I used to wonder what it feels like to be the Greek god of Love Cupid, until I met this young Tech Entrepreneur who sees himself as the Liberian god of Love. Was there a need for another Cupid? Especially a Liberian interpretation of it. Since Cupid for centuries has been match making souls that intensely need the right partners to add color to their world, what would have been the conflict that provoked Ojestin into positively pushing to create an atmosphere of undiluted love that was last felt in normal day, before the brutal fourteen years war that made everyone a casualty. In a conversation with the Brilliant and resilient Ojestin, He said “ We live in a country where Marital bliss is almost a taboo because we barely find people getting married or fulfilling the flourishing purpose of Love. The population of Single parents is ridiculous and that’s basically because people here in Liberia find it challenging to choose the right lover. This is due to so many reasons, but the major one is because there’s no safe haven for people to rightfully make their choice of who they want to spend forever with”. As I listened carefully to Ojestin, I won’t argue that this beautiful mind won’t agree with Rihanna and Calvin Harris that “We find love in an hopeless place” and that’s because Hopelessness as led to the high rate of depression, single parents and insecurities that is unbelievably unmeasured.

Ojestin Brookes couldn’t think less, but to create a solution, an awakening that has given us hope and helped to push our fears and insecurities of finding true love down the point of no return.

He said, “The platform Hatch Out signifies the birth of redemption as we balance the minds of people with an hopeful place that would make it easy for them to find someone who would love them more that anyone has ever done.” Ojestin who is the Co-CEO along side Dorris Johnson. He spoke about the authenticity and flexibility of Hatch

“Hatch! This is not a phrase about an egg hatching into a chick; it is instead the revolution of online dating.

From Facebook,WhatsApp and other social media dating groups to Liberia’s soon to be number 1 dating app, it is only fair to say that dating has come a long way since it was first introduced as the famous “CHAT AND DATE” .

The unique features of HATCH dating app sets it apart from regular dating apps here and around the globe. On HATCH, its not just about meeting someone, it’s mainly about going on an actual date with he/she.

Users will be matched based on their respective preferences/ likes they select while signing up from the start so they dont spend much time searching for that special someone.

Hatch dating app will connect people like never before whether for short or long term purposes…..using the platform will be fun,exciting and adventurous!

The app is expected to be launched by mid june or July and will be available only on playstore from the start”.

I almost couldn’t believe a Liberian could pull this through, especially with the fact that, when it comes to Tech we are crawling behind the rest of the world who are in a more powerful realm of advancement. Ojestin guarantees that ‘Hatch’ app and platform would be in full gear very soon! So we should cross our fingers for the next level in match making and romance.