Message from the Mayor
Senator Melton Teajay, inspector general Patrick Sodue were seated as the mayor address the press.

Major Koijee

The mayor further stated about how the Monrovia city cooperation will be collaborating with the Liberia National Police in helping to fight the virus. With the challenge in the Paynesville city, the Gobachop market where people are not going according to the measure of restrictions to keep Paynesville city clean. In joining with the PCC to carry out a joint effort to clean GoBachop, this clean-up will normally start by 7 PM every day.

Inspector General Patrick Sedue

Cleaning of the city is a stage with cutting grass, cleaning old building and removing old things like cars and other things that brings bad health situations in the country.
The mayor called upon everyone to take necessary precautions to get this virus not spreading all over. With further statements from him, he said that if you are not wearing your nose mask while working on the street you will be charged L$1000.00, if this amount is not giving you will be held at the nearest police station till this amount of paid.
Business places that are not going the laws that are set will be closed and charge US$1500.00 (Health Ministry charged $200.00 before) before you are to reopen.

Alpha Gray

The Monrovia City Corporation is working with the Health Minister of Liberia, the Liberia National Police, and all to carry out its work to make sure that this successful in helping to give the people of Liberia good health and stay healthy.

Inspector General Patrick Sodue said it is not about the government finding a way to take a huge amount from its citizens but this is a way to set a deterrent to ensure that the Health Ministry policy is set right. He added that anyone that is caught appropriately wearing the mask or not wearing it at all will be arrested and you must pay the amount of L$1000.00 before your release and you must have a nose mask before you are released. He did mentioned about the amount they will be charged against the board for all businesses that will go against the MOH policy, if you do not close by 9 PM or allows anyone into your business place without a nose mask you will pay the full amount of US$1500.00

Senator Milton Teajay

Adding from the mayor, he said if we mind poverty we will lost our citizens, so by all means you must get yourself a nose mask and keep yourself safe from this deadly disease.