(GL – Coloquah News) It an easy oh. Dis whole tin about our prezo gettin in de studio for the second time da really big wahala oh. The de guy was known to sing for a pandemic like the Ebola and the coronavirus but he na spoil it bad way oh.

The piezo of the whole country go sing for Miss Earth Liberia in the same time were his citizens de neh crying for rape oh, I say the man na even care seh when u hear him singing na small way he was yelling with Miss Liberia name in the song on, he was like Wokie Wokie… Da from there he say he was getting his inspiration, ahyaka. The way plenty pepo vex with our prezo seh, most of his supporters seh confuse seh na, this other picture he put himself in it na clear oh, the prezo make the protester’s da was in the street for three days to look like a dirtbag, he just through his new song outside like that on them like me na even care, na small don’t care brabi the pepo get oh. This epidemic of rape da na reach 935 from January of this year till now de man says he can’t see or hear about it, but da fine Jue them business he will sing his song to promote the models of Miss Earth Liberia, the proh make de pepo porage again on his actions.

It na stop there oh, Miss Liberia was her name da Wokie Dolo na just listen to the song, she even organized her models to dance to it, da na small dancing de do too oh, they were so happy to hear the piezo singing for them, ah na, da one da big promotion for der program but de way the thing happened da na small trouble it causing around here oh. People say Wokie disappointed them bad way to dance to de prezo song but wait oh, if whole piezo sing for you, you will na dance to it? Da na small bouncing the models of Miss Earth Liberia wor bouncing to the line da say ”wokie Wokie Wokie…” da na fun oh.

De protesters da wor going around for the three days na play vex on this one the president do till de anger wor transfer to Miss Liberia program oh, da lady called Benita Urey say pepo morna go to miss earth program, da bcos of she might have danced to the song the president sang for her program, da she suppose to be one of de women out der for the protest against rape, but the jue Na even show face, but it wasn’t bad da she Na come Na, maybe she had ollor tin doing, but some pepo vex bad way oh, why Wokie mor dance to the song, again, ehn da her program de sang the song for, if da you wortin u will do?

Tin like dis we mor think twice oh, de pepo of Miss Earth gat der program planned before the coronavirus come to our place, so maybe the asked our prezo for some help da it he decided to do Na, but it might not have been the right time to put de tin out bcos Na small pepo crying against rape too Na, also da other people pleasure and happiness too oh, just da de prezo make the people not to be happy at all bcos he would have done a song for de raping issue Na but ah lor he sing for fine jue then, da it make the pepo want kill him bad wit der mouth.

So oh, da who you will blame in this case Na? Our Miss Liberia or Our de prezo? If pepo boycott her program bcos de prezo sang for her program do da means de affecting her alone or other young female da pushing their dreams? Dis one own pa da individual difference oh, it mor Na involve politics, da the prezo spoil it, cos song like dis it Na small promotion too to jus ignore. It hard oh. Your talk your own so we can know what next ya… called the prezo The Rabi wen u hear him sing oh..