Business oriented minds are often seen as greedy, exploiters, money conscious souls and any negative attribute you can think of. Most people feel that a business man or woman is only concerned about the profit, as long as their product can be sold in exchange for cash then nothing else matters. But! Do you know that the most successful Business experts are those that wear Selflessness as a virtue? To truly gain value in business, you have to give value from a strong sense of impact and ability to just want to see others naturally happy from the services that you render. Whether you make so much money or not. The interesting side to everything is that, the more smiles you put on people’s face the more they patronize you and there’s no way that the value you give them wouldn’t return to you in wads of cash. The law of Cause and Effect is something you can’t run away from in Life and Massa M. kromah has studied it perfectly and has been able to use this to her advantage in every way possible.

Massa Kromah winning strategy starts and ends with Selflessness! You really don’t find or see other women praying or working tirelessly to make other women prettier than them. Beauty gives you a bragging right in the Feminine world, so most times you see women trying to out-dress the other woman with the prettiest outfit or the most glamorous makeup. Massa Kromah is so beautiful that new dictions need to be created to properly define the level of her beauty, and that’s because words like “Gorgeous” , “Adorable “, “Hot” , “Beautiful“ or phrases like “She’s so hot! to the point where she makes the sun sweat” or “She’s so diamond pretty” , sounds outdated. Massa’s beauty goes beyond her face, as her selfless heart and intelligent mind gets the job done for her. Massa is the CEO of Face Fresh Liberia, A cosmetic beauty company that has a variety of skin care products that would meet up with your dermatology. For someone who knows what it means to be very attractive, She pays attention to every detail in making her customers come back for more.

The marketing strategy for Face Fresh is nothing but genius! As Massa and her team thoroughly spreads out various purchasing outlets: Matadi, Redlight, Congo Town, Duala and so on. This alone makes it very easy for customers living at various parts of the city to be able to purchase any Face Fresh Product of their choice. She doesn’t believe in giving excuses not to satisfy her customers. Massa constantly goes the extra mile with her team to make sure utilization is fulfilled. She’s someone who wouldn’t ignore direct marketing, with all the success she has achieved as a powerful youth and women leader that inspires countless youths and women all over Africa. And also she’s an Executive Director of a renowned NGO CEAF that reaches out to orphans and the underprivileged. She still personally markets her products! Even when she has staffs that would happily do that for her. Isn’t she so humble?

What is the future for Face Fresh Liberia? Massa Kromah goal for her cosmetic company is to be able to maintain the beauty of our Liberian women with products that wouldn’t destroy their skin like the inferior ones that are being imported into the country by individuals who do not have the kind of healthy, productive and disciplined mindset that Massa has. Massa has mastered the art of making women more beautiful than they have ever been. So we should be rest assured that Face Fresh products would only get better in standards.