When the ‘Ember‘ months (September, October, November, and December) hit the calendar in Liberia most of the noticeable young ladies want to be connected somehow to have fun and be the boss at home because it is time to seek what you desire to get from the hustle, that’s why the last month in the year is called December, that’s when they connect with their online lovers who are coming at the end of the year, a means to survive for a new year (isn’t that a joke to love 😆🤣😂)?

Social Media drama has been one of the main trends to bring up so-called celebrities, influencers, and the list goes on for people who wanna be, and with a consistent observation, it has drawn the attention of many Liberians that the best and most influential people on the show or that owns the show on social media are those that fight publicly, molest others, bully and called themselves talk show host, a host that most often talks of their sexual life and those of other by encouraging the naive viewers or low thinkers that wrong it right and what is forbidden in the society is good to do because there haven’t been consequences before them for their actions or choices.

Big Jue season is here but this time the wahala is not just on social media, it has been taken to the streets, A video surfaced from a gang attack by some ladies who happened to be so-called friends but don’t know the difference between friendship and associates, a battle that came about due to hard feelings base on lack of comprehension or let’s make it easier, lack of proper communication.  From several posts made on social media, it was a planned trip for flexing with the girls who thought it wise to follow up with Rickslyne’s idea of a trip to Sierra Leone, a journey each person was tasked to make their full contribution, but things went sideways, as you know the rest of the story (a trip that was to be their secret for life and no post on social media, da it here so 🤨🤫).

It has reached the point of who owns the land and has the most influential status in the country (da wahala oooh), The gang squad up to make it known to one of their trip-goers (wanna be among 🙄) and understand she will get whipped, as seen in the video (click here to see full video). In the video, you will see more acts of violence, hear abusive words, and see splashes of substances that were used to throw at the extracted trip-goer, Terri’s (Ted Ted) home, which was recorded to be pepper water thrown at her (this seems more of a planned attack 🤭).

Rickslyn replied to Ted after Ted went Live via Facebook.
Rickslyn replied to Ted after Ted went Live via Facebook.

The battle is yet to be resolved peacefully, Ted Ted is saying that she won’t rest till all those who attacked her at home are arrested and face the law (it’s like a court arrest is pending), and if for any reason they try to attack her again, this time it won’t be unaware, she’s ready and prepare for anyone because only dead body news will solve this between them. On the other hand, Rickslyne is reminding Terri about the life her (Terri) mother lived before giving birth to her which resulted in the way she looks (funny but serious, who’s more beautiful than the other? 🤣😝).

The slogan “Find A Friend Like Me” seems to be coming to life as it seems like Rickslyne has finally found her match because Bless who was in the front of seems to be running away, but Rickslyne is saying she won’t back down for nobody like Terri to talk back at her (imagine whole big jue CEO, puah 💦😋). What do we expect to happen? Hold up as more developing stories are unfolding.

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