlfriend after a dispute over a cassava leaf soup. According to the Women Voices newspaper, the suspect, identified as Samuel Yanqae Porte, 49-year-old, reportedly became enraged because he did not like the soup prepared by his partner

According to reports, suspect Samuel, late Saturday, September 2, 2023, mercilessly murdered his 40-year-old partner, Sarah Y. Morris, after a reported death threat earlier the same day, because she cooked cassava leaf soup, knowing that he didn’t like it.

“I saw the man with the cutlass in his hands, he had a bag, then I asked Samuel what happened, I said it was the children that called me, what happened, he said old ma, your daughter know that I can’t eat cassava leaf, then she go cook cassava leaf, she can’t respect me,” the victim’s mother explained

The victim was unmercifully chopped by her partner Samuel Yanqae Porte, on her head, neck, and other parts of her body, at their Porte Hill residence, in Crozierville, Montserrado County. As established by the victim’s mother, Ma Musu Cox, and other family sources, she (The victim’s mother ) escorted her daughter late that night to attend to nature, but surprisingly got engaged by the murderer, who chopped her several times.

“I only heard her shouting mama I’m dying, so I went outside and saw him holding the cutlass over her, so I ran to him and held the cutlass. We fought over the cutlass and then he left it and walked out of the yard,” the victim’s mother.

Ma Musu Cox narrated that the entire confrontation began earlier that day when she was informed by the victim that her partner destroyed all of her business materials because she cooked cassava leaf, and he didn’t like it.

Source Women Voices