Opened letter to His excellency yPresident Dr.

Dr . George Manneh Gbekugbeh Forkay Klon Jladeh Weah; the great grand son and conqueror of Mansonnorklegbeh ; the worshiped stone in Grand Kru : This made look astonishing,but the way things are fallen apart and our Nation melting in chaos ,the real truth needs to be published . Mr. President, we never supported you for our personal gain , but for the development and reconciliation you showed in your soccer prime during the rebellion and civil unrest in the 90s . You’ve got a huge responsibility that you haven’t realize or waken up to . You remembered during our campaign visit to the EU parliament in September 2017 ?? When you said to me in your hotel room room at 12:46am in Belgium “ my perkin Sheikhkie , thanks for everything you’ve done so far , after God and the party , I depend on you and Osmane Bamba to win these elections” . It was those words that made me persevered harder.

I have those words retained and evident, and I’m accountable to the Liberians who saw my unwavering supports to ensuring your success , President Weah . Now that the sycophants near you are bobo, let me help them for your own good , because my eating pan na in your house and will never be there .

Mr. President, youve built a soccer legacy that is yet to be disputed or superimposed neither conquered , please don’t allow politics to ruin it . The errors surrendering and appraising you like gold bullion on the stock market , are your worst enemies. If they truly love you , they will criticize your intransigent decisions and devastating opinions for a better Liberia . My support for you wasn’t based on my personal gain at end of the tunnel , but the conviction of you been a unifier and an archived Icon. This virtues ignited my unconditional and uncompromising supports in the process . Mr. President , your greatest responsibility is to reconciled Liberia ,creat social and political paradise , and ethnic and religious balance in making Liberia better and creating a levelled plain field for political tolerance in our body politics that will attract foreign investments. But it seems that power is driving you and your surroundings like super humans ; that have control over the universal that GOD has created .Remember Mr. President, I was once your best friend during your quest for the highest office in 2017 ,I ahead to the friendship because of the presuppositions that you could do better as a leader of our Nation . Remember that Liberians loved you not for the leadership they didn’t see in you , but for the facts that you conquered amongst millions competitors. So, you were the best to conquer the many deficiencies Liberia was faced with .

This is the time you realize that Liberia is your wife , and you’re the father of the many children it has given birth to. Remember that any negligence that will lead this country into chaos due to your you selfish political party and personal achievements, will rest on you ,and you will shouldered the vice responsibilities . You were elected by your favorites, but you are a leader now for your favorites and unfavorites . You’ve gained more enemies than friends as a president . Only God knows . You would have made oppositions your partisans base on your leadership, but it all failed . Please keep the fragile and hard earned peace of our nation, chief . Be the leader for all until you can Democratically retire . Even if you don’t talk to me until judgement day , my life is far better and accomplishing . “Flies were living before dog ears cut “ you can rule that out , because every man’s destiny and achievements were determined by God , unless if yours came from the devil . Our country is bleeding politically, economically,and socially . You made personal historical achievements in soccer ,but didn’t achieve the desired result for your country (World Cup ) due to the same lapses . Don’t bring it in our politics chief; where you’re the first beneficiary of transition, but don’t want to preserve it for continuity.Your Government has Created a form of hate, political intolerance, social injustice, and only you can knock the gavel for peace and reconciliation . Let’s maintain the fragile Peace in our beloved Nation, President Forkay, dah Sheikh Ibrahim K . Sackor ( Your fomer friend )