Reading get a post on Facebook, she was very clear to the point to show that, this virus is even stronger than before, it is stronger and not just killing older people alone but as well as the younger generation faster. It is like the virus has been living in most people and developing a way to adjust to the body before releasing its power to show it is or has overtaken the immune system. This virus seems to have been working while we were chilling without mask.

Read her post below:

Think about this:

Every airline requires a negative PCR test right now; some require both PCR and rapid test results. Some countries are now accepting fully vaccinated tourists only (especially in Europe).

Some countries are requiring that you still get tested upon arrival even if you have a negative test result, which of course is mandatory. I experienced this in Ghana and I’m sure people who travelled to Ghana within the last six months have experienced the same.

So if this is the case, then how is it actually possible for incoming travellers to actually bring the virus 🤔? I know in medicine we say NEVER SAY NEVER but I think the chances are very slim and I stand to be corrected by any colleague of mine who has a different opinion 🙏🏾

Now, the reason for this is to draw our attention to something very important. We have not been taking the health protocols seriously for a while now in Liberia. I know that because I am guilty🙈. I was home in February and wore mask only when I had to enter places like offices, salons, supermarkets. Other than that, I went around without mask, which was wrong. When it was time for me to return, I was a bit scared that my results might come back positive because I knew I wasn’t fully complaint with the health protocols during my stay 😔

One thing we need to know is that the virus is mutating very fast and environmental factors as well as lifestyle can aid in mutations. I know that fact because I’m studying cancer and genetics is a major part and genetics can be affected by lifestyle and environmental factors to name a few. Not bragging 🙄 just speaking from a scientific point 😒. If you think I’m not speaking the truth, feel free to Google it.

There are still a lot we don’t understand about this virus because it is mutating and mutating fast too. The community transmission is real and dangerous. Let us wear our mask 😷 people and observe the other health protocols. Please try to have a hand sanitizer with you always and wash your hands with soap and water whenever it is possible.

Lastly, please observe social distancing whenever possible. Stay away from crowded areas if necessary. That bar or entertainment center u want to visit tonight, you can still purchase your drinks, if you must, and go home. You will not die if you don’t hangout now. Instead, you just might survive the pandemic and hangout as much as u want later.

Remember, the strain that is raging now is not affecting only old people. Young people are coming down with severe infections as well. The best way to beat this virus is by preventing. PREVENTION IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN CURE!!

This is my little Friday morning ranting. Have a blessed weekend and please stay safe 🙏🏾 because the life you save might be your very own