What’s going on here?

Has it reached a point where ladies will put politics into everything? The Rape Protest was a great one, though it was seen from so many angles but to a point it was a protest organized by few activists that saw the need to end rape. Political leaders had their way there but they were sent back and never given the chance to speak, other people saw it as a bad thing and disrespectful but again it wasn’t intended to bring any political leader there to speak, if they wanted to walk with the protesters it was okay to do so. Telia Urey who’s a politician was spotted on the last day of this protest and that’s just fine to be there but she never took to any stage asking for a mic to say something, so it was for other politicians that came through, even the former president of Liberia President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf took her time there but nobody gives her the mic to speak, she said what she had to say in the gathering and left. This is fare enough because there were other activists there that were taking down points to see if this was going to be a political interest thing or just something that was calling all Liberians to hell cried out for the end of Rape in Liberia.

Post from Telia Urey and Response Post from Suzan Gnangaye

Making appreciate to a family member, a friend or an associate is good. Telia Urey wrote a piece of note as a post on her social media (Facebook) page giving a big thank and appreciation to her little sister Benita Urey for the level of work she has seen her involve into as she turning up to be a great activist and a humanitarian, but this woke up the anger in Blogger/Online Talk Show Host Suzan Gbangay. Suzan address this as a political post. Looking at the connection between these two, Benita and Suzan, they both have some issues but what is seen here is just another level of her not believing the intention of Benita and her family to be at the protest for the right cause but for their personal gain and as well it all sorrounding politics as she brought out a big post to address the issue which give her 200+ of a replies and comments to her post made.

Few comments from Under Suzan Posts, one shared from Talia Urey’s Post made for Benita

Benita might have issues with how she reacts to things and how she carries her anger at people but her passion for what she does is big and has impacted a lot of people. Chosen a different path then business, politics, and farming she decided to be an activist, a blogger and a humanitarian, but in so doing Benita has been in the media with a lot of troubling news as a blogger, winning the second-best blogger award in Liberia gives her more strength to do her work tireless and she was also featured in Forbes magazine as well. If what Suzan is saying many people eyes are open to see what this become as she seems to be having a second thought that might change things for others to see, but if it hasn’t been any form of self-interest and politics then the battle continues because Benita seems not to let a piece of her name goes without saying a word back…