A Local Company, Led by CEO Beyan Flomo Pewee, Creates Sustainable Impact and Nourishes Communities

In the heart of Liberia, Sappimah Cassava Refining is revolutionizing the agriculture industry, not only by transforming cassava into daily consumables but also by fostering local employment and empowering farmers. CEO Beyan Flomo Pewee leads the charge, impacting over 500 young leaders and establishing vital partnerships with organizations like USAID.

Operating 24/7, Sappimah Cassava ensures its products, including quality garri, starch, flour, pasta, and the popular super garri, reach the market promptly. Liberians are now embracing the bounty of their soil, reshaping the economy, and achieving self-sufficiency through local produce.

By pre-ordering harvests from small-scale farmers, Sappimah Cassava provides stability, securing incomes and reducing market uncertainties. This innovative approach not only benefits the farmers but also strengthens the connection between the company and the local community.

Beyond cassava-based products, Sappimah Cassava is making waves with its own sugar production, contributing to a self-sustainable Liberia. This local success story encourages households, offices, and institutions to source their daily essentials from within the country, eliminating the need for imports.

Sappimah Cassava’s commitment to empowerment, sustainability, and quality is transforming Liberia’s agriculture sector into a thriving force, one cassava product at a time.

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